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Chapter 292: Annihilating the Hell League

Chapter 292: Annihilating the Hell League

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Qingfeng, Monk, Bald-Man, Death-God and Alice boarded the overnight flight from Paris to Italy. They flew directly to Roma, in Italy. They had a stronghold there.

The Wolf Fang Team had many strongholds in many continents so that they could have a place to stay when they were in the country for missions or travel. They would also not be discovered by others. At the stronghold, Qingfeng, the Monk, Bald-Man obtained the weapons they needed and headed directly to a deep mountain in the rural area of Roma.

The Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance both had headquarters in rural areas that were far away from the prosperous city. The Skeleton League had their headquarters built underneath a mansion while the Hell League had their headquarters in a cave in the deep mountain.

Underneath a huge cave in the mountain, the Hell League had built a castle. This was their headquarters. It was similar to "Hell" – both were underground.

Many assassins loved to build castles underground as it was easy to conceal. Assassins naturally liked to conceal themselves in places that were difficult to find. There were like mice as they did not like the sun and preferred the dark.

When the group arrived at the headquarters of the Hell League, they took out the map that Alice had prepared and discussed their attacking strategy. Then, they entered the underground castle in the cave.

Similar to the last attack, Qingfeng walked at the very front. The Monk and Bald-Man were in the middle of the group and the Death-God covered at the end of the squad. As for Alice, she stood outside the cave to keep watch.

As Qingfeng walked inwards, he silently killed the passing assassins. He cooperated really well with Monk and Bald-Man. Death-God also brutally killed the assassins.

In a moment, Qingfeng and the others had made their way to the underground castle. They left a trail of dead assassin bodies behind them.

Bald-Man killed the two assassins outside of the entrance and the group made their way to the interior of the castle.
Qingfeng asked the Monk, Bald-Man and Death-God to destroy the assassins inside the castle. As for himself, he made his way towards the room inside the castle.

At the moment, inside the room.

A man who wore a black robe and mask was reading over some information. The information was about the Wolf King. To obtain the one billion dollars, he had dispatched the most skillful assassins, Viper, to assassinate Qingfeng Li. He wondered if Viper had completed the mission…

The masked man was none other than the leader of the Hell Alliance, Rus.

Viper should have reported by now. The lack of communication worried Rus.

Rus placed the information of the Wolf King on the table and got up to drink some tea. But a teacup suddenly appeared in front of him which gave him a scare. He was alone in the room. How did the teacup appear?

Rus lifted his head and his expression changed when he saw a handsome young man standing in front of him.

As the leader of the Hell League, he naturally knew that the young man was Wolf King. He was the man that he had dispatched the assassin to kill.

His assassination target was in his room. This caused Rus’s expression to change greatly. His eyes were filled with fear.
His underground castle had world-class security. An ordinary person would not be able to make their way to the castle as there were many assassins outside the castle. For Qingfeng to be inside his room meant that he had killed all the assassins outside the castle.

"Rus, you don’t have to ponder anymore. I have killed all your subordinates outside the castle," Qingfeng said confidently with a cold smile.

His words were very confident as if it was extremely easy for him to kill the assassins outside the castle.

"Wolf King, you are brutal. I had fostered all the assassins with a great amount of resources." Rus’s heart bled at the thought that Wolf King had killed all the assassins which took him a lot of money and energy to foster

"Rus, you must be the one who sent Viper."

"So what if it was me."

"Great, he almost killed my wife. I will let you have a fate worse than death," Qingfeng said to Rus coldly.

The person Qingfeng hated the most was Rus. The assassin he dispatched, Viper, poisoned the water in the bottled water. If he had not gone home in time, Xue Lin would have died.

Qingfeng blamed himself that Xue Lin was poisoned. Thus, he rushed from Huaxia to Tiger Continent to exterminate Skull League and Hell Alliance.


Qingfeng’s body moved like a flash of lightning and he was instantly before Rus. He slammed a fist into Rus body. Rus tried to block the fist with his elbow.

Katcha! Rus’s elbow was instantly broken by Qingfeng. Even though Rus was a Level SS warrior. But he could not be compared to the Wolf King.

Not only Rus, none of the other Kings on Earth were a match for Qingfeng. He was the strongest man and was extremely powerful.
Katcha, katcha, katcha, katcha…

Qingfeng slammed his fists continuously into Rus’ body and broke all the bones in his body. Rus fell to the ground with his body covered with blood and passed away painfully.

Before his death, Rus’s eyes were filled with horror and regret. If he had known that the Wolf King was so strong and scary, he would not have dispatched an assassin to kill Wolf King.

It was not worth one billion dollars for him to give up his life. After killing Rus, he gathered back with Monk, Bald-Man, and Death-God. The group left the castle together. But before Qingfeng left the underground castle, he set a fire and burned down the headquarters of the Hell Alliance.

"Ms. Zhang, Xue Lin, I have avenged you guys," Qingfeng said in a low voice as he looked at the stars in the sky with determination.
Madam Zhang’s death and Xue Lin being poisoned made Qingfeng furious. The anger in his chest gradually dissipated with the extermination of the Skeleton League and Hell Alliance.

After Qingfeng and the others destroyed Hell Alliance, they did not stay for long. They directly boarded the flight that evening and returned to Paris.

"Big brother, let’s stay in the Tiger Continent for a few days this time. We can catch up," Bald-Man said loudly as he stroked his chin.
He missed Big brother greatly as he had not seen Qingfeng for a long time. It was so exciting to fight alongside Qingfeng. For a fighter like him, fighting was the best thing in the world.
Qingfeng shook his head and said, "No, I am going to rest tonight and return to Huaxia tomorrow."

Xue Lin was still waiting for him in Huaxia. Huaxia was his home. He could not stay here forever. He came to Tiger Continent this time to exterminate Skeleton League and Hell Alliance.
Even though Bald-Man and the others missed Qingfeng but Qingfeng insisted on returning to Huaxia. There was nothing they could do. They could only buy Qingfeng a flight ticket for tomorrow morning.

That night, Qingfeng was lying in his bed when Alice snuggled in with him.

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