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Chapter 302: Xiaoyue Zhang Has Something On Her Mind

Chapter 302: Xiaoyue Zhang Has Something On Her Mind

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On the next day, Qingfeng Li woke up early because he had to go to work.

"Monk, I have to go work today, walk around Eastern Sea City yourself." Qingfeng Li said to the Monk.

"Boss you go, I want to sleep a bit more ... go out and have fun." Monk muttered and continued sleeping.

Qingfeng Li left the hotel and walked towards the Ice Snow Corporation. He didn’t come to the company for a few days now so he actually missed it quite a bit.

He saw Hao Luo in front of the front entrance. This guy just got married, after being nurtured by his newly wedded, just by looking at his face you could tell he was in a good mood.

"Brother Li, you finally came to work. Where have you been for the past two days?" Hao Luo stopped in front of Qingfeng Li and asked.

He got married a few days ago and was handing out candies. He was planning to give big brother Li a huge bag of it, but he couldn’t find where he was. Only after asking the president did he know that big brother Li asked for a leave.

"Bruh, I had something to take care of for the past few days. Congratulations on your marriage. You seem to be in good shape." Qingfeng Li ridiculed him, making Hao Luo’s face redden up.

For the past few days, Hao Luo was nurtured well. Every night he would do it with his wife and that feeling was good. Finding out it was time to work, Qingfeng Li left for the Sales Department after chatting with Hao Luo for a bit.

Without delay he arrived at the department but to his surprise, Xiaoyue Zhang didn’t come in today.

Knowing her, Xiaoyue Zhang was the hardest working member of the department and was always the first to arrive. He found it surprising that she didn’t show up todaiy.

After asking another friend, he found out that Xiaoyue Zhang didn’t come to work for two days now. This made Qingfeng Li feel uneasy, since the hardest working girl he knew didn’t come to work.

He took out his phone and called Xiaoyue Zhang. Regarding sister Xiaoyue, he cared about her a lot. Seeing how she didn’t come to work, he naturally he needed to show his concern.

But to his surprise, her phone was turned off as after calling multiple times, he was not able to connect. Forget it, he will wait until Xiaoyue Zhang comes and then ask her. If she had some problems, he will for sure help her. Because Qingfeng Li hadn’t been to work for a few days, the members of the department were all particularly affectionate towards him. This made him feel a bit uncomfortable.

He took out a file and started looking at it. He didn’t have that many customers right now. Not even that many, just one, and that one customer was Ruyan Liu.

Even though he only had one customer, but his sales performance was the best; Ruyan Liu was a customer that was worth billions. Xiaoyue Zhang didn’t come to work until the afternoon.

But Qingfeng Li was struck when he saw Xiaoyue Zhang. She was pale, panda-eyed and it felt like she had a lot on her mind.

"Sister Xiaoyue, what happened to you?" Qingfeng Li asked caringly.

"Brother Li, I am alright." Xiaoyue Zhang smiled bitterly. Even though she said nothing was wrong, her expression said otherwise.

"Xiaoyue sister, I tried to call you, but why couldn’t it connect?"

"Brother Li, sorry. I forgot to tell you that I changed numbers."

"Xiaoyue sister, tell me your new number then."

"Ok, 137...." Xiaoyue Zhang told Qingfeng Li her new number.

Seeing how Xiaoyue Zhang was still unhappy, Qingfeng Li tried to ask her a couple more times but everytime she would say it was fine, not telling Qingfeng Li what really happened.

Today it felt like there was a lot on her mind; she couldn’t get into her work mode, always dazing out.

When pouring tea, she even poured the water onto her hand. Fortunately, the tea wasn’t that hot, it only made the skin redden up a bit. Qingfeng Li found some anti-burn medicine and applied it to Xiaoyue Zhang’s hand.

He was worried about Xiaoyue Zhang, asking her to rest a bit. But she didn’t; she was a dedicated girl. Even though something probably happened in her home, she was still committed to coming to work.

Without knowing the day came to an end. After grabbing her stuff, Xiaoyue Zhang left immediately, not even saying bye to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li tensed his brows, feeling weird. Everyday before, Xiaoyue Zhang would say bye to him when going off work, but not today.

He knew that something definitely happened to Xiaoyue Zhang, but she wouldn’t say it. Even if he wanted to help, he wouldn’t know how.

Qingfeng Li walked out of the department. He originally wanted to go home with Xue Lin, but young master Zhang called.

"Young master Zhang, you need me for something?" Qingfeng Li answered and asked.

"Big brother Li, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I wanted to treat you to some drinks, the location is at Jade Emperor Finger Spa Centre." Young master Zhang replied on the other side of the phone.

"Sounds good, I will head over in a bit." Qingfeng Li hung up and walked towards Jade Finger Emperor Palace

Jade Finger Emperor Palace was one of the upper entertainment place in Eastern Sea City. Spa, massage, sex, all the services were top of the class.

Qingfeng Li had been feeling sore and fatigued for the past few days. He knew this was because of the loss of the essence blood. Because he used his essence blood to save the priest, he had to go to the spa and massage to recover his stamina.

When Qingfeng Li arrived at Fade Hand King, young master Zhang, or Tianci Zhang was already waiting for him at the entrance.

"Big brother Li, haven’t seen you for so long, I missed you so much." Tianci Zhang gave Qingfeng Li a huge hug, with excitement in his eyes.

For him, not only was Qingfeng Li his brother, he was his savior, who gave him his second life.

Ever since Qingfeng Li fixed his sickness, Tianci Zhang became extremely well, not only at sex, but as well as business.

After seeing how Tianci Zhang became well, and with a bright business mind, the head of Zhang family decided to let Tianci Zhang manage more and more of the company. Of course, his management was extremely well-received, as even his father praised him.

"Oh, did you refurnish Jade Finger Emperor Palace?" Qingfeng Li asked.

He still remembered that before the place was gold, but now it was multicolored gems. Last time there were only four ladies at the door, but now there were eight.

He had to say, the current Jade Emperor Finger, it felt a lot fancier than before. No matter the exterior, or the girls, everything improved significantly.

Seeing how young master Zhang was treating Qingfeng Li, the eight ladies at the front were surprised.

They knew that young master Zhang was the number one young master of the Zhang family, extremely high status. Normally he would even ignore billionaires, but why was he so respectful toward this young man?

"Big brother Li, father already gave me this Jade Emperor Finger to manage, so I am the boss of this place. Thus I wanted to treat you to drinks here." Tianci Zhang smiled and said.