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Chapter 337: This is A Pro

Chapter 337: This is A Pro

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Pro, this was a pro. Staring at the broken off nails, the skinny old man suddenly turned half dead with fright, and his eyes were full of fear.

He knew that if his claws landed on any normal people, they were strong enough to pull their hearts out. However, nothing happened to Qingfeng Li at all.

Run, time to run now.

The skinny old man made a prompt decision, he started to walk backward and was ready to retreat.

"Wanna run away? Are you able to?" Qingfeng Li sneered, and a chilling light came out of his eyes.


He reached out his right hand as fast as flash, and grabbed the skinny old man’s throat right away.

"Don’t kill me, I’m a senior of the Proud Heaven League. I’m under the Underground Prince of Western Sea City," said the skinny old man in a terrified voice as his face turned dreadfully pale.

Finally, he had the same fear that Shuang Wang just experienced. This young man was incredibly powerful. Neither an A-level master nor AA level master could ever post any threat on him.


Qingfeng Li added some more strength on his hand and crushed the skinny old man’s throat, then threw his body aside.

"Prince? Piece of shit. I will kill him if he dares to come." although Qingfeng Li only had a subtle smile on his face, aggressiveness couldn’t be hidden away.

The skinny old man died with regret. He regretted as much as Shuang Wang did that they offended Qingfeng Li. Both of them paid their lessons with their lives.

What? More people over there?

Qingfeng Li turned around and found about seven people from not far.

That group of people weren't anyone else but the tall bully, who got punished by Qingfeng Li and was unconvinced. Therefore, he decided to gather some more bullies and teach Qingfeng Li a lesson.

However, the tall bully’s face turned pale and his body became weak and limp after seeing the bodies of Shuang Wang and the skinny old man.

"You guys wanna die as well." Qingfeng Li took a cold look at the crowd and asked.

The tall bully’s face downcast after hearing Qingfeng Li’s words. He got up as soon as possible and kept bowing at Qingfeng Li, "I'm sorry bro, I'm not with them and I would never dare to kill you."

Bang bang bang bang…...

Not only the tall bull, but also the rest of the group started bowing at Qingfeng Li. Everyone’s face was dreadfully pale, eyes were full of fear. All of them were terrified that Qingfeng Li would feel offended.

"F*ck off, I don't wanna see you guys again." Qingfeng Li fulminated at the tall bully.

They were just thugs, thus, there was no need to kill them, so he just asked them to leave.

"Thank you bro." the tall bully got up in panic and scrambled with other people.


Yanzhi Pei’s face turned pale and started retching. She felt overwhelmed as it was her first time seeing such bloody scene.

"Are you alright?" Qingfeng Li was concerned, the coldness on his face disappeared at once.

Yanzhi Pei had a complicated look on her face when she stared at the young man. She thought this young man was just like any other normal people, but obviously, she was wrong. This young man wasn't anyone random, but an incredible pro.

Seeing the complicated look on her face, Qingfeng Li asked, "Do you think what I just did was wrong?"

Yanzhi Pei shook her head and said, "No, you are right. If they tried to kill you, then you have to kill them. You did this to save your own life, since everybody only lives once."

Surprise flashed through Qingfeng Li’s eyes, he didn't expect that Yanzhi Pei could make such a philosophical conversation.

Yanzhi Pei had no more interest to keep sightseeing after seeing the bodies of Shuang Wang and the skinny old man. Therefore, Qingfeng Li had to take her out of the scenery site.

"I am so sorry for terrifying you, President Pei. Next time I will show you around in Eastern Sea City." Inside the Maserati, Qingfeng Li made a sincere apology.

It was true that Qingfeng Li was really sorry. He was planning to go on one trip with Yanzhi Pei and show her the scenes in Easter Sea City. However, he never expected the accident to happen.

"That’s fine, show me around next time I visit Eastern Sea City." It was apparent that she hadn’t recovered from what just happened since her face was still pale.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes lit as hearing what she said. He smiled and suggested, "ok, I’ll take you on another cable car next time."

What? Cable car again?

Yanzhi Pei’s pale face suddenly blushed, and shyness also flashed through her charming eyes.

Qingfeng Li’s suggestion reminded Yanzhi Pei of what happened when they were trapped in the cable car. They cuddled and kissed each other by accident when the cable car flipped over.

Did he mean that he wanted to kiss me again when he mentioned cable car? Yanzhi Pei’s heart started racing, she was bashful but also looking forward to that for some reason.

Half an hour later.

Qingfeng Li and Yanzhi Pei got back to Ice Snow Corporation and received a warm welcome from Xue Lin.

"How was your day, President Pei?" Xue Lin smiled brightly and asked.

"I really enjoyed my day, President Xue Lin. I appreciate your reception." Yanzhi Pei replied with a beautiful smile and started having a nice conversation with Xue Lin.

"So what do you think of our corporation, President Pei?"

"President Xue Lin, I would like to corporate with Ice Snow Corporation, and we can work on the agreement right now."

"Thank you, President Pei. I hope we could have a cordial business relationship."

Both Xue Lin and Yanzhi Pei were dominant businesswomen and they were both the type that carried out actions fast and resolutely. It took them only a while to complete the agreement.

Xue Lin was hoping that Yanzhi Pei could spend one more night in Eastern Sea City. However, Yanzhi Pei had some other business to take care of, so she had to leave tonight.

In the end, Xue Lin asked Qingfeng Li to take Yanzhi Pei to the car. Yanzhi Pei gave him her number before she left.

"Qingfeng Li, my number is 137..." after she gave him her number, she got in the car and left Ice Snow Corporation.

Seeing Yanzhi Pei left, Qingfeng Li sighed and felt something was missing.

He had to admit that this rich woman was so charming that even he was attracted.

However, his feeling for her was not love. If anyone saw a beauty on the street and thought she was charming and felt good about her, that didn’t mean he loved her.

"She’s gone and you are still looking?" Xiaoyue Zhang showed up from nowhere and said jealously.

"Haha, sister Xiaoyue, are you jealous?" Qingfeng Li laughed and asked her while looking at her chubby cheeks.

"Hmm, I’m not jealous." Xiaoyue Zhang shook her head and laughed with pride, trying to prove she wasn’t jealous.

However, her angry face betrayed her.

Xiaoyue Zhang was smart. As a woman, she understood women. She could sense something was between Qingfeng Li and Yanzhi Pei when she gave him her number.

What did it mean when the richest woman gave a man her number? Everybody knew clearly.