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Chapter 298: Bloodshed

Chapter 298: Bloodshed

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"Elder, this is a Death Pulse. You have two forces that are clashing with each other, damaging your internal organs while they are at it." Qingfeng Li tensed his brows, and explained the situation.

The old Monk was surprised after hearing what Qingfeng Li had to say. He didn’t think the young man in front of him was able to deduce what was wrong with him just from checking his pulse.

"Qingfeng, you have medical skills?" asked the old Monk.

He was going to call him Wolf Fang Highness, but because Qingfeng Li didn’t want him to, so he called him Qingfeng.

"Elder, the two forces inside your body, one is damaging, one is healing, but the negative force is stronger than the positive force. I don’t mean to offend, but if this were to continue, you only have two more days to live." Qingfeng Li told him the diagnosis.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Xuanmiao got mad, "Jackass, how dare you say that my Teacher wouldn’t live for more than two days, are you looking to get slapped."

"Be quiet Xuanmiao, what he said was right, I won’t be able to live more than two days." This time Xuanji Lu still didn’t say anything, but the Monk scolded and glared at Xuanmiao.
He felt that his disciple was too bold, too emotional. Even though he appeared to be sparkish, this ill temper of his still hadn’t improved.

"Teacher, so you are saying that Qingfeng Li’s diagnosis is right?" Xuanmiao asked with a face of disbelief.

The Monk nodded and said, "Xuanmiao, I told you this a long time ago, there’s always someone better than you in the world. Don’t judge someone by their age, did you forget already?"

Xuanmiao’s face changed. After being scolded by his teacher, he knew that he got taken over by emotion again. Even though this Qingfeng Li was still young, he could find out what was wrong with Teacher. Theres no way he was someone normal.

"Sorry, it is my fault. I am sorry, please cure my Teacher’s sickness." Xuanmiao bowed and apologized to Qingfeng Li.

He and his Teacher’s relationship was extremely close. If Qingfeng Li was able to diagnose Teacher’s sickness, then he must have a way to cure him. Thus, he apologized to Qingfeng Li whole-heartedly.

"You don’t have to be sorry, the Elder is my brother’s Teacher, naturally I would cure him." Qingfeng Li waved his hand, telling Xuanmiao to not apologize.

Xuanmiao was only 15 years old, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t take him too seriously. Furthermore, he was Xuanji Lu’s younger bro, even more of a reason to relax.

"Bro, you said you can cure my Teacher?" Xuanji Lu’s eyes brightened up and asked.

Xuanji Lu worshiped Qingfeng Li’s medical skills. Before when Wolf Fang Gang’s member were hurt, it was Qingfeng Li that fixed them.

"Yes, but his organs have been damaged severely, I could only extend his life for a month. Unless you guys are able to find me two items, then I can cure him completely."

"What two things?"

"A Thousand-year ginseng and a Miaojiang’s Holy Gu (TL: a type of poisonous bug)." Qingfeng Li said.

Thousand-year ginseng, Miaojiang’s Holy Gu?

Xuanji Lu’s face changed after hearing the names of the items; it was extremely hard to obtain these things. Because of the pollution and heavy harvesting, hundred-year ginseng was hard to find, not to mention thousand-year ginseng.

Regarding Miaojiang’s Holy Gu, it was even more impossible. It was Miaojiang Saints’ natal Gu, naturally she wouldn’t use it to save people.

Knowing how hard it was to find these items, the Monk said, "Qingfeng, originally I only had two days left, I am satisfied to live for another month, you guys don’t have to do this."

For the Monk, he didn’t care about how long he could have lived. To him, dying just meant losing a physical body.

"Elder, I will fix you right now." Qingfeng Li smiled and took out nine silver needles.

Qingfeng knew, in order to extend the old Monk’s life, he had to use the blood needles with his own blood essence. This kind of needles had the ability to bring back the healthy conditions that were damaged but it could not be used on a normal basis.

The last time at the hospital, Qingfeng Li used his holy-blood to extend Mr. Tang’s life span for a year. That was because Mr. Tang’s damage wasn’t as badly damaged. Even though Mr. Tang and the Monk’s body conditions were the same, Mr. Tang didn’t have the mysterious force that was damaging his body.

The Old Monk was different, he had the mysterious force within his body. Even if Qingfeng Li was able to cure his organs for now, the force would still continue to damage his body. For now, Qingfeng Li didn’t have a solution regarding the force.

Qingfeng Li bit his finger, dropped a drip of blood, and dipped the nine needles with the holy-blood.

Qingfeng Li stuck the nine needles into the acupuncture points of the elder with lightning speed. His blood was able to fuse into the elder with the connection between the needles and the body; repairing the organs.

During this process, Qingfeng Li’s face went pale, with sweat dripping down constantly. Last time he already lost essence blood and with this time’s loss as well, it finally caused damage to his own body.

Qingfeng’s essence blood was different than normal blood, it was the holiest part of the body. It was extremely precious and could not be replenished.

After half an hour, Qingfeng Li took out the nine needles within the elder’s body and exhaled.

After Qingfeng Li’s treatment, the elder’s face appeared to redden up. It was much better than his pale face from before. He tried to move around his body and was even able to stand up.

Just a while before, he could only sit. But now he was able to stand, proving that Qingfeng Li’s treatment was effective.

"Qingfeng, thank you very much." The Monk thanked him with a smile.

"You are being too kind." Qingfeng Li waved his hand, telling the elder not to be too polite.

After seeing Qingfeng Li’s pale face, Xuanmiao immediately went to grab him a cup of tea and said: this is Ganoderma tea, it helps with recovering fatigue, drink it fast.

Xuanmiao was extremely thankful towards Qingfeng Li because he extended his Teacher’s life. So he personally brought Qingfeng Li a cup of tea.

Qingfeng Li drank the tea; it tasted bitter-sweet. The tea went into the body and started recovering his stamina and energy.
"Monk, it is time for me to leave now since you are cured." Qingfeng Li stood up and prepared to leave.

He already wasted a lot of time from treating the Monk’s sickness and had to go back. Xue Lin is waiting for him at home.
"Qingfeng, please give me a moment, let me try to predict your future." The Monk stopped Qingfeng Li. He is doing this as a way to thank Qingfeng Li.

Ever since the Monk got sick, he hasn’t predicted others’ future, even if billionaires asked, he still wouldn’t. Today is the first day he broke his habit.

The Monk focused his gaze; deep radiance glazing out through his sea-like glare. After looking through Qingfeng Li’s forehead, nose, and heaven, his face suddenly altered.

"Qingfeng, something bad is going to happen, with bloodshed." The Monk said with horror.