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Chapter 299: Ruyan“s Invitation to Dinner

Chapter 299: Ruyan's Invitation to Dinner

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What? Some blood-shed related tragedy is going to happen to me in the near future?

Qingfeng Li was baffled. If the Monk in front of him wasn’t Xuanji Lu’s Teacher, he would have kicked him already. I am living so comfortably, how is it possible to have some bloodshed happen to him.

Hearing what the Monk said and seeing the baffled face of Qingfeng Li, Xuanji Lu said, "Teacher, my brother is the king of the Wolf Continent and the number one master in the under world, how come something bad is going to happen to him?

The old Monk shook his head and said, "I didn’t lie. Even though Qingfeng’s heaven region was plump, it had a hint of grey and a hint of blackness at the tip of the nose. Within a short period, he or the people beside him will go through some kind of bloodshed."

Seeing how Qingfeng Li didn’t believe him, the Monk continued, "Just so that you know I didn’t guess, just some time ago, your relative got hurt. If it wasn’t for you coming back on time, your relative would have passed away."

Right, he got it right, Qingfeng Li was surprised. With the disappearance of his discontentment, he was filled with shock.

Just a little while back, Xue Lin was poisoned. If Qingfeng Li didn’t come back on time, she really would have died. This Monk actually got it right.

"Elder, what you are saying is, that the bloodshed could happen to me, or to my relatives and friends?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"Yes Qingfeng, you or the people around you, will soon face danger. You must be careful. Unfortunately, I only have a month left, or I could have accurately predicted the date of the event." the elder said with regret.

Predicting the future, there are punishments that come with it. The lightest consequences involve damaging the body and it could go to even the loss of life at the more severe end. The Monk only had one month left, naturally he wouldn’t be able to predict the exact date; he could only hint at him to be careful.

"Thank you Elder, I will be careful for sure." Qingfeng Li thanked him.

Being able to calculate that Xue Lin was poisoned before gave credibility to the prediction of his own bloodshed.

"Oh yes, bring Xuanji Lu with you. This way you have someone to help you at the time of danger." The Monk looked at Xuanji Lu and said.

Regarding Qingfeng Li, the Monk thought extremely highly of him. In addition, Qingfeng Li even saved him, so naturally, he wanted to help him in some way.

Qingfeng Li nodded and left with Xuanji Lu. Before their departure, the Monk gave Qingfeng Li a talisman, saying it was a Taoist amulet. The Monk instructed him to keep it on him, eventually, it would show its use.

The talisman was a piece of yellow paper, with weird symbols drawn on top. Qingfeng Li wasn’t able to interpret any of it, but he felt there was power inside it.

He carefully put the talisman into his pocket. After all, it was the elder’s sign of gratitude.

"Monk, your Teacher is definitely not simple." On the way back Qingfeng Li said to Xuanji Lu.

Xuanji Lu nodded and said, "Of course. Take care of the talisman, it will help you in the future."

The two chatted and walked to the bottom of the mountain and taxied back to Eastern Sea City.

Coming back to the Noble Palace again, Qingfeng Li received different treatment. Last time the guard didn’t allow him to go in, but this time he opened the door with respect the moment he saw Qingfeng Li. He was one of Zhuang Zhang’s subordinates so naturally he saw how powerful Qingfeng Li was that day. He respected Qingfeng Li.

"Eh, gan-brother, you came back?" Suddenly a seductive voice came out behind him.

A Maserati was parked right behind Qingfeng Li and the monk, obviously saw them just when they entered into the district.

In the car sat a charming woman, with a delicate face, perky nose, jade-like skin, and gem-like eyes, emitting a light that was extremely alluring. Especially with her body dressing a tight red dress, she was like a rose in her prime state.

This woman obviously was Ruyan Liu. After Qingfeng Li’s care, she became even more attractive, like a plum peach, emanating sexy sense, making people want to take a bite out of her.

"Ruyan, I just came back." Qingfeng Li greeted with a smile.

Sometimes ago when he went to Tiger Continent, he specifically told Ruyan Liu just so she wouldn’t be worried. Qingfeng Li had a unique feeling about this woman.

"Come over, I will treat you to a meal." Ruyan Liu asked Qingfeng Li to go over to her house and eat.

Qingfeng Li looked at Monk beside him, feeling problematic. If he were to head to Ruyan’s home, should he leave him here, what if he accidentally told Xue Lin?

After looking at Qingfeng Li, Ruyan Liu realized there was another man beside Qingfeng Li; it seemed like they were close.

"This man is?" Ruyan Liu smiled and asked.

"Hi there beautiful, my name is Xuanji Lu, and I am Qingfeng Li’s bro." The Monk introduced himself.

Beauty, another beauty, as beautiful as Xue Ling. The Monk got excited, but the next moment, what Ruyan Liu said shocked him.

"Ah, I see, Qingfeng’s bro. I am his girlfriend, how about you come over as well. I will cook something nice for you guys tonight." Ruyan Liu said, asking the Monk to come over as well.

What, you are my boss’s girlfriend?

Monk was baffled, felt like a million crabs flew over in his heart.

He got lambasted, lambasted harshly. Ok, it is ok for Xue Lin to be beautiful, she was Qingfeng Li’s wife. But the beauty in front of him was bro’s girlfriend as well. How could singles like him live on?

Monk looked at Qingfeng Li with confusion. No, no, bro is married already, and the wife is Xue Lin, so where did this girlfriend come from?

Seeing the look in the Monk’s eyes, Qingfeng Li knew what he was thinking. He walked over, padded his shoulder, and said, "This is my girlfriend Ruyan Liu, you can also call her sister-in-law."

The Monk looked at Qingfeng Li with envy, and there were little stars in his eyes. Boss is the boss! Too good, with one beauty after another.

With the guidance of Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng Li and the Monk came to the villa number 14.

"Brother-in-law, you came over." Jiaojiao Liu opened the door and said happily after seeing Qingfeng Li.

Today Jiaojiao Liu was wearing a pink bodysuit, and was extremely cute. With her face, perfect teeth, and big eyes, she was just gorgeous.

"Jiaojiao, you got prettier once again." Qingfeng Li praised.

Jiaojiao Liu’s face suddenly got red. Being praised by her brother-in-law made her heart jumped. Yay, brother-in-law said I was pretty.

Seeing how gorgeous Jiaojiao Liu was, Monk’s eyes lit up and prepared to speak with her. Unfortunately, Jiaojiao Liu didn’t even acknowledge his existence; she just kept on talking to Qingfeng Li. This made the Monk depressed.