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Chapter 291: Destruction of the Skeleton League

Chapter 291: Destruction of the Skeleton League

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Qingfeng, Monk, Bald-man and Death-God opened the rock gate and went down into the underground castle. Alice, on the other hand, stayed outside to watch for changes and deliver support if necessary.

They immediately found the secret tunnel to the underground castle based on all the information and the map of the villa that Alice had gotten.

The tunnel entrance was a human-shaped hole made of rocks which allowed two people to walk side by side at the same time. Qingfeng was walking ahead, Monk and Bald-man were in the middle and Death-God was the last one. Even though the four of them were walking separately, they kept their eyes on each other all the time so that they could avoid any dangers if enemies appeared from different directions.

There were some killers hiding in the tunnel. Fortunately, they were found by Qingfeng and were killed without any noise. When they had walked around for twenty minutes, a huge underground castle appeared in front of them. Surprisingly, this castle was at least as twice as big as the villa on the ground.

The castle was circular and was made of black marble, seeming like it was diffusing some streaks of dark light. Qingfeng's group started to fight the assassins separately. They killed the ones standing in front of the castle first and snuck inside secretly.

Even though those killers were also powerful, they were nothing compared to the Wolf Fang Team. Soon, dozens of killers in the castle were finished without much of a struggle. It could be seen how fast and quick the Wolf Fang Team executed the mission since nobody else in the castle noticed anythhing wrong, even after more than forty killers had been killed.

So far, all the killers in the castle were killed by Qingfeng and the three others. Meanwhile, Qingfeng walked into the central room in the castle alone after he asked the three others to stay out there and watch for enemies.

In the room, a muscular middle-aged man with blonde hair and blue eyes was having sex with a chick. This muscular man was around 50 years old and still looked big and tough even though he was in his 50s. He was the head of the Skull Assassin Organization—Ahmed.

"Long time no see, Ahmed," a teasing voice suddenly appeared in the room.

Ahmed changed his face in a flash when he heard the voice. He looked up and saw a young man standing right behind him. Ahmed certainly knew this man. This man was the Wolf King, the top man in the underworld.

"How…how did you find this place?" Ahmed asked fearfully while looking shocked.

He was the head of the assassins, and now, his hideout was found by his enemy. How could he still keep calm? In fact, the castle he built was always secretive. It was hidden under a luxury villa. Besides the killers living down there, nobody else would know there was an underground castle. How did the Wolf King find his way here?

However, Qingfeng couldn’t be bothered to explain to him that all of this happened because of the "Nine-tailed Cat Woman", which was the worldwide information queen---Alice.

Alice couldn’t fight much but she was talented at collecting information. She knew more than anyone else in terms of power and forces of the Underworld.

The reason why the Wolf Fang Team could run rampant in the Underworld was because of Alice's skills, in addition to the Qingfeng, Monk, Bald-man, and Death-God's abilities. She was extremely good at collecting information about different forces and could also provide accurate details on each mission.

Locating the castle accurately would be a good example. Alice found out the location of the main Skull Assassin Organization and the map of the inner structure. Therefore, Qingfeng and the three others could sneak into the castle, shut down the electricity, and kill all the assassins without being disturbed.

Ahmed pressed an emergency alarm and tried to call his men that were in the castle, yet, nobody came after a few minutes passed.

"Don’t bother, your subordinates have all gone to hell," Qingfeng smiled while playing around with his dagger in his hands.

Even though he was smiling, an intent to murder was hidden within the smile. Ahmed’s face changed as soon as Qingfeng finished his words. It wasn’t his first time hearing about the horror of the Wolf King, but he did underestimate the power of this person, who was the top man in the Underworld.

"Wolf King, please don’t kill me," Ahmed started to beg while his face paled.

No matter who they were, people tended to beg for survival when their lives were being threatened.

"You should have expected this day would come when you sent other people to kill me, didn’t you," Qingfeng held his dagger and kept smiling while walking towards him.

As the head of the Assassin Organization, Ahmed was definitely not a simple character. He was just begging to distract Qingfeng while reaching his hand to the gun under the pillow.

"Hahaha, Wolf King, your death day has come," he laughed like a maniac while pointing the gun at him.

However, Qingfeng kept approaching him calmly as if nothing has happened.


Ahmed fired his gun at Qingfeng eventually. However, Qingfeng slightly tilted his body and dodged the bullet like a flexible snake. What the heck? Did he just dodge the bullet?

Ahmed got frightened while turning pale. No matter how many time he shot Qingfeng, it didn’t cause any harms to him. He was way too fast. Even Ahmed himself wasn't that fast, even though he was the head of the Assassination group and a SS level elite.

He finally realized how terrifying the Wolf King was. They were in a completely different rank.


When Qingfeng arrived in front of Ahmed, he waved his dagger and cut through Ahmed’s gun towards Ahmed’s throat. Ahmed was trying to skip it but the gun was coming way too fast.

In fact, instead of describing the dagger as fast, it should be saying Qingfeng, who controlled the dagger, was fast. His dagger directly cut through Ahmed’s throat which caused him to fall down on the floor with a dead, frighten look plastered on his face.

Meanwhile, right when the woman standing beside him was about to scream, she was finished by Qingfeng in a second by simply waving his dagger again.

The head of the Skeleton League, as the infamous killer in the assassination industry, had finally been killed in his own hideout. He might be seen as the most powerful to others, but to Qingfeng, he was just a piece of cake.

Qingfeng then walked out of the room, leaving those two dead bodies with their eyes opened behind.

Outside the castle.
When Qingfeng, Monk, Bald-man and Alice finally gathered together, they looked at each other and laughed as they finally completed their mission—the headquarter of the Skeleton League was destroyed.

"Boss, we have destroyed the Skeleton League. Should we continue to take care of the Hell League right now or go tomorrow after a break?" Bald-man asked while touching his chin.

"Let’s go now, we can’t wait anymore. Otherwise, once the Hell League receives the news that the Skeleton League was destroyed, they will be on alert. We need to kill them before they realize they are in danger," Qingfeng said while laughing maniacally.