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Chapter 293: Returning to Eastern Sea City

Chapter 293: Returning to Eastern Sea City

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Alice was very beautiful and seductive. She was European and had royal blood so she had an aura of aristocracy. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her face was seductive and she had a high nose bridge with pale skin. She had red lips and big cleavage.

Qingfeng smelled her womanly scent and said, "Alice, why are you here?"

"You are leaving tomorrow. I don't want you to go," Alice said bitterly.

Alice had special feelings towards Qingfeng. Qingfeng had saved her life and the two had known each other ever since the Wolf Fang team was established. They had been through a lot together.

"Monk and the others are next door."

"It’s ok. It doesn’t matter."

"Alice, don’t take off your clothes."

"Your highness Wolf King, I want you," Alice was like a brave warrior and started to engage in xxoo activities with him.

Alice was very wild and Qingfeng could not do anything. One had to admit that when women go wild, they are uncontrollable.

The next day, Qingfeng woke up early and realized that Alice was still asleep. He did not want to disturb Alice so he tucked her sheets in and left the hotel.

After Qingfeng left the hotel, he discovered there were three people outside the hotel. They were the Monk, Bald-Man and Death-God.

"Why are you guys up so early?" Qingfeng asked with a smile.

"Boss, if we were not early, we would not be able to see you," Bald-Man said unhappily as he touched his chin.

As they expected, Qingfeng wanted to leave alone in the early morning. He was unhappy every time the Wolf Fang Team separated.

These people were all of Qingfeng’s brothers. They fought together and were closer than real brothers. They could understand each other’s words with a single glance. For example, Qingfeng did not tell them he was going to leave early today but they guessed that he would leave early. This was the mutual understanding amongst them.

"Don’t be upset, we are not parting forever. We will meet again in the future," Qingfeng said when he felt that the atmosphere was serious.

"Big Brother, I want to go to Huaxia with you," Monk suddenly said.

"You want to go to Huaxia. Why?" Qingfeng asked puzzledly.

"Big Brother, my senpai called me yesterday and said that my teacher was ill. I need to go back to see him," Monk said.

Monk’s teacher was the head of Wudang Mountain. He learned his skills there. He left the hill to train himself and met Qingfeng.
Qingfeng nodded at Monk’s words. Even though he had never met Monk’s teacher. But Monk had mentioned him in the past. His teacher was a special person who could predict the future.
Qingfeng and Monk bid their goodbyes with Death-God and Bald-Man and left. As for Alice, she was still deep in sleep because of the activities last night.

Women were naturally physically weaker than men. Last night, Alice initiated the activities but Qingfeng ended up taking the win.
Qingfeng and Monk obtained their tickets and boarded the plane as Bald-Man and Death-God looked at them unhappily.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the flight from Paris to Eastern Sea City International Airport. For your safety, please attach your seatbelt," A beautiful air stewardess said to the people on the plane.

"Monk, the air stewardess is looking at you," Qingfeng joked with the Monk.

"Big Brother, don’t call me Monk in front of the beauty. Call me Xuanji, it is a cooler name," Monk said with a slight smile.
Monk’s name was Xuanji Lu. It was a deeply meaningful name but Qingfeng was used to calling him Monk.

But Qingfeng knew that Monk was an interesting person. Even though he was a Monk, but he could still date and marry. Monk has dated a girlfriend the past but the woman left for some reason.
Qingfeng had asked Monk why the woman left but Monk did not give him an answer. He said it was a secret.

"Okay, I will call you Xuanji," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Qingfeng knew that whenever this fellow asks others to call him Xuanji, it meant that he was about to flirt with a girl.

As expected, Monk, no he should be called Xuanji Lu now. When he saw the air stewardess approaching them, he said, "Beauty, we met amongst all these people. What a coincidence."

The air stewardess was very pretty with a small pointed nose and a tall figure. She wore a blue suit which showed her long lean legs. She also wore a pair of black heels.

To be an air stewardess, one had to have good looks. Thus, most air stewardesses were quite attractive.

When the air stewardess heard Xuanji Lu’s words, she rolled her eyes and muttered in her heart, "Another flirter. I am going to ignore him."

She was very pretty so there were many people who tried to flirt with her on the plane. They would praise her looks and invite her to dinner but she rejected all of them.

In her eyes, Xuanji Lu was another flirter. He was already blacklisted in her heart.

But the air stewardess eyes lit up when she saw Qingfeng. She thought, "This young man is so hot. He is so much hotter than the other guy and he did not flirt with me. He is a cold hottie."
If Qingfeng knew the air stewardess thoughts, he would laugh really hard. He was not cold; he liked to flirt with beauties. But he chose to give this opportunity to Monk instead. He did not expect the air stewardess to like him.

"Hi, do you need any service?" The air stewardess asked as she came to Qingfeng’s side. She had fully ignored Monk.

The poor Monk looked bitterly at Qingfeng. He was speechless that he was ignored by the air stewardess and that she talked to Qingfeng instead.

Why was the difference between men so great? Monk was defeated and decided to never sit next to Qingfeng again on the plane.
Faced with the air stewardess’s questions, Qingfeng asked with a smile, "Give me a cup of coffee. Oh yeah, a cup for the fellow next to me as well."

The air stewardess smiled and made two cups of coffee for Qingfeng and Monk, but Qingfeng’s coffee was clearly more than the coffee Monk got. This left Monk speechless again.

The air stewardess seemed to be interested in Qingfeng. She kept trying to talk to him. Qingfeng was bored so he chatted with her.
Time passed really fast since he was talking to a beauty. Before he knew it, the plane had landed in Eastern Sea City.

"Eastern Sea City, I am back." Qingfeng was quite excited to be back in this familiar city.