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Chapter 295: Phone Call From Young Master Zhang

Chapter 295: Phone Call From Young Master Zhang

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Managed by the Zhang Corporation? Qingfeng was dazed for a moment and suddenly realized that since the Wang Family was destroyed by him, Wang Corporation must be bankrupt.

This neighborhood was under the management of Wang Corporation. Now that the Wang Corporation was gone, the management was handed over to the Zhang Corporation. After all, Zhang Corporation was one of the four big families in Eastern Sea City. Only they had could manage this neighborhood. Other smaller companies did not have the power and influence to manage it.

Qingfeng remembered that Young Master Zhang was the Young Master of the Zhang Family. Speaking of his name might help him here.

"Zhuang Zhang, I am acquainted with Young Master Zhang. Let me in," Qingfeng said.
What? You said that you know of Young Master Zhang? Our young master?

A flash of surprise entered Zhuang Zhang’s eyes. He must not anger this young man if the young man was acquainted with Young Master.

"Brother Zhuang, he looks like a liar. Why would Young Master know someone like him," The doorkeeper, Xiong Zhang, said to Zhuang Zhang.

Zhuang Zhang pondered for a moment and thought that Zhuang Zhang’s words were true. Young Master was the son of a multimillion company. Why would he know someone like Qingfeng?

"Hmph, there is no way I will let you in," Zhuang Zhang said with disdain.

Ring Ring Ring

Qingfeng ignored Zhuang Zhang. Instead, he took out his phone and dialed Young Master Zhang’s number.

"Big brother Li, what’s up?" Young Master Zhang said with laughter.

"I am outside of my neighborhood. The security management of your Corporation refuses to let me in. They said I am a liar," Qingfeng said.

What? Who dared to call Big brother Li a liar? Young Master Zhang was furious. Qingfeng was his big brother and the person he admired the most. How dared anyone stop Big brother Li from entering the neighborhood. Were they looking for their death?

"Big brother Li, give the phone to the security team leader. I will teach him a lesson," Young Master Zhang said.

"Zhuang Zhang, your Young Master asks you to take the phone," Qingfeng said with a light smile while passing the phone to Zhuang Zhang.

Zhuang Zhang half-heartedly took over the phone. He placed the phone to his ear and instantly heard a voice, "Zhuang Zhang, you have quite the nerve."

Zhuang Zhang’s expression changed when he heard the voice inside the phone. He was a member of the Zhang Family so he has naturally heard of Young Master Zhang’s voice. Without a doubt, the person on the phone was Young Master.

"Young Master, what can I do for you?" Zhuang Zhang said respectfully.

"Zhuang Zhang, let me tell you, Qingfeng is my big brother. How dare you stop him from entering the neighborhood. Do you want to die?" Young Master Zhang yelled at the phone.

What? Young Master’s big brother?

Zhuang Zhang was stunned. He finally understood who he has angered. This fellow was Young Master’s big brother.

To repent himself, Zhuang Zhang quickly pushed the blame onto Xiong Zhang and said that he was the one who refused to let Qingfeng into the neighborhood.

"Zhuang Zhang, let me tell you. If you dared to anger Big brother Li, you can leave immediately. We won’t need you as the security team leader anymore."

"Rest assured, Young Master. I will immediately let Qingfeng Li, I mean…Big brother Li, into the neighborhood," Zhuang Zhang said respectfully.

After Zhuang Zhang hung up the phone, he said respectfully to Qingfeng, "Big brother Li, it was my fault for not recognizing you. Please forgive me."

Qingfeng pointed at Xiong Zhang and said, "He called me a liar just now. He even wanted to teach me a lesson. What do you think we should do?"

Zhuang Zhang clenched his teeth and said, "Big brother Li, I will fire Xiong Zhang and find a new doorkeeper."

"Brother Zhuang, no…" Xiong Zhang said loudly when he heard that he was about to be fired.
He had spent a lot of money to become the doorkeeper. A doorkeeper at the Noble Palace was not an ordinary job. Here, he could meet millionaires who would tip him hundreds of Yuan. Furthermore, his salary was thousands of Yuan. He did not want to lose his job.

Zhuang Zhang was unmoved by Xiong Zhang’s pleas. He immediately fired Xiong Zhang; it was his fault for angering Qingfeng.

"Take care, Big brother Li," Zhuang Zhang said respectfully as he personally sent Qingfeng off.
Qingfeng was someone Young Master called "Big Brother". He was not someone Zhuang Zhang dared to anger.

"Big brother, who is Young Master Zhang? He seems very well-respected?" Monk asked Qingfeng.
Qingfeng said with a light smile, "He is the Young Master of the Zhang Family which is one of the four big families of Eastern Sea City, making him one of the young masters . I cured his illness a while ago and he insisted on calling me Big Brother after that."

Monk raised his thumb with admiration at Qingfeng. His big brother was so cool. He had not been in Eastern Sea City for long but had already claimed a Young Master as his subordinate.

Qingfeng brought Monk to Villa #13. Since he forgot to bring his key, he knocked on the door.
It was currently 7:30 pm. Xue Lin happened to be at home.

Xue Lin opened the door when she heard the knock on the door. A flash of surprise appeared on her face when she saw Qingfeng. She was not used to not seeing Qingfeng for the past few days. She felt that something was missing in her life. She was happy that Qingfeng was back.

But a flash of surpise appeared on Xue Lin’s face when she saw the man standing next to Qingfeng. This man was handsome and of average built. Of course, he was not as handsome as Qingfeng. Xue Lin has never seen him before.

"Hi, Sister-in-law. My name is Monk. I am big brother’s bro," Monk introduced himself when he saw the confusion in Xue Lin’s eyes.

To be honest, Monk was stunned by Xue Lin’s beauty. She was so beautiful. Her eyes were charming and her skin was like porcelain. She must be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
At the moment, Monk admired Qingfeng deeply. It was no wonder big brother did not contact him after getting to Eastern Sea City. He had such a beautiful wife who he could xxoo with every day. Why would Qingfeng have the time to contact him?

If Qingfeng knew Monk’s inner thoughts, he would kick him. What was his logic? He still has not slept with his wife.

"Oh, you are Monk? Qingfeng has spoken of you. He said you were a good brother of his. Come in please," Xue Lin said enthusiastically.

Xue Lin has heard Monk. His name was Xuanji Lu and he was Qingfeng’s brother. She naturally had to treat him well. Of course, her good impression of Monk was mostly credited to him calling her

"Sister-in-law". Xue Lin was very pleased by his words.

What the heck? When did Xue Lin become so enthusiastic?

Qingfeng was stunned. He knew that Xue Lin was always cold and prideful. Why was she so enthusiastic to Monk? He did not know that Xue Lin was enthusiastic to Monk because he called her "Sister-in-law."