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Chapter 317: Qingfeng“s Asserting His Dominance

Chapter 317: Qingfeng's Asserting His Dominance

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The next day. It was bright and sunny, another good day.

It didn’t snow that much during this year’s winter. The majority of the time, it was like this, sunny and bright.

When Qingfeng Li woke up, he discovered that Xue Lin once again woke up early. He was planning to make breakfast, but Xue Lin already made it.

It had to be said, Xue Lin had been acting extremely nice for the past period of time. Every morning, she would cook Qingfeng Li breakfast. Finding a girl this virtuous was hard.

Moreover, she was a Chief Executive Officer, with tons of work to do, and was extremely busy. For her to cook Qingfeng Li breakfast, it meant a lot more.

Only one thing could be said from this behavior, Xue Lin, in her heart, had fallen in love with Qingfeng Li. Girls would only cook breakfast for guys they liked.

Today’s breakfast wasn’t fried egg and milk anymore; Xue Lin had changed it up. This time, it was egg drop soup and steak.

Qingfeng Li discovered the breakfast was extremely tasty. The two sat in front of the table and finished the breakfast quickly.

After finishing breakfast, the newspaper came as well. A smile appeared on her face after reading the title ‘Qi Lin is a Liar’. It was written in detail about Qi Lin’s challenge towards Qingfeng Li, but lost to Qingfeng Li in the end.

The newspaper was unbiased. Qingfeng Li’s victory was written in detail. Not only did it vindicate his reputation, it also the vindicated Ice Snow Corporation’s reputation. It even helped the company promote itself.

"See, there are people calling you Hujiang Province’s number one antique expert." Xue Lin smiled and handed over the paper to Qingfeng Li.

Not only did the newspaper say Qi Lin was a liar, it said Qingfeng Li’s knowledge regarding antique was extremely rich. He was able to see through the overlapping technique in the painting within a short amount of time.

Qingfeng Li glared at the paper and said, "It was enough to get our reputation back, but saying I am the best person in the antique field, they obviously want to create trouble."

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Xue Lin felt the same.

Hujiang Province had 18 cities, Qingfeng Li was only the King of Eastern Sea City. Even after defeating Western Sea City, he could only be named as the king of the two. There were 16 more to go.

The King of Antiques in the other 16 cities would definitely come and challenge him if they didn’t agree with the newspaper.

Seeing how Xue Lin was worried, Qingfeng Li said, "It’s ok, if they were to come and give us trouble, I will annihilate them."

To Qingfeng Li, there wasn’t any difference between the king of one city and the kings from 16 cities. It would be best to not come and give him trouble, but if they were to come, Qingfeng Li wasn’t afraid to teach them some lessons.

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s domineering and confident smile, Xue Lin’s worry was gone in an instant.

Other didn’t know, but she knew. This man was mysterious, no matter how hard the trouble was, in front of him it became nothing. Kings from 16 cities, maybe for others they were extremely powerful, but in Qingfeng Li eyes, they were really nothing.

After finishing breakfast, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin drove to the Ice Snow Corporation. They didn’t work yesterday due to the antique competition, so naturally they had to come early today.

When Qingfeng Li arrived at the Sales Department, everyone was looking at him with a hint of shock and admiration.

When Qi Lin attacked and said Qingfeng Li and Ice Snow Corporation were frauds, everyone at the company saw the newspaper, including the sales department.

Even though the employees were mad, they didn’t have any solution because they weren’t skillful enough to face Qi Lin. They also knew that Qi Lin challenged Qingfeng Li, but they didn’t know how Qingfeng Li defeated him.

"Brother Li you are so good. Defeating the Western Sea’s King of Antique Qi Lin." Xiaoyue Zhang came to Qingfeng Li, admiring him.

Even though Xiaoyue Zhang was the leader and Qingfeng Li was only a normal employee, Xiaoyue Zhang was scared to treat him like one. Who had ever seen a normal employee get the title of Antique King?

"Sister Xiaoyue, don’t admire me, I am only a part-time legend." Qingfeng Li smirked with arrogance. It made Xiaoyue Zhang burst into laughter.

Xiaoyue Zhang hid her mouth while laughing. She felt that brother Li was a narcissist. But she also knew, he had his reasons to be like one because he was Eastern Sea’s King of Antiques.

"Brother Li, you helped the Ice Snow Corporation recover its reputation. Department head Xia said to reward you 10,000, as well as doubling your year-end reward." Xiaoyue Zhang told Qingfeng Li with a smile.

After hearing what Xiaoyue Zhang had to say, the employees were extremely jealous. They only get a couple thousand from all their hard work. But look at Qingfeng Li, 10,000 from just rewards. It was already their wages for a couple of months.

It wouldn’t be as bad if it was just a reward, but it was also doubling his year-end reward as well. The Year-end reward wasn’t a small number. If it was double, it would be a lot more.

Qingfeng Li was happy as well. To him, the 10,000 wasn’t much but it showed that his work was being acknowledged. It made him felt that he was achieving something.

"Sister Xiaoyue, thanks a lot."

"Big brother Li, don’t thank me, your reward was given by department head Xia."

"Then help me say thanks to her." Qingfeng Li smiled.

Because Qingfeng Li was able to gain reputation for the company, a lot of people came to him to show their appreciation. The majority of the people came to please him.

From these people, some were employees of the sales department, finance department, security department, food department and a bunch more.

These people came with the intention of saying their appreciation, but in reality they were all here to kiss his ass. This made Qingfeng Li bothered.

Qingfeng Li spent the whole day talking with the employees and wasn’t able to work.

But to be honest, he didn’t need to work; no one was brave enough to give him work. This was because everyone knew that in a few days, the Phoenix Corporation’s President Yanzhi Pei was going to come and talk over the corporation of the two companies with him.

Only until it was time to leave work the employees stopped coming to Qingfeng Li.

After organizing his desk, he prepared to leave as well.


Just as he walked out of the department, his phone rang. He took it out and saw it was Jiaojiao Liu calling.

Jiaojiao Liu calling, what happened?

Qingfeng Li answer and asked, "Jiaojiao, what’s up?"

"Brother-in-law, today is my birthday! Can you come?" Jiaojioa Liu whispered on the other side of the phone.

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