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Chapter 354: Aotian Wang“s Arrival

Chapter 354: Aotian Wang's Arrival

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Seven boats were rushing towards Qingfeng Li’s boat. There were eight boats originally, but after Qingfeng Li destroyed one, there were only seven.

Seven boats hitting one, no matter how you look at it was an unfair battle.

Dafu Zhou was standing on the head of the first boat; his eyes were filled with coldness. The youth in front of him just beat and embarrassed him in front of the theme park. He had to ram over his boat and let him drown in the lake.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes were filled with ice from seeing the boats coming for him. If they really wanted to die, he will let them die. He doesn’t cause trouble, but if others wanted to bother him, he will not go easy.

"Ruyan, hold onto my waist." Qingfeng Li smiled and said to Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu nodded and held onto Qingfeng Li’s waist with her jade-like hand. Even though she didn’t know what he was going to do, but she did it anyway because she trusted him.


Qingfeng Li held one side of the paddle in his hand and the other into the water. He then started swirling the water. Qingfeng Li’s way of swirling the water was unique, it was front and back or left and right. He did it around his boat in a circular motion; forming small waves. Dafu Zhou was baffled by what Qingfeng Li was doing. Did Qingfeng Li think he could scare him from swirling water? He must be daydreaming.

He waved his hand forward and sped up with the other boats. He wanted to ram Qingfeng Li’s boat. Closer, closer, Dafu Zhou’s eyes were filled with happiness. He and the other seven boats only had two more meters until they hit Qingfeng Li’s boat.

Dafu Zhou was ferocious. He could almost see the death of Qingfeng Li and getting the beauty onto his boat.

"Good good, I was waiting for you guys." Seeing how the seven boats closed in, Qingfeng Li’s eyes flashed a cold light.

Qingfeng Li suddenly used the paddle and drew a large circle. He used an enormous amount of strength and formed a large whirlpool around the boat.

"No whirlpool, this isn’t good." Dafu Zhou’s face changed and was filled with horror.

Now he finally knew the reason why Qingfeng Li was swirling the lake: he was creating a whirlpool. Two things were extremely dangerous in water: one was a whirlpool, and the other was a wave. Whirlpools could suck in a boat whereas waves could flip a boat over.

Dafu Zhang’s face was pale. He and the other boats wanted to turn around, but it was too late. Their boats all collided within the whirlpool. The whirlpool was a huge circle with enormous strength. It sucked in all the seven boats together and sunk all of it. Everyone fell into the water.

There was only one boat in the lake; it was Qingfeng Li’s. The boat was floating quietly in the lake.

"Save me, help." Dafu Zhou swallowed some water and was screaming for help.

Unfortunately, this was at the center of the lake; far from the shore. Apart from Qingfeng Li’s boat, there was no other. Dafu Zhou was begging Qingfeng Li to help, but he only looked at him with a cold stare and left with Ruyan Liu.

Dafu Zhou gave up; with the amount of water he drank and his body weight, he sunk into the lake. The people beside him also were drawn one by one into the lake.

Injustice was doomed to destruction, and this applies perfectly to people like Dafu Zhou. Qingfeng Li paddled the boat far away, padded Ruyan Liu’s shoulder and said, "Everything is alright now."

Ruyan Liu’s face was pale. It wasn’t because of the fear, but it was caused by the kid in her stomach.

"You are so good. How did you even create the whirlpool? It flipped over all of their boats." Ruyan Liu’s look was filled with adoration.

Ruyan Liu knew it was a dead end. Seven boats coming together, if it was someone else they would for sure fall into the water and die. But Qingfeng Li was able to neutralize it.

Ruyan Liu knew Qingfeng Li was strong on the ground: 1 vs. 10 was not a problem. But she didn’t think he would be this strong in water as well. This man was always so strong. She felt safe around him, even if the sky was to fall it would be ok too.

"Ruyan, let’s go back to the shore and rest." Qingfeng Li said after seeing Ruyan Liu’s pale face.

Ruyan Liu nodded and paddled back to the shore.
Qingfeng Li brought Ruyan Liu to the field beside them. There were lots of chairs provided for tourists to rest.
Qingfeng Li held onto Ruyan Liu and the two rested.

At this moment, a group of unwanted guests arrived in Eastern Sea City.

This group was led by Aotian Wang. The two elders following him were both emitting strong presence.

"Eastern Sea City, here I come." Aotian Wang smirked.

His goal today was to take control of the underground forces in Eastern Sea City. The first stop was naturally Ferocious Tiger Clan.
Ferocious Tiger Clan, the leader Tiger King was drinking tea and listen to his underlings reporting recent revenue stream.


With a huge sound, Ferocious Tiger Clan’s door was knocked open. A handsome looking youth walked in with two elders. This youth was filled with arrogant. With his emotionless stare he looked down at the Tiger King.

"Who are you, daring to step inside our Ferocious Tiger Clan." Tiger King stood up and looked at them with a gloomy face.

Ferocious Tiger Clan was previously the number one underground force in Eastern Sea City. Even though it followed the Qingfeng League and regard Grand Daddy Li as the boss, Hu Wang was still third in terms of strengths in the league.

In the whole Eastern Sea City, no one would dare to knock down his door. If there is one, it would be Grand Daddy Li. Only Grand Daddy Li had the right, no one else, not even King Kong.

"Hu Wang, here are two choices. Follow me, or die." Aotian Wang looked at Hu Wang and said with murderous intent.

"Who are you?"

"I am Western Sea City younger master Aotian Wang."

"Aotian Wang, sorry, I belong to the Qingfeng League now." Hu Wang’s face changed and replied.

Hu Wang obviously knew about Western Sea City’s Aotian Wang. He was the boss of the underground forces in Western Sea City, extremely powerful. Even his subordinates are powerful as well.
Hu Wang knew, even though Aotian Wang was scary, Qingfeng Li was scarier. He was under Qingfeng League, naturally wouldn’t dared to betray Qingfeng Li.

"Not obeying my order? Then die. Elder Xiong, kill him." Aotian Wang ordered the elder on the left to kill Hu Wang.