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Chapter 359: Hail Grand Daddy Li

Chapter 359: Hail Grand Daddy Li

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Elder Xiong increased his aggression with each step he took forward. He was embedded with an extreme aura of death when he arrived in front of Qingfeng.

Everyone to the side who felt the death aura started to shiver. They could sense the mercilessness from it.

"Meh, he’s alright. He is about the level of an "AAA" level fighter," Qingfeng glanced at Elder Xiong and said calmly.

He had sensed the strength of Elder Xiong through observation. To be honest, this strength was by far the greatest strength in Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng believed that Aotian could definitely unify Eastern Sea City by only having Elder Xiong work for him. Unfortunately, they were unlucky since now they had met him as their enemy.

Huh? You actually could tell the level of my strength? Elder Xiong frowned with surprise.

Normally, people wouldn’t be able to detect his strength since he had the greatest power in the Proud League. Ones who could do that were technically unordinary.

Elder Xiong didn’t take Qingfeng seriously at the beginning, but after his strength was detected by him, he suddenly became alert.

When he was in the middle of his life, Elder Xiong had encountered countless masters and countless risks. He was extremely sensitive towards danger since he had experienced numerous timese where he almost died.

Elder Xiong could smell the strong danger coming from Qingfeng as if he was targeted by a wolf in the forest.

Elder Xiong decided to kill Qingfeng with his ultimate technique. He must not allow this youngster to grow up.


Elder Xiong stepped harshly on the floor. The floor immediately caved in and even created some tiny cracks along the way. Elder Xiong was, indeed, powerful.

Elder Xiong shoved his palm over at Qingfeng and tried to slap him hard. As he shoved his palm, the force created cracking sounds in the air, while flickering the light around his hand.

This slap from Elder Xiong was not just a regular slap. It was called the Iron Palm.

This technique required one to put their palm into burning sand and let the heat and roughness of the sand leave dents on the palm. Ultimately, your palm would turn into a rock-hard weapon.

That being said, Elder Xiong had a powerful palm that could even smash toughened glass.

Qingfeng looked at Elder Xiong surprisingly after he discovered his strength. He didn’t expect him to have known such a powerful technique.

However, Qingfeng wasn’t scared at all as he also knew kungfu well. He decided to fight with his palms if it was what his enemy was trying to do.

Qingfeng reached his right-hand palm out and smashed at Elder Xiong as fast as lightning. His palm was so fast that he split the air apart and formed a green sharp blade.


Two palms hit against each other. While Qingfeng didn’t even tilt at all, Elder Xiong cried out loud as his palm was split-open.

"Wind-Edge Palm? Was that the Wind-Edge Palm?!" Elder Xiong screamed with fear.

He couldn’t believe this young man adopted the Wind-Edge Palm. As for how it sounds, the Wind-Edge Palm could form an invisible blade with the air and cut through everything.

In fact, th Wind-Edge Palm was a kungfu technique used by a giant demon king. Twenty years ago, a demon king beat all the masters in Huaxia and became the king of the underworld with his Wind-Edge Palm.

At that time, Elder Xiong was frightened when he saw dozens of "AAA" level masters were killed by the Wind-Edge Demon King. Now, seeing the young man use the same technique, he would automatically try to flee.

"Damn it, this old man has detected my kungfu," Qingfeng changed his expression into aggression.

Qingfeng acquired the Wind-Edge Palm from his master. He was told by him that he should keep this technique as a secret since it had killed a lot of people and gathered a lot of hatred from others, though it was twenty years ago.

Qingfeng didn’t expect the Wind-Edge Palm taught by his master would be recognized by Elder Xiong.

"It’s the Wind-Edge Demon King, he has arrived," Elder Xiong murmured while turning around and trying to leave.

His palm was already smashed by simply clashing against Qingfeng’s. Taking into account the kungfu Qingfeng had, Elder Xiong was terrified.

"Want to run away? Can you run away from me, though?" Qingfeng sneered.

If his technique was discovered by him, Qingfeng would definitely not let him go away like this.

Qingfeng took a swift jump like lightning and appeared right next to Elder Xiong in a second. He hit his back with a single palm.


As Elder Xiong screamed out loud as his heart was smashed apart by Qingfeng’s Wind-Edge Palm. He fell down onto the floor and died with a last look of fear on his face.

The "AAA" level master, Elder Xiong, as the previous top man in the Proud Heaven League, was eventually killed by Qingfeng and his palm technique.

Everyone went silent, they all looked shocked with their mouths opened and coudn’t believe what they had just observed.

A while ago, they all surrendered under Aotian since they saw the Four-Eye was killed by a single pinch from Elder Xiong. Right now, they were doubting whether they were dreaming since such a powerful existence was killed by a simple palm from Qingfeng.

They would definitely doubt the fact that Elder Xiong knew kungfu if the dead body of the Four-Eye wasn’t there.

"Hail Grand Daddy Li!" King Kong yelled out loud excitedly.

"Invincible Grand Daddy Li! "Those subordinates of King Kong also yelled out loud around.

What? Elder Xiong is dead?

Aotian's facial expression changed as he started to shiver with fear in his eyes.

As the head of the Proud Heaven League, Aotian would certainly know how powerful Elder Xiong was—he was the "AAA" level master and the top man in the league who was way stronger than Aotian himself.

But now, this powerful existence was ended by Qingfeng simply with a palm?! He couldn’t imagine what else could be more fearful.

"Prince, run right now, this dude might be a "S" level master, we can’t beat him," another senior in black said behind Aotian.

He thought Qingfeng was ab "S" level ace, yet they would never know that Qingfeng was way more than that. The senior could never tell Qingfeng’s level based on the level he was in right now.

This senior in black was weak and slim, like Elder Xiong, he was also an "AAA" level ace and an elder in the Proud Heaven League.

He had lost his sanity after he saw how Elder Xiong died. If Qingfeng could kill Elder Xiong with a palm like that, he would also be killed in the same way since Elder Xiong and him were at the same level.

Run. Yes, we gotta run right now!

Aotian changed his face while turning around and tried to leave with the Senior in black.

When he first arrived in Eastern Sea City, he was so haughty and thought that he could unify all the underground forces, strengthening his power and expanding his prestige. Right now, he only thought about running away like a dog.

Qingfeng, this man is too powerful, Aotian didn’t dare to get in trouble with him.

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