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Chapter 355: Won“t Obey? Then Die.

Chapter 355: Won't Obey? Then Die.

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What? If I don’t agree, he will kill me? Who does Aotian Wang think he is? Hu Wang’s face darkened with a flash of coldness.

Who was Hu Wang? He was the Ferocious Tiger Clan’s leader and the leader of the underground force of Eastern Sea City before. Even though he lost to Qingfeng Li after, the defeat was well respected.

This was because Qingfeng Li was extremely powerful. His strengths were stronger than what Hu Wang could ever imagine. He knew that he had to follow people like Qingfeng Li in order to get stronger.

"Aotian Wang, who do you think you are. I am under Grand Daddy Li." Hu Wang said coldly. He hoped he could stun Aotian Wang with the name Grand Daddy Li.

"Grand Daddy Li, who is that? Elder Xiong, kill him." Aotian Wang said to the elder behind him. He never heard of the name; probably someone weak as well.


Black cape elder was extremely quick. With a blink of an eye he was in front of Hu Wang. He lifted Hu Wang up by the neck.

Even though Hu Wang was extremely powerful in Eastern Sea City and was a boxing champion, in front of the elder, he was like a weak chicken; not able to defend himself.

"Let me go, or Grand Daddy Li will not forgive you." Hu Wang said with a pale face.

Grand Daddy Li, who is he? If he were to come, I will kill him as well.

The elder didn’t care what Hu Wang said. He snapped Hu Wang’s neck.

"Grand Daddy Li will avenge me. You are going to die a bad death." Hu Wang looked at the elder unwillingly. His head tilted and died.

Hu Wang’s subordinates all rushed towards the elder, hoping to avenge their boss. But in a short moment, they were all killed as well.

In front of the AAA ranked Elder Xiong, killing these normal people were too easy.

"Elder Xiong, it seems like Grand Daddy Li is extremely well known in Eastern Sea City. When we destroy the next force we should ask who this person is." Aotian Wang said.

Aotian Wang went towards the next force with Elder Xiong and Elder Wang.

Next station, Mount Sole, Qingfeng League’s King Kong.

Currently at Mount Sole, King Kong was gathering bosses of different forces to eat together.

These bosses included eastern county’s Four Eyes Gang, western county’s Long Stick Gang, and southern city’s Rock Gang etc.

Ever since King Kong became the leader of the Qingfeng League, he became the bosses of all underground forces in names. His life became extremely well nurtured.

Before King Kong was only a bit famous, but the other bosses could still bully him anytime. But ever since Grand Daddy Li helped him once, they all knew he was under Grand Daddy Li. Ever since then all the bosses always tried to please him.

King Kong knew that Grand Daddy Li gave all these to him. Without Grand Daddy Li, he was nothing. Thus why King Kong was extremely grateful towards Grand Daddy Li.

"Bosses, I hope you guys remember, our current life was given by Grand Daddy Li. He is our god." King Kong lifted a cup and toasted.

Every boss nodded. When they were gathered, they all saw how scary Qingfeng Li could be. Qingfeng Li finished off Bao Chen in one hit; they could not be his enemy.

Seeing how the bosses were respectful towards Grand Daddy Li, King Kong was satisfied. This was the effect he wanted.

"Qiang Zhang, why isn’t the Ferocious Tiger Clan’s Hu Wang here." King Kong’s brows tensed and asked the person beside him.

"Brother Kong, I already notified all the bosses underground. Everybody else came except for Hu Wang." Qiang Zhang replied.

King Kong ordered him to tell everyone to come to the banquet today. He notified everyone including Hu Wang, but he isn’t here now.

King Kong was the boss of Qingfeng League appointed by Grand Daddy Li; boss of all the bosses of the underground forces. Hu Wang was embarrassing Grand Daddy Li by not showing up.

"Hu Wang embarrassing Grand Daddy Li. I will tell Grand Daddy Li and let him decide what to do with him." King Kong was not satisfied. He didn’t know Hu Wang was killed already.

"Haha, let me tell you, Hu Wang will not be here today." Suddenly a voice came from outside.

With the voice dropping, a handsome youth walked in with two black cape elders.

Seeing this youth changed King Kong’s face because he never seen this person before.

"Who are you, who let you in?" King Kong asked coldly.

This place was for hosting banquet of Eastern Sea City’s underground forces, outsiders cannot enter. In addition, there were a bunch of guards outside; how did they get in.

"I am Western Sea City’s Aotian Wang. Where I want to go is none of your business. Your dogs at the front gate wanted to block me, so I killed them both." Aotian Wang said expressionlessly.

What, Aotian Wang?

King Kong’s face changed and his eyes were filled with shock. He naturally heard of Aotian Wang, leader of the underground forces of Western Sea City, extremely powerful.

But, as King Kong heard, Aotian Wang was in Western Sea City the whole time, never stepped foot into the Eastern Sea City. Then why is he here now?

Oh right, he just said Hu Wang wouldn’t come, what did he mean?

"Aotian Wang, you just said Hu Wang wouldn’t come. What’s the matter?" King Kong’s brows tensed up.

From Aotian Wang’s tone he heard murderous intent. This man meant business.

"It was simple, I told Hu Wang to follow me. But he rejected so I killed him." Aotian Wang smirked, but his tone was ice-cold.

Hearing what Aotian Wang said changed King Kong’s face. He finally knew why Hu Wang isn’t here yet: he was killed.

King Kong knew Hu Wang was powerful than him. If Hu Wang got killed, then is he really strong enough to face Aotian Wang?

Oh right, this place was filled with all other bosses, he isn’t scared.

"All of you listen, I am planning to unite all forces of Eastern Sea City. You guys have two options, accept and follow me, or die." Aotian Wang said coldly.

Just when Aotian Wang finished talking, the place was filled with objections.

"Who the f*ck does Aotian Wang think he is. He is from Western Sea City; why would we follow him?"

"You are right, we are bosses of Eastern Sea City, why would we follow a outsider."

"No way, we will not follow under you."

All the bosses were objecting; their faces were filled with rage.

They are all powerful people in Eastern Sea City. They all worked hard to get to the spots where they are today. Now Aotian Wang wanted them all to follow him, impossible.

"Won’t obey? Then die." Aotian Wang looked at the crowd emotionlessly, but the murderous intent in his eyes were getting stronger.