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Chapter 356: Elder Xiong“s Power

Chapter 356: Elder Xiong's Power

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There was only one result from not obeying, and it was death. Everyone was filled with rage after hearing what Aotian Wang said.

They were all bosses of different forces under Eastern Sea City, all famous and influential. But now they were being threatened by someone from Western Sea City, so naturally, they were mad.

Normally they were the ones threatening others in Eastern Sea City, never others threatening them.

Mafia bosses depended on their reputation. If their reputations were gone, no one would obey them.

"Aotian Wang, this is Eastern Sea City, not your Western Sea City." A middle-aged man wearing glasses said.

His name was Four Eyes with a large build. He was eastern county’s Four Eyes Gang’s leader. Rumor said he was an undergraduate student that got framed into jail. After meeting some other people and learned some skills, he started interacting with the underground society and became the leader of eastern county.

"I will say it one more time, obey, or die. What is your choice?" Aotian Wang looked at Four eyes and asked.


Four Eyes smirked and said, "Aotian Wang, this is Eastern Sea City. You want me to obey you? Keep on dreaming."

Even though Four Eyes was part of the underground, he was extremely loyal. Thus, that is why he was able to gather so many subordinates. He lived in Eastern Sea City and he will only obey people from Eastern Sea City, not others.

In addition, in Four Eyes’ eyes, Grand Daddy Li was the strongest in Eastern Sea City. If Grand Daddy Li were to come, he would beat him up without any efforts. Grand Daddy Li was the man he respected the most; he was Four Eyes’ model.

"Not going to obey? Good, Elder Xiong, kill him." Aotian Wang said to the black cape elder behind him with a murderous tone.


The black cape elder was extremely quick like a bolt of lightning; arrived in front of Four Eyes instantly. The elder grabbed his neck and lifted him up.


Elder Xiong snapped Four Eyes’ neck and threw his corpse to the side.

What, Four Eyes is dead?

All the bosses were shocked and scared.

They knew the reason Four Eyes was able to become the boss wasn’t just with his brain, it was with strength as well.

In the underground world, the strongest is the most respected. Only when you have the strength then others will obey you. Rumors said Four Eyes was extremely skillful in Taekwondo; one vs. eight shouldn’t be a problem.

But now, the supposing strong Four Eyes, was killed without even the opportunity to counter. What does this mean: the black cape elder was much more powerful than Four Eyes; the two weren’t on the same level.

"Who else doesn’t want to obey?" Aotian Wang smiled.

He wanted follower and the forces of the underground. Not only does he need land, he also needed subordinates.

Aotian Wang killed Four Eyes in order to shock the crowds in front of him. He didn’t want to kill them all. If he were to kill them all, Eastern Sea City would become a pile of sand; no one would lead the subordinates for him.

After hearing what Aotian Wang said the crowds’ expressions were changing constantly.

The death of Four Eyes told them that the black cape man was extremely strong; maybe even as strong as Grand Daddy Li. Able to kill a leader with one strike was not something they could do.

They didn’t want to obey, but they also knew they would then have to die.

In front of death, dignity didn’t appear to be important after all.

The whole banquet became quiet; all were shocked by Aotian Wang.

"I won’t obey." Seeing how all the other bosses didn’t say anything, King Kong told Aotian Wang.

King Kong knew, the other people can obey, but he can’t because he is Grand Daddy Li’s little bro, leader of Qingfeng League. He represented Grand Daddy Li. If he were to obey then he would embarrass Grand Daddy Li’s reputation.

"Hhmm, there really is someone who isn’t afraid of death. Who are you, tell me your name." Aotian Wang smiled.

He originally thought killing Four Eyes and Hu Wang would be enough to shock these leaders. In reality, he succeeded already; the leaders were all planning to obey.

But at this crucial moment, a large-build man stood out and said he doesn’t obey in front of the crowd. This made Aotian Wang extremely mad.

He wanted to see who this person was; not scared to oppose him.

"My name is King Kong, leader of the Qingfeng League, and little brother of Grand Daddy Li." King Kong said proudly.

When talking about Grand Daddy Li, his tone was extremely proud. Grand Daddy Li is his model. Even though the black cape elder is strong, but he believes he is weaker than Grand Daddy Li. This intuition came from his blind trust to Grand Daddy Li.

"Grand Daddy Li, Hu Wang mentioned Grand Daddy Li as well. I really want to know who exactly is this person?" Aotian Wang tensed his brows and asked.

When he arrived in Eastern Sea City and wasn’t aware of all the things happening, he heard the name Grand Daddy Li from Hu Wang. He even added Grand Daddy Li will avenge him.

But now when Aotian Wang heard the name again, he felt uncomfortable. This Grand Daddy Li, who exactly is he?

"Let me tell you, Grand Daddy Li is Qingfeng Li, the real boss of the underground forces of Eastern Sea City." King Kong smirked proudly.

Qingfeng Li, he was Qingfeng Li?

Aotian Wang’s face changed and his eyes were filled with hate.

Qingfeng Li, Aotian Wang naturally knew the name. His subordinate Ba Wang got his legs broken by Qingfeng Li from Luxury Emperor KTV. Later he sent Elder Shuang Wang and Ying Wang to kill Qingfeng Li, but they were killed by him.

Regarding Qingfeng Li, Aotian Wang was extremely mad. He had two goals to attain within this trip to Eastern Sea City. One was to unite the underground forces, the other was to kill Qingfeng Li.

He didn’t think the boss of Eastern Sea City’s underground forces was Qingfeng Li, or Grand Daddy Li.

"Grand Daddy Li huh? What a grand daddy! Today I am going to demolish his Qingfeng League and kill him as well." Aotian Wang laughed arrogantly.

Hearing Aotian Wang was going to kill Qingfeng Li, King Kong smirked, "Grand Daddy Li’s strength is number one. You guys are not even on the same level as him."

"Are you sure. I was going to kill you, but I changed my mind. Elder Xiong, break his two legs and use his phone to call Qingfeng Li. I want Qingfeng Li to come and die." Aotian Wang said coldly.

He was going to kill Qingfeng Li, but he decided otherwise. King Kong was Qingfeng Li’s subordinate, he could break his legs first and bait Qingfeng Li to come save him. And by that time he will kill Qingfeng Li.

Aotian Wang promised he was going to kill Qingfeng Li today.