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Chapter 290: Assassination in the Dark Night

Chapter 290: Assassination in the Dark Night

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The Skull Assassin Organization was one of the top four Assassin Organizations in the world. They were powerful, had the most assassins, and the leader Amanda, as an elite killer of the SS level, was undefeatable.

In the under world, only they could assassinate others. No one else would be able to get revenge on them.

If there was anyone trying to destroy the Skull Assassin Organization, they would be seen as a joke. Yet, at the moment, there were five people walking stealthly in special outfits on their way to the Skull Assassin Organization.

Qingfeng gathered the Wolf Fang Team since he obviously knew the powers of the Skull Assassin Organization. Even though he could also destroy the whole Organization by himself, eliminating the whole organization without missing any enemies would need the help of the team since the amount of people in the organization wasn’t a small number.

Qingfeng had called out everyone from the Wolf Fang Team for one purpose— to finish the whole Skull Assassin Organization.

In the evening, it was very dark in the suburban in Paris, which was a huge contrast with the city where it was bright with lights everywhere.

There was a villa in the suburban. Certainly, the villa just serves as camouflage for the headquarters of the Skull Assassin Organization, that was in a castle right underneath the villa.

Qingfeng, Monk, Bald-Man, Death-God and Alice had arrived outside the villa in the dark.

This villa looked like it was owned by a wealthy man. There were surveillance cameras and detectors on each corner, four security guards standing on the gate and ten more of them patrolling inside the villa which made the whole house untouchable.

Qingfeng took the map of the villa and observed carefully, "Monk, you go find the power supply room and cut off all the electricity."

"Got it, boss," Monk nodded.

They would get caught once they stepped in the villa since there were too many cameras. However, shutting down all the electricity would keep them safe since all cameras and other lighting equipment would stop working right away.

"Bald-Man, you go deal with those four security guards," Qingfeng glanced at the Bald-Man and said.

"Don’t you worry, head. It’s a piece of cake knocking down those four little kids," The Bald-Man responded arrogantly while touching his chin.

Four bodyguards? Even forty bodyguards wouldn’t cause any threat to the Bald-Man. Although this time, he had to finish them without making any sounds in case it raised concerns for the whole plan.

"Death-God, did you bring the silencer for your sniper rifle?

"Yes, boss."

"Great. I’m going to climb over to the villa inside and take down those ten bodyguards. You stay here to watch and shoot any suspicious people if there is an emergency," Qingfeng ordered while glancing at the Death-God.

"You all have duty now, what about me?" Alice asked while looking at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng said while frowning, "Alice, I’ve told you before coming here. You stay outside and watch, if there is any emergency like a killer is approaching, you knock him down, understand?"

"Yes!" Alice nodded excitedly after knowing her mission. To her, anything would be great as long as she could work with her majesty.

Monk was bending his waist like a bat in the dark and has found the electricity supply room. He then sneaked into the room easily, took out his equipment and cut off the electric circuit.

The whole villa has become bleach black in a second after the power was shut down.

"Now!" Qingfeng yelled in a low volume and climbed over inside the villa as fast as thunder. The Bald-Man also started to rush towards those four bodyguards.

After Qingfeng got into the villa, he found those ten bodyguards in the dark while they haven’t yet been able to react from the sudden electricity outage.

In fact, the electricity supply room in the house was quite stable, nothing has gone wrong since the house was built. Yet, this was the first time it went out of service.

"Kelly, you go check the power supply room and see what went wrong," the bodyguard head asked the last bodyguard.

Kelly, as the bodyguard at the end, when she was turning and about to go to check the power supply room, she saw a black shadow standing right behind her.

While she was just about to say something, a weapon cut right through her throat as quick as lightening.

"Kelly, why are you standing here? The head is asking you to check the room," the ninth bodyguard asked confusingly while patting Kelly’s shoulder

Qingfeng held his weapon tight and cut through the next one. His throat was opened again.

Qingfeng kept waving his weapon through each bodyguard’s throat like a grim reaper. He killed one bodyguard each time he waved his knife. Within a second, all ten bodyguards died in a pool of blood with opened throats.

It was undeniable to say Qingfeng was indeed powerful. With the help of the dark, none of these bodyguards could do anything but be attacked by him.

At the moment, Bald-Man also arrived at the four bodyguards at the gate.

The Bald-Man was more of a fan of solving problems with strength. He arrived beside those four bodyguards and snapped the neck of the first one. He was then knocked down immediately on the ground.

The other three bodyguards started to hit Bald-Man after seeing their co-worker get knocked down. Yet, the Bald-Man hit each of them right on their head and they died immediately.

The last bodyguard tried to attack the Bald-Man by punching his body though he broke his fist while the Bald-Man was intact.

the Bald-Man was tough s rock and regular attach wouldn’t do anything to him. The Bald-Man then slapped the last bodyguard with his whole strength as if slapping a rock and killed him right away.

Looking at the four bodyguard that has been finished, the Bald-Man chuckled while still feeling like it wasn’t enough.

Qingfeng unlocked the villa gate and walked in, while he saw those four bodyguards on the ground, he saw with humor, "You are still so violent, huh?"

The Bald-Man giggled while touching his chin when he heard Qingfeng’s tease. To be honest, the Bald-Man has never approved anyone’s strength beside Qingfeng’s on the Wolf Fang Team.

The villa was pitch black since the power was shut down. Meanwhile, the bodyguards were also finished by Qingfeng and the Bald-Man. At the moment, the team was now gathering at the villa.

"Boss, the Skull Assassin Organization is right down there, let’s go and finished them," the Bald-Man said excitedly.

He was a mad fighter and liked to fight all the time. He used to be the first one to rushed out there and fought once he received any missions when he was back in Africa.

Sneak attack was the strategy Qingfeng set for killing the Skull Assassin Organization this time. Otherwise, the Bald-Man would have run in at the beginning according to his impulsive personality.

The Bald-Man liked to fight face-to –face instead of sneaking around like this, but he also knew that these types of killers would usually hide in the castle under the villa. It would be easy for them to notice changes and flee away if the team didn’t attack secretly.

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