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Chapter 350: Four Days Until Wedding

Chapter 350: Four Days Until Wedding

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Qingfeng left Ruyan Liu’s home and returned to mansion #13.

Ruyan Liu’s mansion and Xue Lin’s mansion were located very close to each other. Thus, Qingfeng returned home very soon.

The light in the living room was still lit. Qingfeng felt warmth in his heart. This woman waited for him no matter the occasion.

Someone once said that a wife was like water – even though it was bland and taste, you cannot live without water. A lover was like rich wine which was aromatic but it would be harmful to the body if you drank it everyday.

Of course, men could not live without wine. Wine was the mark of maturation for men and the thing they loved most.

Qingfeng opened the door of the mansion and saw that Xue Lin was on the phone. A flicker of confusion appeared in his eyes. It was already so late at night, why was she still on the phone?

"Wife, it is already 11pm, why are you still not resting?" Qingfeng asked Xue Lin with concern.

Xue Lin was very busy these days. She was busy handling the matters of the company. She had to finish the matters before the wedding so she could focus on the wedding.

Xue Lin waved her hand and gestured Qingfeng not to speak. She then continued to speak on the phone.

"Wei Qiao, what do I need to buy before a wedding?" Xue Lin said into the phone.

She was on the phone with Wei Qiao who was her secretary. Her secretary was already married and had conducted a wedding. Naturally, she was aware of what was necessary for a wedding.

Even though Xue Lin had registered with Qingfeng, but they have not conducted a wedding. They were unaware of the proceedings of a wedding or the items necessary for a wedding. Thus, she called Wei Qiao to inquire.

"President, the first thing to do would be to send out invitations to the friends and family of the bride and groom. The second thing would be to find a master of ceremonies, bridesmaid, and best man. Thirdly, the bride and groom need to buy their suit and wedding dress. Then, you need to purchase the candy, red pockets, furniture and appliances…"

Since Wei Qiao was married, she was very knowledgeable. She explained all the preparations necessary before a wedding.

Xue Lin recorded the information in a notebook as she listened to Wei Qiao’s words. She took careful notes and recorded down the proceedings of a wedding.

This was the first time Xue Lin was organizing a wedding. She valued it deeply and wanted to organize a happy wedding with Qingfeng. Thus, she wanted to perfect each and every detail of the wedding.

When Xue Lin and Wei Qiao finished talking, she turned around and said, "Dear, you’re back."

"Yes, what are you doing?" Qingfeng asked Xue Lin with a smile.

Xue Lin told Qingfeng that she was preparing the details for the weddings. She needed to send out invitations, hire a master of ceremonies and purchase the clothes for the bride and groom.

Qingfeng sat next to Xue Lin and they discussed the details of the wedding and the guest list.

After the two had finished discussing the details of the wedding, it was already 12am.

It was time to sleep.

Qingfeng carried Xue Lin in his arms and walked towards the bedroom on the second floor. Xue Lin was very tired and she fell asleep in his arms.

Qingfeng’s eyes were filled with love as he looked at Xue Lin. He kissed Xue Lin on the cheek, placed her on the bed, then walked out of the room.

The two were conducting their wedding in four days. Qingfeng was very excited as he would be able to xxoo Xue Lin in four days.

The second day, the sun had just rose when Qingfeng woke up to make Xue Lin a steamed egg.

Xue Lin really liked the steamed egg he made yesterday. She said that it was delicious. Thus, Qingfeng made her the steamed egg again this morning.

When Qingfeng had finished making the steamed egg, Xue Lin had also woke up.

The two ate breakfast then headed out of the mansion.

Ring ring ring~

Qingfeng had just walked out of the mansion when his phone ran.

"Dear, get the phone. I will go get the car," Xue Lin said with a charming smile.

"Who’s calling me? It’s so early in the morning," thought Qingfeng. But he still took out his phone.

The caller ID displayed that it was a call from Ruyan Liu. Why was Ruyan Liu calling me so early in the morning?

Qingfeng was confused but he quickly picked up the call and said, "Ruyan, it is so early. What’s up?

"Qingfeng, can you accompany me for the last day?" Ruyan Liu said inside the phone.

What? Last day?

Qingfeng was alarmed. He felt the situation was strange. Ruyan Liu led a happy life in ES City, why would she ask him to accompany her for the last day?

"Ruyan, what happened? Tell me," Qingfeng said nervously. He was afraid that something had happened to her.

"Qingfeng, I am returning to the Capital with my mother tomorrow. I hope to see you for the last time today," Ruyan Liu said bitterly.

She knew that once she returned to the Capital, she would never return to ES City. She would be unable to see the man she loved.

Last night, Ruyan Liu had talked to her mother for a long time before she agreed for her to stay in ES City for an extra day. She would be returning to the Capital tomorrow.

"Ruyan, why are you returning to the Capital?" Qingfeng asked.

He felt that Ruyan Liu’s tone was bitter as if she was in a difficult situation.

"Qingfeng, the family asked me to go back to the Capital to discuss some matters. It’s nothing," Ruyan Liu did not disclose that she was returning to the Capital to get married. She did not want to bring trouble to this man.

"Where are you? I will come and find you. We can spend the last day together," Qingfeng asked as he furrowed his brows.

"I am at the ES Amusement Park, you can just come and find me," Ruyan Liu said before hanging up the phone.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows as he placed the phone back in his pocket. He had a feeling that there was something wrong with Ruyan Liu today. He planned to ask her what was going on later.

Qingfeng had just finished the call when Xue Lin drove the BMW out of the garage. Qingfeng rejoiced slightly that Xue Lin had went to get the car. She would be jealous she heard him talking with Ruyan Liu.

"Get on the car, it’s almost time for work," Xue Lin said as she parked the BMW in front of Qingfeng.

"Wife, I have a headache. I’m going to rest at home. You can go to work first," Qingfeng lied a white lie.

He knew that he could not reveal the truth that he was going to meet Ruyan Liu. Xue Lin would not agree to the meeting.

"Rest well at home. I’m going to work," Xue Lin said as she looked at Qingfeng with concern. She then drove towards the company.

After Xue Lin had left, Qingfeng did not return to the mansion. Instead, he headed out too.

Qingfeng had promised Ruyan Liu just now that he would accompany her for the last day.