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Chapter 353: Ruyan Liu“s Tears

Chapter 353: Ruyan Liu's Tears

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Seeing Qingfeng Li rowing the boat, Ruyan Liu’s eyes were filled with complex emotions; almost like she wanted to remember the man forever.

Di...Di… Di…

Drops of tears slipped out from Ruyan Liu’s eyes. She suddenly felt sorry for the fish and birds who died. She saw shadows of Qingfeng Li and her on them.

Tears from a beauty, it was like pearls: clear and transparent. It slid down the side of her face. Then it was like rain, falling from the sky.

Qingfeng Li was rowing, but suddenly he heard a drop of water. He turned his head and not knowing when, Ruyan Liu was crying.

Looking at Ruyan Liu crying made his heart ache, it was almost like he was going to lose something important.

"Ruyan, why are you crying?" Qingfeng Li stopped rowing and came to the side of Ruyan Liu.

He couldn’t understand why Ruyan Liu started crying suddenly; everything was normal just a moment ago.

"Nothing, just some sand that got into my eyes." Ruyan Liu said with a smile. Even though she was smiling, her tears were making Qingfeng Li worried.

Sand got into her eyes?

Qingfeng Li was baffled. Sure sand can cause someone to tear up, but not this much. Ruyan Liu’s tears were pouring down; definitely not like it was caused by sand.

But because she said so herself, Qingfeng Li could only believe her. Other than this reason, he couldn’t find any other cause for her tears.

"Ruyan, I'll help you get the sand out. Let me blow ur eyes lightly." Qingfeng Li swiped away the tear on Ruyan Liu’s face and blew on her eyes delicately.

Qingfeng Li blew a few times and asked, "Feeling better now?"

"Much better." Ruyan Liu said with a smile. Withstanding the pain in her heart, she forced her tears back; she didn’t want to make the man worry.

Looking at Ruyan Liu’s delicate face and red lips, Qingfeng Li became passionate. The two were looking at each other; both filled with passion and love.

Little by little, the two kissed. Ruyan Liu’s lips were like before: soft and sweet. Qingfeng Li just couldn’t get enough of it.


Just when Qingfeng Li was enjoying the kiss, something heavy collided with the boat. It almost made the boat flipped.

If not for Qingfeng Li’s quickness, Ruyan Liu was about to drop into the water. He quickly grabbed her and got her back onto the boat.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes were filled with rage. He looked around and saw there were eight other boats surrounding them. It was one of them that hit their boats just moments before.

There were more than ten people on these boats; all looked ferocious.

Dafu Zhou was standing on the head of the first boat. His eyes were filled with coldness; it was him who hit Qingfeng Li’s boat.

He originally thought he could flip over Qingfeng Li’s boat, but it didn’t happen according to the plan. But everything is alright, as long as he rammed it a few more times, he could definitely flip it over.

"Dafu Zhou, how dare you hit my boat. I think you really wanted to die." Qingfeng Li smirked, his eyes filled with murderous rage.

He dropped his guard because he was making out with Ruyan Liu. He didn’t think Dafu Zhou would ram his boat. Thank god for his quick reaction time, or else Ruyan Liu would have dropped into the water.

Because of the collision, Ruyan Liu’s face was pale. Women naturally were timider than men. Facing a situation like this would scare them a lot.

"Kid, let me give you a way out. Give me the beauty and I will leave you alone, or else I am going to flip over your boat." Dafu Zhou threatened Qingfeng Li.

In his eyes, Qingfeng Li will for sure give him the beauty for a way out because there were eight boats surrounding him. If he didn’t then he would have no way out.

But to Dafu Zhou’s surprise, Qingfeng Li said coldly, "Dafu Zhou, if you have the courage then come ram me. If you don’t then you're my b*tch."

Qingfeng Li stared at them emotionlessly, he already sentenced them to death. These bastards wanted to ram over his boat. If he were someone normal without kungfu, then the consequence would be bad.

If they wanted him to die, then naturally he wouldn’t forgive them.

"Everyone go, ram his boat and get the beauty onto my boat." Dafu Zhou waved his hand and told the boats beside him.

Suddenly the eight boats started rushing towards Qingfeng Li’s boat. Their goal was obvious: ram over Qingfeng Li’s boat.

"Qingfeng, what should we do. There are so many boats." Ruyan Liu’s face changed, her eyes were filled with fear.

As the surrounding boats came at them, they will for sure ram the boat over. Then Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu would drop into the water. She was scared because she didn’t know how to swim.

Ruyan Liu wasn’t scared of death. What she was scared of was the kid in her stomach. If she were to drown the little life she would feel guilty forever.

"Ruyan, don’t worry. If they are dare to come, then I will kill them all." Qingfeng Li tried to calm Ruyan Liu down with his voice.


With a shake of his right hand, Qingfeng Li held the paddle in his hand. The paddle was two meters long; enough for him to use it as a weapon.

Because they were in water, he wouldn’t be able to touch the enemy. Furthermore, he was scared to leave the boat because the moment he left, Ruyan Liu would drop into the water from the collisions. All he could do was to stand at her side and wait for the other boats to come first.

One of the boat on the left was the fastest; with a blink of an eyes they were two meters apart. The next second the two boats would make contacts.

Two meters, it was the length of the paddle.

Qingfeng Li smirked. He lifted the paddle up high and slam it to the head of the other boat.


With the sound of contact, the head of the boat was punctured. Water suddenly poured into the whole. The crew didn’t have time to hit Qingfeng Li. Instead they all tried to block the hole.

But the hole was too big, the crew couldn’t block it. As water kept on pouring in, it sunk. Dafu Zhou helped the crew got out of the water.

"Be careful everyone, this guy knows kungfu. Let us keep the same speed and hit him at the same time." Dafu Zhou told the people beside him.

He knew that Qingfeng Li knew kungfu. If it was only one boat, they would be defeated easily, but if they were to hit Qingfeng Li together, then the result would be him getting rammed over.