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Chapter 360: Spare Me Please, Grand Daddy Li

Chapter 360: Spare Me Please, Grand Daddy Li

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"Aotian Wang, where are you going, huh?" a emotionless voice suddenly came from behind.

Aotian looked up and saw Qingfeng was staring right at front of him from the middle of nowhere.

Qingfeng reached his palm and slapped harshly on the black-cape senior’s forehead. While the senior still tried to protect himself, Qingfeng was way too fast for him to react and he got slapped on his head.


The senior’s head was smashed by Qingfeng. He fell down and died with fear in his gaze at Qingfeng.

Within a short period, another senior was killed in front of Aotian. He, now, couldn’t stop shivering with a pale face.

No matter how strong one was, they would have fear in front of death. Aotian, certainly, didn’t want to end his life like this. He still had countless women to play around with and money to splurge, how could he just die now?

"Qingfeng, you cannot kill me," Aotian shouted out loud with a pale face.

"Why can’t I?"

"Because I’m Shaoyang Wang’s cousin, if you kill me, He won’t forgive you."

"Shaoyang Wang? I don’t know who the heck that is." Qingfeng shook his head while getting ready to kill Aotian by stretching out his palm.

"Qingfeng, I’m telling you. Shaoyang Wang is the young master of the Wang Family, one of the four wealthiest families owning the most properties in the Jing Capital. He was the one who called me to come here. If you dare to kill me, he wouldn’t just let this thing go like this," Aotian started to threaten Qingfeng with his terrified voice.

At this crucial moment, Aotian still truly believed that Qingfeng would be deterred from killing him as long as he called out his cousin, Shaoyang Wang, the young master of a top family.

However, he lost his only hope immediately when he heard Qingfeng laughed after he heard his cousin’s name, "Shaoyang Wang? Are you serious? I kicked his ass all the time when I was young."

When Aotian mentioned the name of Shaoyang Wang, Qingfeng didn’t recognize the person right away, he just felt it sounded familiar. But after Aotian mentioned he was the young master of the top family in the Capital Jing, he recalled him immediately.

Back to those days when Qingfeng was still a little boy, his parents haven’t been missing nor his grandfather gone yet. He was the young son of the Li family and used to hang out with the other young masters from other big families.

Shaoyang Wang, the young master from the Wang Family had once put a rat in Qingfeng’s backpack. Later on, when Qingfeng found out, he beat the shit out of him. They both started to hold grudges against each other from then on.

Later in life, Qingfeng followed his master to the Wolf Continent at the age of eight and had never returned to Huaxia nor the Jing Capital. That’s why he could barely remember any haters he had since young.

After Aotian mentioned it, Qingfeng finally recalled he did have quite a few enemies when he was in Yanjing back then. Shaoyang, obviously, was one of them.

If Aotian was Shaoyang’s cousin, then he would definitely not just let him go like this.


Qingfeng reached his hand on Aotian and pinched his throat tightly, "How would I be afraid to kill you if I could kill Shaoyang without blinking?"

"Excuse me? You dare to kill Shaoyang?"

Aotian was terrified, his face has turned completely pale.

He thought Qingfeng would be threatened and release him after he mentioned his cousin, but now, this man didn’t even seem to take Shaoyang seriously.

Aotian was so scared, he didn’t want to die yet.

"Please let me go, Grand Daddy Li," Aotian started to beg.

Aotian started calling Qingfeng "Grand Daddy Li" to save his life.

"What? Did the Western Sea young master just call him Grand Daddy Li?"

"Did I get it right? He is the Western Sea young master though. He was still acting arrogant like hell a while ago, and now he is begging?"

"Are you blind? Didn’t you see Grand Daddy Li was going to kill Aotian? He would die any second now if he didn’t beg."

The crowd was getting loud, especially those underground force’s heads, none of them were not amazed by what they witnessed.

They just surrendered to Aotian a while ago, while now, seeing Aotian begging to Qingfeng already made them they felt so mortified.


Qingfeng cracked Aotian’s throat directly in the middle of his begging, and threw his dead body on the side.

Western Sea Underground Prince, the head of the underground forces, dead.

Qingfeng has a principle, "I won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother me". Aotian has been trying to kill him so he definitely deserved what he got.

Qingfeng had always been harsh to his enemies, he would destroy them without mercy.

Did…did Aotian die?

Everyone looked both surprised and scared. Wow, Grand Daddy Li was, indeed, afraid of nothing that he still didn’t hesitated to kill Aotian even if he was told his cousin was Shaoyang. He, obviously, didn’t see the Wang Family in Yanjing as a threat.

Qingfeng walked up to King Kong while ignoring the crowd. He removed the nine needles from his leg and re-connect his split joints, he also massaged King Kong for a while until he could finally stand back up.

"Grand Daddy Li, thank you so much," King Kong said with gratitude while standing up.

Grand Daddy Li was the best, he always believed in him. As expected, Grand Daddy Li not only saved his life, but also ended Aotian’s life. Later on, Qingfeng walked to other injured subordinates and connect their joints one-by-one with his bone-connecting technique.

All the sudden, everyone started to admire Qingfeng.

Grand Daddy Li was unbelievable. Not only he could fight, but was also strong at medical technique and could connect their split joints with the legendary technique.

After Qingfeng healed all the subordinates, he turned back and glared at the heads standing around.

"I’m very disappointed in you surrendering to Aotian like that," Qingfeng stared at them with fierce.

All the heads from the underground forces looked down ashamedly. They knew how humiliating it was to surrender to Aotian just for not being killed.

"Our Qingfeng League needs no traitorsm only loyal brothers. Hand in all your forces to King Kong from now on," Qingfeng said dominantly.

The territory of these traitor should be given to them if they were no longer needed.

What? You want our territory?

All the forces ‘heads changed their emotion to anger since the territory they owned was their life.

"Grand Daddy Li, you can’t just take our territory away from us," a middle-aged, chubby dude walked out from the crowd.

His name was Fat Shi, the head of the Southern City’s Rock Gang, which occupied most territories in the southern part of the city.


Qingfeng squeezed Fat Shi’s throat and smashed his throat, throwing his on the side.

"Hand over your territory, or die," Qingfeng yelled with fierce and anger.

Qingfeng was very disappointed in these heads. He had just left their territories untouched when the Qingfeng League was just established. Now, he couldn’t believe they betrayed him and surrendered to Aotian. If he didn’t arrive earlier, his little brother, King Kong might have died already.