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Chapter 297: Treating the Old Monk

Chapter 297: Treating the Old Monk

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Qingfeng thought it was slightly funny that the little monk seemed to be angry. This fellow was too cute. I just questioned you a little, you don’t need to be angry.

"Little monk, your teacher said that there is an important person here today. Who is the important person?" Qingfeng asked with a smile.

"He is right here," Xuanmiao said as he glared at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng looked around but was confused when he could not see the important person.

Xuanmiao pointed at Qingfeng and said, " The important person my teacher speaks of is you. But I can’t see why you are important."

What? Am I the important person?

Qingfeng was surprised at Xuanmiao’s words. He turned around and asked, "Xuanji Lu, did you tell your teacher I am coming here with you today?"

Monk shook his head and said, "No boss. I did not even tell teacher I was coming back today. I already told you my teacher knows everything; he can predict the future."

Qingfeng knew that Monk would not lie to him. Since Monk did not tell his teacher that he was coming to the temple, his teacher must have predicted everything.

When he saw Qingfeng’s surprised expression, Xuanmiao said proudly, "Do you believe me now? My teacher predicted a long time ago that you guys would be here today. He told me to wait for you guys here."

After speaking, Xuanmiao led Qingfeng and Monk towards the temple.
The temple was 500 square meters. There were many people burning incense in the temple. Some were praying for a life with peace, others were praying for their marriage or for children.
Xuanmiao led the two through the corridors and they arrived at a room deep in the temple. The room was closed to any outsiders.

Qingfeng was dazed when he walked into the room. Inside the room, there was an elderly man who sat on a green cushion. The elder had snow white hair and his beard was also white. He wore a monk robe and held onto a monk stick. He looked like a real master. But with his medical skills, Qingfeng could see that the elder had a sick presence. He looked like a dead man, but he was alive.

From a single glance, Qingfeng knew that this monk was not an ordinary person and he needed to be careful.

"Teacher, I am back," Monk said excitedly as he pounced at the elder.

He was brought up by this elder and had a close relationship with him. He could tell that there was something wrong with the elder. He looked like he was very sick and was about to die anytime.

"Xuanji, you are back?" The elder asked lightly. Just as he opened his mouth, he coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood.

"Teacher, what happened to you?" Xuanji asked nervously when he saw the Elder coughing blood.

"I am fine. My time has come, I am going to die soon. That is why I called you back. I want to see you for the last time," The Monk said with a smile. He seemed to view death lightly.

"Teacher, I won’t let you die."

"Foolish child, everyone has to die."

"Teacher, who harmed you?"

"It’s better for you to not know these things," The elder said as he shook his head. He did not reveal who harmed him.

He knew that the person who harmed him was very strong. Even the Elder himself was not a match for the person. There was no way Xuanji Lu could fight him. He did not want to bring trouble to his pupil.

"You must be your highness Wolf King, I apologize that I cannot welcome you warmly as I am very ill," The Monk said as he looked at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng quickly waved his hand when he heard the Elder’s words. He said, "You are too polite. I am brothers with Xuanji Lu. He is your pupil, so you are my elder too. Please don’t call me Wolf King, you can call me Qingfeng."

He dared not put on any airs in front of this Elder. Firstly, he was Xuanji Lu’s teacher. Secondly, he could tell that this Elder was not an ordinary person. His eyes were deep and seemed to know everything.

The Elder nodded and said, "Xuanji Lu is lucky to have you as his brother. I will call you Qingfeng then. There is a seat there, take a seat."

Qingfeng shook his head. He did not take a seat. The Elderly Monk was his elder, how could he take a seat.

"Elder, I am well-versed in medicine. Why don’t I take your pulse?" Qingfeng asked with a smile.

The Elder was Xuanji Lu’s teacher. He was deeply injured. As Xuanji Lu’s brother, he naturally had to help him.

"Teacher, let big brother take a look. His medical skills are excellent," Xuanji Lu quickly said when he heard Qingfeng wanted to treat his teacher.

The Elder initially did not want Qingfeng to treat him. He was severely injured and an ordinary person would not be able to cure him. But he could not turn down the good intentions of Qingfeng and Xuanji Lu so he could only agree to the treatment.

Qingfeng walked to the Elder’s side and placed three fingers on his wrist. After taking the pulse, his expression changed. He discovered that the Elder had a very slow pulse. If it was not for his excellent medical skills, he would not have discovered that there was a pulse.

Death pulse. It was a death pulse?

A flash of surprise appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes. This pulse was called a Death pulse as it only appeared on people who were dead. But this Elder was still alive. How strange. Qingfeng also discovered that other than the death pulse, there were two strange powers in the Elder’s body. One power was destroying his organs while the other was repairing his organs.

However, the power destroying his organ was much stronger. That was the reason the Elder’s body was slowly deteriorating.

When he saw Qingfeng’s drastically changing expression, Xuanmiao said unhappily, "Do you really know how to treat a person? What illness does my teacher have?"

Xuanmiao felt that this fellow was a scammer. He touched his teacher’s wrist but did not speak

"Xuanmiao, big brother is treating teacher. If you question his skills anymore, I will teach you a lesson," Xuanji Lu reprimanded Xuanmiao.

"Senior, are you tricked by this fellow? He is your big brother? Are you sure he has medical skills?" Xuanmiao clearly did not trust Qingfeng. He has even started to question his senior, Xuanji Lu.

"Shut up, if you are not my junior, I would have kicked you out of the room." Xuanji Lu glared at Xuanmiao and asked him to shut his mouth.

Xuanmiao was very afraid of his senior. He was unhappy to see his senior reprimanding him because of Qingfeng. Even though he was unhappy, he could only stay silent. Even though Xuanmiao did not speak, but he looked at Qingfeng with displeasure. He wanted to see how Qingfeng was going to treat his teacher.