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Chapter 358: Grand Daddy Li is Here!

Chapter 358: Grand Daddy Li is Here!

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Qingfeng's face turned serious once he heard that Aotian was going to kill King Kong.

He hated the most when others put a threat on him. Those who had done that in the past had all gone to hell. Aotian Wang, you’re dead.

"Aotian Wang, I’ll kill you no matter what if something happens to King Kong," Qingfeng said coldly while holding his aggression.

King Kong was Qingfeng little brother. The fact that Aotian tried to get King Kong into trouble already indicate he showed no respect to him.

"In twenty minutes, if you don’t show up, you can just wait to see his corpse," Aotian laughed manically and hung up right away.

He only gave Qingfeng twenty minutes, and he would keep his word and cease King Kong’s life if he didn’t show up within the time.

"What happened, Qingfeng?" Ruyan asked while frowning.

She noticed Qingfeng looked gloomy and aggressive during the conversation on the phone. There must have been something that went wrong.

"Ruyan, my little brother had his leg broken by Aotian Wang and he would be killed if I don’t show up within 20 minutes," Qingfeng said.

What? Your little brother will be killed?

Ruyan was shocked since she couldn’t believe Aotian was such a merciless man, yet she knew Qingfeng must save King Kong’s life since he was his little brother.

"Qingfeng, go right now, don’t waste your time," Ruyan said. She knew the priority of saving lives even though she wanted to spend more time with Qingfeng.

"Ruyan, are you ok by just yourself here?" Qingfeng asked as he was concerned she would bump into people like Dafu Zhou again.

After all, Ruyan could easily catch attentions for her beauty no matter where she was.

"I’m fine, I’m going to take a taxi back home, go to save your little brother now," Ruyan was urging Qingfeng to leave since she didn’t want his little brother die because of her.

"Alright, I’ll call you tomorrow," Qingfeng ran out of the amusement park after saying goodbye to Ruyan.

Auotian has only given 20 minutes for Qingfeng. He would either arrive at the Qingfeng League’s headquarters on time, or lose his little brother.

"Silly, you won’t be able to see me anymore tomorrow," Ruyan started to drop down her tears while seeing Qingfeng leaving.

She would leave the Eastern Sea City and go back to the Jing Capital with her mother tomorrow. Qingfeng wouldn’t be able to find her anymore. Thinking of that, she couldn’t control her tears as she tried to mark Qingfeng in her heart.

Ruyan left the amusement park sadly and walked towards her home with tears on her face.

At the moment, Lone Hill, HeadQuarters of the Qingfeng League.

Aotian said cruelly after a glance on his watch, "Twenty minutes has passed and Qingfeng is not here yet. King Kong, say goodbye to the world."

Aotian walked towards King Kong with a dagger and was going to split open his throat.

He liked to kill people with a dagger since seeing blood splashing out made him thrilled.

Aotian walked up to King Kong and held his dagger on his throat, "King Kong, It’s been twenty minutes and Qingfeng isn’t here yet. See what I said? He didn’t even care about you. What about being my slave instead, huh?"

"Huh, I work for Grand Daddy Li whether I am alive or dead, who are you here to ask me for being your slave? Go f*ck yourself!" Gangming spat in Aotian’s face since he knew he was going to die anyway.

Aotian tilted his head and dodged the spit, yet, he still got some on his face which made him furious.

He was germophobic and had to take multiple showers a day. But now, he had some dirty spit on his face.

"You are so dead!" Aotian stared at Gangming with viciousness.

Aotian waved his dagger in the air was about to split open King Kong’s neck.

King Kong closed his eyes and peacefully waiting for his death. His little subordinates were all crying but couldn’t do anything to help him since their legs were all snapped. They couldn’t stand nor save their boss but could only watch him be killed.


All of the sudden, a snap sound broke the silence and the dagger was split into a half and dropped onto the floor.

What? The dagger was split?

Aotian was in shock while staring at his broken dagger,

He drew his attention on the little rock beside the broken dagger and realized the dagger was split by that rock.

"Who? Who is there?" Aotian yelled at the door with a gloomy face.

He felt like the rock flew in from the gate. Yet, he was astonished by seeing his dagger was split apart by a small piece of rock.

King Kong opened his eyes when he heard the splitting sound of the dagger. Once he realized he didn’t die because the dagger was split apart by a rock, he felt hopeful again.

King Kong had a good feeling that his god was coming to save him.

"Aotian, I told you I’ll kill you if anything goes wrong with King Kong, How dare you ignore me," a neutral voice came from the gate.

Soon, a handsome, young man in black walked in calmly.

It’s Grand Daddy Li! He finally came!

King Kong was so touched and thrilled when he saw Qingfeng. He knew he was coming to save his life.

Not only King Kong was thrilled, but also all his subordinates felt hopeful. They really admired Grand Daddy Li and saw him as an existence of god.

All other heads from the underground force felt a bit awkward when they saw Qingfeng since they have just surrendered under Aotian before he arrived. These people were all fence-sitter.

Qingfeng spotted the injured King Kong immediately as he walked in. He flashed in front of him while taking out his nine needles and inserted on King Kong’s acupoints. His legs stopped bleeding right away.

Later on, Qingfeng started to massage King Kong and alleviate his pain.

While seeing Qingfeng only focused on curing King Kong and leaving him alone, Aotian was clustered with more and more anger since he felt like he was completely being ignored.

"Qingfeng Li, I’m talking to you, did you fucking hear me?" Aotian stared at him with aggression.

Qingfeng didn’t even look at him. After he finished massaging King Kong, he stood up and said, "Do you want to die right now?"

"Qingfeng Li, I’m telling you that today will be your last day. Elder Xiong, kill him," Aotian was mingled with anger while commanding Elder Xiong.

Elder Xiong nodded while coming out from the back, walking towards Qingfeng.

Even though Elder Xiong is a senior hunching his back, his momentum couldn’t be underestimated. His force increased as every single step he approached forward. This force came from ceasing a lot of people, undeniably.