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Chapter 289: Team Wolf Fang

Chapter 289: Team Wolf Fang

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The next day, Qingfeng Li called for leave for Xue Lin for three days, bought an airline ticket to France and then flew towards France.

He took the Eastern Sea International flight, which had really nice service. The flight attendants were also very beautiful, wearing blue stewardess uniforms and light black tights. However, Qingfeng Li didn’t have time to look at these flight attendants, he was concentrated on thinking about something else.

His trip to France had a sole purpose - to destroy the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance. These two assassin groups dared to try to murder him and almost had Xue Lin killed. They must be eradicated.

Qingfeng felt that since he had left the Wolf Continent, these dark powers had forgotten the mightiness of the Wolf King and were all challenging him.

"You anger the Wolf King, you will die!" That was not just a saying, his prestige and glory were verified with the accumulation of countless dead bodies.

After 12 hours, the aircraft landed smoothly in the Paris International Airport.

Meanwhile, outside the airport, four members of the Wolf Fang Clan were already there waiting. These four were: the "Monk" Xuanji Lu, the "Bald-man" Chong Lu, the "Death-god" Tian Ye and the "Cat-woman" Alice.

These four were Qingfeng Li's best teammates, each with powerful abilities. And the "Priest", the "Bald-man", the "Death-god", the "Cat-woman" were sobriquets that were bestowed on them.

Xuanji Lu had been a Priest at Wudang Mountain. He loved wearing a priest frock, was a fortune teller himself and was skilled at the Eight-Diagrams and the Geomantic Omen. He was the mastermind of the Wolf Fang Clan, who had developed many plans and strategies.

Chong Lu was interesting. He claimed to be a descendant of Zhishen Lu (TL: some famous dude in Chinese history). Chong had great physical strength, being capable of uprooting a willow tree. He learned martial arts at the Shaolin Temple, had an invincible body and infinite power and was the front-runner of every Wolf Fang Clan’s mission.

Tian Ye was the shortest among the four but was the only one to be called the "Death-god". He was the world’s top sniper, was able to shoot with impeccable accuracy regularly at a range of 1-kilometer. He was the patron saint of the Wolf Fang Clan in the dark.

The last one, Alice, just by listening to the name "Cat-woman", one would know that she was a charming and seductive woman. She was alluring, beautiful, sexy, and knew well how to exploit her beauty to confound the enemies and to make them off guard. She had a cat with her and it was a good assistant for investigations.

The Wolf Fang Clan was able to gain incredible fame across the Wolf Continent that could not have happened if they solely relied on Qingfeng Li's power. It was also attributed to how powerful these four other teammates were. Each one of the four was invincible independently, but they all took orders from Qingfeng Li.

"Wolf Fang Highness, you have finally come to the Tiger Continent. I missed you so much!" Seeing Qingfeng Li got off the plane, Alice was the first one running over, holding him, and said excitedly.
Alice was 1.7-meter-high, with blond hair, blue eyes, charming face, sexy body. Her plump upper body looked like all racked up with two papayas. She was usually vivacious and chatty, holding Qingfeng Li and directly put his head into her chest.

Qingfeng Li was greeted with the woman's fragrance. This aroma was very strong and smelled very comfortable.

The surrounding several people gave Qingfeng Li an interesting look and made him feel embarrassed. Because everyone knew that Alice liked him the most and often sneak to his bed at midnight before.

"Alice, people are watching. "Qingfeng Li pushed Alice away from his body and let her aware of the surroundings.

Alice was reluctant to be pushed aside, and a touch of melancholy appeared in her eyes.

"Priest, Bald-man, Death-god, long time no see. "Qingfeng Li smiled and greeted these people.

"Boss, if you wouldn’t come back, we were ready to go to the Huaxia to find you. " The Bald-man smiled and said.

The Priest and the Death-god were also nodded and agreed with the Bald-man’s words. They had discussed that if Qingfeng Li still didn’t come, they would go to Huaxia next month to look for Qingfeng Li.
Qingfeng Li was Wolf Fang Clan's soul. Wolf Fang Clan would be without spirit without him, and that they would be limited doing anything. Only the Wolf Fang Clan with Qingfeng Li was the Wolf Fang Clan.

"I'm here to make a big splash this time with you guys! "Qingfeng Li smiled and said to the crew.

"Boss, there were too many eyes and ears here. Let’s head back to the villa and then talk. "The Priest said. He was the mastermind of the Wolf Fang Clan, scrupulous and careful doing everything. Every time he could help the crew avoid danger.

The Bald-man was driving a Rolls-Royce and brought the crew to a villa in France. This villa was the safe house arranged by Bernard for the Wolf Fang Clan, with large space and comprehensive facilities.

In the hall, Alice took out a document, handed to Qingfeng Li and said: "This was the info about the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance. These two assassin groups belonged to the world's four major assassin groups and were extremely powerful."

Of course, being able to rank among the world’s top assassin groups, they must be all-powerful players.

Qingfeng Li took the document and began to scan through carefully. He paid close attention, including all of the personnel, addresses, strengths of the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." If you wanted to destroy your enemies, better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

After reading the document, Qingfeng Li discussed the offensive strategies with the crew. They have decided to destroy the Skeleton League first, and then to tackle the Hell Alliance.

The headquarter of the Skeleton League was in a manor of the France suburb. It was closer to them compared to the Hell Alliance in Italy. They needed to fly there and that would cost a lot of time.
Qingfeng Li provided the general idea, the Priest made the attacking strategy, the Bald-man was responsible for keeping the frontal enemies at bay and the Death-god was responsible for secretly protecting the crew and eliminating the hidden snipers of the opponents.

"Hey, this won’t work! You all got a mission, what about me? "Alice said with some dissatisfaction.

Seeing Qingfeng Li assigned tasks to all of them but her, Alice suddenly felt some discontent.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said: "This time was assassination. You won’t be of use in it. "

"No, you're all involved. I should be as well! "

"Okay then, you will be guarding outside and inform us should you encounter unexpected circumstances. "

"All right, I'll be on guard. "Alice said reluctantly.
However, she also knew that her greatest ability was her charm, which was not very effective for those assassins. And once the charm fails, it would arouse the vigilance of those assassins.
Plans were made to perfection, the Bald-man went and prepared all the weapons needed for everyone, and then drove the whole crew toward the headquarter of the Skeleton League.

Of course, before leaving, the Priest took out a penny and did divination for everyone. He said it was a favorable omen, very auspicious and was indicating everything would run smooth.
The Priest had this habit that every time the Wolf Fang Clan was on a task, he must do a divination before. But the odd was he could tell the fortune very accurately and had helped the Wolf Fang Clan avoid crisis several times.