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Chapter 303: Xiaoman Lu is Here

Chapter 303: Xiaoman Lu is Here

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"Remember, he is Big brother Li, a brother of mine, Tianci Zhang. You must call him Big brother Li when you see him in the future and don’t charge him when he gets anything here! Do you understand?" Tianci told the eight host girls at the front door with his mouth slightly open.

In his opinion, Qingfeng was even beyond his biological brother.

"Hello, Big brother Li. Welcome back ," Those eight host girls said with a sexy voice while bowing.

These eight host girls were all dressed in Cheongsam. Their legs were exposed on the side and their chest was visible when they bowed, which was quite flirtatious.

"Big brother Li, I have arranged everything," Tianci smiled faintly and walked into the Jade Finger Emperor Spa Centre with Qingfeng.

Tianci led Qingfeng to the Spa Room, they took a shower and had a sauna there which made them feel more relaxed.

After the sauna, Tianci brought Qingfeng to the Emperor Room. This room was about a hundred square feet with two small lounges inside, which was made for people who wanted to have sexual relations.

Qingfeng was familiar with this place since he had been here before.

There were plenty of drinks and fruits as refreshment on the table, such as wine, beer, vodka, apples, oranges, and honeydews.

"Big brother Li, let’s get a massage and relax," Tianci smiled and said to Qingfeng.

He has been doing that frequently since he was recovered, he felt like his body got a lot better.

"Is Xiaoman Lu still working here?" Qingfeng asked. He was always served by Xiaoman before since that innocent girl was great at massages.

Tianci nodded and told Qingfeng that Xiaoman was still here and she wouldn’t massage anyone else than Qingfeng.

"Sister Qin, come here," Tianci talked into the phone.

Soon, a beautiful woman walked in. This woman had a delicate face and a great body. She dressed in a black business attire which made her look more attractive.

This beautiful woman was Yuqin Tang, who was the Sister Qin that was just called by Tianci.

"Qin, this is Big brother Li, you should still remember him since you’ve seen him before. Call Xiaoman to come here," Young master Zhang called Yuqin straight with her name since they were quite close.

Xiaoman arrived there pretty soon. She was indeed a pretty girl with her fair skin, dark eyes, a high-bridged nose, and prominent cheekbones like an elaborate doll.

She changed into her nurse costume and tried to give Qingfeng some cosplay temptation since she knew he was there.

Her nurse costume tightened her waist and made her chest more prominent. The costume also showed off her fair legs which were a huge temptation.

Xiaoman was undoubtedly pretty, she was a real beauty in terms of both body and appearance.

"Big brother Li, you finally came," Xiaoman said with her sweet voice while raising her lips. It was quite pleasant to hear her talking.

"Xiaoman, you are even more beautiful now," Qingfeng said to her while looking excitedly.

Xiaoman started to flush and felt her heartbeat raise up after she saw the excited look of Qingfeng.

She then took Qingfeng into a room beside while smiling seductively.

In the room, Xiaoman started to massage Qingfeng with her fair, smooth hands. She started from his back and massaged his body with 36 techniques in total to show her gratitude for his help in the past. Qingfeng got chills from all over his body since he felt the comfort.

It was certainly a pleasure for a beauty to do a full body massage on a man like this.

Men who had been to an happy-ending massage room would be familiar with these types of techniques. Those who didn’t know yet would after they have done it once.

After two hours, the massage was finally done.

Looking at the Xiaoman with her sweaty body and chest, Qingfeng couldn’t control himself.

Xiaoman not only looked innocent, but also had a good chest which made everyone want to grab.

"Big brother Li, the massage is done," Xiaoman said shyly with her blushing face.

Looking at her attractive look, Qingfeng couldn’t hold his behavior and gave Xiaoman a kiss, which made Xiaoman even shyer.

He wanted to continue teasing her more but seeing the innocent Xiaoman being so shy, he eventually gave up his intentions.

Qingfeng felt like his energy had come back after the shower, sauna and massage he had in the Jade King Emperor. Half of his fatigue and exhaustion had been released.

He left the Jade King Emperor after saying goodbye to Tianci. Tianci still wanted to go out with him but was rejected by Qingfeng since he wanted to walk alone.

Walking alone on the street made Qingfeng feel extremely pleasant. He has never really enjoyed the beauty of the Eastern Sea City since he came here.

Undoubtedly, Eastern Sea City looked way more beautiful at night than in the day.

While Qingfeng was walking on the street, he suddenly saw a girl in a white dress being chased by a few thugs. The girl looked somehow familiar to her.

"Xiaoyue Zhang, you better stop there," the thug behind yelled at the girl in the white dress.

Xiaoyue turned pale and started to run even faster after hearing the thugs.

However, she was a woman and wasn’t as athletic as these men, so those thugs had almost chased up to her within a short time.

Xiaoyue was running even more frighteningly, and because of that, she tripped herself by the rock she missed and fell directly on the floor. When she was about to get back up, those thugs had caught up and surrounded her around with an aggressive look.

"Run, how come you can’t run anymore, huh?" the leading yellow haird thug sneered with a sarcastic tone.

"Please just let me go, please," Xiaoyue begged miserably.

"Let you go? Do you think it’s possible? Your dad owe us 5 millions dollars and he has paid nothing yet, who else do you think we can get for the debt, huh?" the leading blonde thug yelled while glaring at the girl.

The girl in the white dress was so beautiful, though. She had a delicate face, a straight nose, fair skin. She also had a good shape as her chest and waist made everyone drooling. She was such a natural beauty.

"Yellow-hair Bro, this chick is hot, could we play around with her?" Two other thugs on the side asked the yellow-haired thug.


The blonde gang slapped those two gangs and yelled, "Assholes, this chick is for Brother Yong. We would have to wait after him if he wants to play with her."

Those two gangsters laughed awkwardly after hearing the yellow-haired thug. They were definitely sexually aroused and had forgotten about Brother Yong when they saw the girl. If they weren’t notified by the yellow-haired thug, they would've been in trouble.

"Yellow-hair bro, let’s grab her and send her to Brother Yong," the two other thugs said.

"Alright, let’s grab her and send her to brother Yong. We’ll share her after she’s done by him," the yellow-haired thug laughed disgustingly and walked towards Xiaoyue with the two other gangs.

"Damn, I’m done tonight, " Xiaoyue looked at them frighteningly while turning her face pale as she saw them approaching.