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Chapter 327: The Strange Ruyan Liu

Chapter 327: The Strange Ruyan Liu

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"Ruyan, you always want me to spend more time with you. How come you keep on asking me go home now?" Qingfeng said with his eyebrows wrinkled. He felt somehow depressed.

He wondered why before Ruyan would always call him and ask him to accompany her to watch movies, to look at the scenery, and to eat and so on, but today she was continuously asking him to go home.

He felt something was unusual with Ruyan. She had been very weird for several days, but he couldn’t tell what specifically was wrong with her. He had a feeling that there must be something happening.

"Qingfeng, I don’t feel comfortable and want to sleep. Please go back home today. If you really want to see me, come tomorrow when you are available." Ruyan said to him with a smile.

She was very afraid now. Qingfeng was sitting on the sofa mat. If the cushion slipped, a corner of the pregnancy report would show up. It was very dangerous. If Qingfeng sat there for a long time, the pregnancy report would be exposed in front of him. Once he saw the report he would know the truth, which Ruyan didn't want him know at this moment.

"Okay Ruyan, you have a good rest. I will come to see you again when I have time." After these words, Qingfeng turned away and left.

Since Ruyan was sick and wanted to rest, of course he would leave and wouldn’t disturb her. Qingfeng still felt very confused and baffled about Ruyan’s strange behavior. Thinking it over again, he walked out of the villa with a confused expression in the face.

"So close! He almost find out." Looking at Qingfeng’s back as he walked away, Ruyan patted her chest with fear. She didn’t know what she was really afraid of. She just felt very scared.

"Jiaojiao, it’s totally your fault. Didn’t I tell you I would go to check the pregnancy and not let Qingfeng come today? Did you forget?" Ruyan stared at Jiaojiao and complained.

Thinking of the dangerous situation just now, she felt a burst of anger. It was all because of Jiaojiao. Luckily Qingfeng followed her words and left. Otherwise he would have found out for sure.

"Sister, I'm sorry, I forgot." Jiaojiao also realized that she made a mistake. She lowered her head like a pupil in trouble. She also knew that it was a big issue for her sister being pregnant, and it couldn’t be disclosed to anybody. At present, no one else knew except two of them.

Seeing Jiaojiao apologized, Ruyan sighed and didn’t blame her anymore. After all she did not do it intentionally, and it was her birthday today. It wasn’t worth it to make her unhappy because of this.

"Jiaojiao, it’s your birthday today, happy birthday to you." Ruyan smiled and said as she stroked Jiaojiao's little head.

"Sister, are you not mad at me anymore?"

"Silly girl, I am your big sister, how can I be mad at you. Next time you should be more careful."

"Thank you, sister. But who is the daddy of the baby in your belly?" Jiaojiao frowned and asked the question she wanted to know.

Before, she had suspected that the baby in her sister's belly was her brother-in-law Qingfeng’s. But Ruyan hid the truth and won’t let her tell him. This made her very confused.

"Jiaojiao, you do not need to worry about this anymore." Ruyan waved her hand and stopped Jiaojiao from asking more questions.

Jiaojiao pouted and said, "Sister, I am your younger sister. If I don’t care about you, who else care about you? Please tell me if the baby is my brother-in-law Qingfeng’s?"

Hearing those words, Ruyan’s face changed colors and a touch of panic flashed through her eyes. She didn’t expect Jiaojiao had figured out the truth. But she would not admit anyway.

"Jiaojiao, this is nonsense. This child is not Qingfeng’s." Ruyan shook her head and denied.

"Sister, you say this child is not my brother-in-law’s. Do you have two men at the same time? Does the child belong to another man? "

"Jiaojiao, don’t talk nonsense. I only have one man, which is your brother-in-law Qingfeng." Ruyan said while she stared at Jiaojiao, a little bit angry.

She's very self-respect and virtuous. From childhood to now she didn’t have any other boyfriend except Qingfeng, and he was also her first man. She gave her virgin body to him as well.

Now Jiaojiao said she dated two men at the same time, of course she felt angry.

"Sister, since you do not have two men at the same time, only brother-in-law himself, then the child in your belly must be my brother-in-law’s. If it is not my brother-in-law’s, you must have two different men at the same time." Jiaojiao said certainly.

"Well, I admit this child is his, I only have one man, that is Qingfeng." Ruyan felt speechless.

She knew she had to admit the truth, otherwise Jiaojiao would think that she had another man. She didn’t want Jiaojiao to misunderstand her.

What, the child in her sister's belly was actually Qingfeng’s?

Jiaojiao couldn’t think straight and felt totally messed up.

Although she had guessed that the child was Qingfeng’s, it was only a speculation. Now hearing her sister’s words, it was confirmed and couldn’t be wrong.

Qingfeng Li, this bastard, took her sister’s virgin body, made her pregnant and now wanted to leave her. There was no way for him to do so. Jiaojiao thought and waved her fists fiercely like a justice Saint warrior. She stood up suddenly and started to walk outside.

"Jiaojiao, what are you going to do?" Ruyan was startled and asked quickly.

"Sister, I'm going to tell Qingfeng Li that you are pregnant with his child. He has to marry you." Jiaojiao said with justice. She had a good relationship with her sister now, she had to consider for her sister. Since Qingfeng made Ruyan pregnant, he should marry her.

"Jiaojiao, don't go."

"Sister, I am doing this for your own sake. I need to tell him the news right now."

"Jiaojiao Liu, let me say it again, you cannot go! If you dare to tell him this, I will not take you as my sister and you are not going to step in this home anymore." Ruyan said loudly.

She couldn’t let Jiaojiao tell Qingfeng this news, so she had to say those ruthless words to her.

Hearing Ruyan’s words, Jiaojiao’s face became pale. In her memory, her elder sister never said such ruthless words to her, let alone wouldn't think of her as a sister.

"Sister, why don’t you tell Qingfeng Li you have his child? He should be responsible." Jiaojiao stopped and asked confused.

"Jiaojiao, do you really want to know?"

"Yes sister, I want to know."

"Good, Jiaojiao, let me tell you. The Liu family in Yanjing has engaged me a fiancé. He is Shaoyang Wang of the Wang family." Ruyan said with a pale and bitter look.

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