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Chapter 346: Ruyan Liu“s Mother

Chapter 346: Ruyan Liu's Mother

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"Uncle, let me tell you the truth, big brother Li is my savior, I am his little brother. If he wanted, I would give me this hotel." Tianci Zhang pointed to Qingfeng Li and said.

Tianci Zhang was smart, the reason he wanted to toast and saying that he would give Qingfeng Li this hotel was to let them know how strong Qingfeng Li truly was.

As expected, after hearing what Tianci Zhang said, the middle-age man’s face changed. He didn’t think the youth that he looked down on was the brother of Zhang Family’s young head master.

"Wanqiu, I allow you to date with Qingfeng." The man smiled and said.

He was planning to find someone good for his daughter, now that Qingfeng Li was even better than Hua Ma, naturally he would agree them to date.

Because of the occurance of Tianci Zhang, the relationship between the two got accepted by the parents.

Tianci Zhang treated everyone to the meal because of Qingfeng Li. He continued to pour Qingfeng Li tea, acting like a small brother. This made Wanqiu Xia’s parents shocked about Qingfeng Li’s status. They were extremely satisfied with Qingfeng Li.

Being the older brother of Zhang Family’s young master, his status for sure isn’t low.

After the meal, Qingfeng Li stood up to leave and Wanqiu Xia personally walked him out.

"Qingfeng Li, thank you so much today for getting rid of Hua Ma for me." Outside of the hotel Wanqiu Xia told Qingfeng Li.

She was extremely thankful, without Qingfeng Li she probably had to date with Hua Ma.

Wanqiu Xia knew she wasn’t young anymore, her parents were always worried about her marriage. They wanted to find someone fitting for her, and Hua Ma was that someone. But Wanqiu Xia didn’t like him, fortunately Qingfeng Li was better than Hua Ma, so the parents now liked Qingfeng Li.

"Sister Xia, you helped me so much, so me helping you is normal."

"Qingfeng, whatever you say, sister Xia has to thank you today."

"Sister Xia, I am your boyfriend, I am going to collect my perks." Qingfeng Li smirked. He grabbed Wanqiu Xia’s waste, with her screaming, he kissed her.

Wanqiu Xia’s mouth was sweet and soft; it felt nice to kiss her.

Qingfeng Li only stopped after Wanqiu Xia ran out of breadth. After releasing her body, he stopped a taxi and left.

"Baddie." Seeing Qingfeng Li leaving, Wanqiu Xia’s face reddened up and her eyes were filled with shyness.

Even thought Qingfeng Li just kissed her, Wanqiu Xia was still a little bit happy; in her heart she was even looking forward to it.

Like the saying goes, girls like bad boys. Boys had to be brave when chasing girls; don’t be scared to kiss the girl. (TL: if you are ever arrested don’t say that you got your advice from this novel)

After half an hour, Qingfeng Li arrived back at Noble Palace and walked towards 14 villa.

Ruyan Liu was sick for the past few days, naturally he had to visit her.


Qingfeng Li took out his keys and opened Ruyan villa’s door. He saw a lady sitting on the sofa.

The lady was around 40, delicate face, perky nose, white skin, extremely well maintained. She almost looks like someone in her 30s.

She was wearing an expensive purple mink, green jade bracelet, and a Chanel scarf. A lady with expensive tastes.

Who is this woman?

Qingfeng Li’s brows tensed, confused. Because he doesn’t know this lady. He used to come over to Ruyan’s home a lot, but had never seen her.

"Who are you, how did you come in?" The lady was surprised.

Had to say, this lady’s mentality was strong. Even seeing a complete stranger, she still had a strong tone.

Qingfeng Li held up the keys in his hands and said, "Of course with keys, and who are you, why are you in Ruyan’s home?"

Ruyan, this man just called Ruyan?

The lady’s face changed, with a flash of coldness said, "Who are you to say the name Ruyan. Who gave you permission to come in, leave now."

Hearing what the lady said, Qingfeng Li was pissed. This was Ruyan’s home, who are you to tell me to leave.

Qingfeng Li smirked and said, "who are you to let me to leave?"

"I am Ruyan Liu’s mother, is this status enough?" The lady said, looking down at him.

The lady’s goal was to bring Ruyan Liu back to Beijing, and they even argued because of it.

She was extremely pissed, trying to hold her anger. Now seeing Qingfeng Li coming into the living room, naturally she wouldn’t like him, wanted him to leave.

What, mother of Ruyan Liu?

Qingfeng Li was baffled. He couldn’t imagine that this lady is Ruyan Liu’s mother.

Qingfeng Li focused his glare and looked at the lady: she does seem like Ruyan Liu.

His face was ill. If it was other women, he wouldn’t leave. If they were to piss him off, he only had to kick them. But this lady is Ruyan Liu’s mother, obviously he couldn’t kick her.

After hearing noises, Ruyan Liu came out from the kitchen and asked, "Qingfeng, why are you here?"

"You got a cold yesterday, I am here to check up on you." Qingfeng Li smiled.

"It’s ok, I am well now." Ruyan Liu smiled and said quietly.

The lady on the sofa looked at Ruyan Liu and asked: daughter, who is this man?

She felt that her daughter was close with this man. This didn’t make her feel well, or even a bit disgusted because her daughter’s fiancé was Shaoyang Wang. Her goal this time was to bring her daughter back to Beijing and marry him.

Hearing her mother’s questioning, Ruyan Liu panicked. How should I explain the relationship between us?

Boyfriend, no, I can’t say this. If I were to say Qingfeng Li was my boyfriend, my mother would find someone to kill him.

Oh yes, normal friend, just say normal friend. Ruyan Liu thought of normal friend.

"Mother, his name is Qingfeng Li, just a friend." Ruyan Liu’s eye lashes blinked and explained to her mom.

The lady’s eyes were obviously filled with doubt.

If this youth was really just a normal friend, then how come he had the keys to the villa. Only close friends and relatives would have the keys.

They lady looked at Qingfeng Li with despise; trying to see through the youth.