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Chapter 294: Conflict with the Doorkeeper

Chapter 294: Conflict with the Doorkeeper

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The plane landed in Eastern Sea International Airport. Just as Qingfeng was preparing to leave, the pretty air stewardess stopped him.

"Beauty, is there something you need?" Qingfeng asked with a slight smile.

The air stewardess chatted with him for a long time on the plane. The two had a good conversation. He could tell that the air stewardess was interested in him. Of course, she was only interested as she did not like him yet.

"This is my name card. You can contact me if you are free," The pretty air stewardess gave Qingfeng a name card and left.

But the air stewardess’s face was red when she left. Clearly, this was the first time she gave a man her name card.

"What a cute air stewardess," Qingfeng said with a slight smile as he placed the name card in his pocket.

Qingfeng and Monk got off the plane and breathed in the fresh air. He felt calm and relaxed.

"Big Brother, you are amazing. The air stewardess gave you her name card," Xuanji said admiringly.

He was sad that the pretty air stewardess did not talk to him. Instead, she chatted happily with Qingfeng. This made him quite speechless.

Qingfeng patted Xuanji Lu’s shoulder to comfort him. He knew that Xuanji Lu had suffered a blow. This had happened in the past as well, the women Xuanji Lu liked all liked Qingfeng more instead. This couldn’t be helped since Qingfeng was more handsome. Qingfeng and Xuanji Lu got on a taxi and headed towards Noble Palace.

"Big Brother, are you bringing me to meet my sister-in-law?" Xuanji asked as he lifted his brow.

He knew that Qingfeng came back to Eastern Sea City to get married. It was rumored that the woman was the CEO of a company and extremely gorgeous. He wanted to see how gorgeous she was that she could charm Big Brother Li.

"Yes, I will introduce her to you," Qingfeng said with a nod. However, he was quite nervous.

To be honest, he did not know if Xue Lin would like his bro. Maybe she would be upset at him for bringing Monk over. The taxi arrived at Noble Palace shortly. After paying for the ride, Qingfeng led Monk towards the small neighborhood. But Qingfeng was stopped by the doorkeeper when he was preparing to enter the neighborhood.

The doorkeeper was a middle-aged man in his forties. He was tall, built and wore a security guard uniform.

"I’m sorry, you cannot go in," The middle-aged man said while stopping Qingfeng and Monk.

"I live in this neighborhood. Why can’t I enter?" Qingfeng said as he frowned his brows in displeasure.

He lived in Villa #13. No one has ever stopped him in the past. Why did this doorkeeper stop him?

"I don't know you. You can’t go in," The doorkeeper said loudly.
The doorkeeper’s name was Xiong Zhang. It was his second day at work. He had never seen this man so naturally, he refused to let Qingfeng in.

Qingfeng raised his head and discovered that he had never seen this doorkeeper. This doorkeeper was probably new or he would not have stopped him.

"I live in Villa #13. The owner is Xue Lin. She is my wife. Can you let us in now?" Qingfeng said.

"If you want to go in, you need to show me your ID. How do I know if you are lying or telling the truth?"

"I didn't bring my ID. Why would I lie to you."

"Hmph, this is the most high-end neighborhood in Eastern Sea City. I can tell from the way you are dressed that you can’t afford to live in this neighborhood," Xiong Zhang smiled coldly and still refused to let Qingfeng into the neighborhood.

Qingfeng became angered after being refused by the doorkeeper multiple times. He furiously said, "What if I insist on going in?"

"Well, my fist would not agree with you," Xiong Zhang threatened as he waved his fist.

Noble Palace was a high-end neighborhood. Not just anyone could be a doorkeeper here. Xiong Zhang got this job by using his connections and bribing others.

Qingfeng did not want to speak to this doorkeeper anymore. He lived here. How could he be denied entry to his home? Xiong Zhang waved his fist towards Qingfeng when he saw that Qingfeng continued to walk towards the neighborhood.

Qingfeng directly held onto Xiong Zhang’s fist. No matter how hard Xiong Zhang tried to move his fist, he could not get it out from Qingfeng’s grip.

"Let go of my fist," Xiong Zhang said furiously as his face reddened.
Qingfeng did not listen to him. He shoved him onto the ground. Xiong Zhang was dazed and confused.

Xiong Zhang’s expression changed when he saw that Qingfeng had continued to walk towards the neighborhood. He said towards his intercom," Brother Zhuang, brother Zhuang, someone wants to forcefully enter the neighborhood. Come and stop them."

The Brother Zhuang he spoke of was the Team Leader of the security team of the neighborhood. His name was Zhuang Zhang. He was currently patrolling the neighborhood.

Zhuang Zhang’s expression changed when he heard Xiong Zhang’s words. He led the dozen security guards and they speedily made their way towards the entrance of the neighborhood.
He was the Team Leader of the security guard team of the neighborhood. He had to act quickly, if he did not resolve the matter well, he would lose his job.

Zhuang Zhang had also obtained his job via connections. This was his second day on his job so he did not want to lose his job.
Qingfeng and Monk had only walked a short distance when Zhuang Zhang led the dozen of security guards towards them. The security guards circled them.

The dozen security guards were all tall and muscular. They had batons in their hands and looked menacing. The leader, Zhuang Zhang, was even more heavily built. He was 1.8m and had bulging muscles.

"Fellow, this is Noble Palace. It is not a place you can casually enter. Leave quickly," Zhuang Zhang said coldly towards Qingfeng.

"I live here. Why can’t I enter?" Qingfeng said unhappily. He was very displeased with the doorkeeper and also this security guard in front of him.

"Brother Zhuang, he does not have his ID. He cannot prove his identity. I suspect that he is a liar," Xiong Zhang said in a low voice to Zhuang Zhang.

Zhuang Zhang furrowed his brows when he heard Xiong Zhang’s words. He said coldly, "The Zhang Corporation is in charge of matters in this neighborhood. Leave quickly."

What? Zhang Corporation?

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment. He recalled that the Noble Palace was built by Wang Corporation and maintained by them as well. How was it managed by Zhang Corporation now?

"Isn’t this neighborhood managed by Wang Corporation? Why is it managed by Zhang Corporation now?" Qingfeng asked with a frown.

"Fellow, you seemed out of the loop. The father and son of Wang Corporation have been killed. Wang Corporation is bankrupt. This neighborhood is managed by Zhang Corporation now," Zhuang Zhang said arrogantly.