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Chapter 300: Sister-In-Law Ruyan

Chapter 300: Sister-In-Law Ruyan

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"Brother Xuanji, come in." Ruyan Liu greeted with a warm welcoming tone.

She was a smart woman. Not only that, this was the first time she had met Qingfeng Li’s bro. Naturally, she wanted to make a good impression in front of him.

"Thank you, sister-in-law Ruyan." Monk thanked her.

He just found out a moment ago that the woman in front of him was named Ruyan Liu, the president of Eastern Sea City’s Liu Corporation, and his boss’s girlfriend.

"You just called me sister-in-law?"

"Of course! Qingfeng Li is my bro and you are his girlfriend so calling you sister-in-law isn’t wrong."

"You calling me sister-in-law, I like it." Ruyan Liu said with a smile.

Her relationship with Qingfeng Li was always complicated, only a few knew. But now, after hearing Qingfeng Li’s bro called her sister-in-law, it was akin to a confirmation of her role, so naturally she became super happy. She kept on bringing him fruits and tea.

"Kiss a*s." Jiaojiao Liu muttered at the side.

In terms of this ass-kisser Monk, she didn't like it.

After hearing what Jiaojiao Liu said, the Monk’s face became red. He said with a smile, "Jiaojiao, you are beautiful as well."

Jiaojiao Liu laughed and turned around. She started eating an apple and just ignored the Monk, making him disheartened. In Jiaojiao Liu’s heart, apart from Qingfeng Li, she could ignore anyone else.

"Qingfeng, come to the kitchen and cook with me." Ruyan Liu said with a charming smile, asking Qingfeng Li to go cook with her.

Today was the first day Monk coming over, so naturally Ruyan Liu wanted to cook something good and she wanted Qingfeng Li’s help.

Inside the kitchen.

Ruyan Liu took out the tomatoes, cabbage, beef, and fish. After cleaning she started slicing them up. She learned how to cook before; all her dishes tasted extremely good.

Of course, she knew, even though her dishes tasted good, Qingfeng Li can cook even better. Thus why she wanted Qingfeng Li to help. Qingfeng Li suddenly hugged onto Ruyan Liu from behind while she was frying potatoes. This startled her.

"You bad boy, I am cooking. Go wash the cabbages and, stop hugging me." Ruyan Liu glared at him, making him even hornier.

"Ruyan, I missed you." Qingfeng Li said while smelling her scent.

He hadn’t seen Ruyan Liu for quite some days. As a man, his resistance to someone as charming as Ruyan was zero.

"I missed you too, but I am cooking right now. Can you wait a bit?" Ruyan Liu tried to push Qingfeng Li away, but found out she couldn’t since he was still clinging to her.

"No, I want you now." Qingfeng Li said overbearingly.

As Qingfeng Li talked, he started doing dirty things with Ruyan Liu. Regarding the dish in the pot, it had already turnd to paste.

Currently, in the kitchen.

The Monk was watching TV with Jiaojiao Liu. He tried to talk to her multiple time, but the girl wouldn’t answer him.

Suddenly, the Monk thought of something. He said, "Jiaojiao, I know how to predict the future, how about let me predict your future?"

"You? You know how to predict? Go lie to someone else." Jiaojiao Liu looked down at the Monk. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

"Jiaojiao, I am well skilled in predictions, just let me take a look."

"You said you know how to predict, then let me ask you, can you predict marriage?"

"Marriage? Otherwise known as love? Of course I do."

"Fine, I will let you take a look. But if you were to be wrong, I will hit you." Jiaojiao Liu threatened him.

With the Monk’s request, Jiaojiao Liu showed her pink and delicate hands.

Prediction consisted of several different types. The most common was looking at hands and face, and looking at hands was the most used method.

Looking at the hand, one mainly looked at the shape and lines of the palm. There was the love line, business line, life line, and health line. All these could predict one’s future in marriage, business, life, and health.

Monk wanted to hold onto her hands, but got rejected. She said, "You can’t touch my hand, you can only look at it."

Monk ran out of wordsm he felt this girl was too stubborn. Prediction with touching the hands was extremely common, but this girl just wouldn’t let him, so he could only look. Seeing Jiaojiao Liu’s hand, it was really pretty and delicate. There were multiple lines, and these lines represented her love, business, life, and health.

The Monk looked at it carefully and said, "Jiaojiao, your marriage life isn’t good, with multiple obstacles ahead."

"BS, your marriage life isn’t good." After hearing what the Monk said, Jiaojiao Liu became angry. She told the Monk was saying stupid things.

I am a beauty so there is no way my marriage life isn’t going to be good. This Monk isn’t a good guy. Jiaojiao Liu felt unsatisfied towards him.

"Jiaojiao, I wasn’t lying. I can tell, through your love line, I can calculate that you like someone, but that someone doesn’t like you, you cannot have him. Thus why I said your marriage life isn’t good." The Monk said mysteriously.

The Monk wasn’t just saying some b*llshit; he had proof. Jiaojiao Liu’s love line had diverged in the middle, which meant obstacles. Not only that, she had two, this meant that she liked someone but that someone doesn’t like her back. Jiaojiao Liu’s face changed, surprised at what the Monk said. Because she really liked someone in her heart, but that someone doesn’t like her back.

Of course, she doesn’t know that the guy truly didn’t like her or not. But her instincts told her that he doesn’t. Furthermore, the guy’s status was too special so, she couldn’t tell him she liked him. This was because the guy she liked is Qingfeng Li.

Could she like her brother-in-law? Jiaojiao Liu felt confused.

"Then tell me, the guy I like, is it possible that he likes me back?" She asked the Monk nervously.

"That depends on you, love is something that you obtain yourself. If you were to go after him, he might like you or he might not." The Monk answered with a smile.

Jiaojiao Liu turned red. She felt shy about chasing Qingfeng Li because he is her sister’s boyfriend.

"I will talk to you later, I am going to the kitchen and see if the dishes are done or not." Jiaojiao Liu stood up and ran to the kitchen.

She felt awkward because the Monk saw through her little secret. Not wanting to stay in the living room any longer, she ran to the kitchen.

But, when she came to the kitchen, she was suddenly dumbfounded: she saw Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu, having sex.