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Chapter 361: We are Destined to Part in This Life, But Hopefully We Will Meet in Next Life

Chapter 361: We are Destined to Part in This Life, But Hopefully We Will Meet in Next Life

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They would be killed if they did not hand over the territory. The bosses of the underground forces were all livid but their eyes became fearful when they saw Fat Shi and Aotian Wang’s body.

Even though their territories were important, their lives were more important. Furthermore, this was all their fault. If they had not submitted to Aotian Wang and refused to help King Kong, Qingfeng would not have targeted them and asked them to give up their territories.

The saying 'The evil we bring upon ourselves is the hardest to bear.' perfectly described these bosses.

In the end, for their lives, the underground bosses gave up their territories to King Kong.

"King Kong, starting from today, you are the only boss of Eastern Sea City. Do you understand?" Qingfeng said as he patted on King Kong’s shoulder.

"Yes, Grand Daddy Li," King Kong said admiringly with a bow.

In his heart, Grand Daddy Li was a god. If Qingfeng asked him to die now, he would die without hesitation.

When Qingfeng had settled the matters of the Qingfeng League, it was already 11 pm.

Qingfeng frowned when he looked at the time. He knew that Xue Lin must still be waiting for him at home.

Qingfeng informed King Kong before leaving the league. He did not call a taxi. Instead, King Kong drove him to Noble Palace.

When Qingfeng arrived at Villa #13, the light of the living room was still lit. Xue Lin was waiting for his return.

His heart was filled with warmth. It felt great to have a woman waiting for him at home.


Qingfeng took out his key and opened the door of the villa. He immediately saw Xue Lin who was sitting on the sofa and organizing the wedding invitations.

"Wife, you bought the wedding invitations?" Qingfeng asked with a smile.

They had discussed the wedding invitations last night. He did not expect Xue Lin to have bought the wedding invitations already.

When Xue Lin saw Qingfeng, she asked, "Didn’t you say in the morning that you weren’t feeling well? You said you were going to rest at home. Why did I not see you when I came back?"

Qingfeng was dazed when he heard Xue Lin’s words. When he was prepared to leave for work with Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu had given him a call and asked him to accompany her for the last time today since she was returning to the Capital tomorrow.

In order to meet Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng had lied and told Xue Lin that he was sick and needed to rest at home. But too many things had happened. He went to the amusement park with Ruyan Liu, then he had gone to Qingfeng League and killed Aotian Wang. Because of the delay, he only got home at 11 pm.

Qingfeng quickly thought of an excuse. He said, "I was too excited for the wedding so I decided to go for a walk to calm myself."

"Really? You went for a walk?"

"Yeah, I went out for a walk. I’m not lying."

"Alright, I believe in you. Come and look at the wedding invitations. Who should we invite first?" Xue Lin said as she pointed to the pile of invitations.

Qingfeng walked to Xue Lin’s side and picked up the wedding invitations. There were more than a hundred invitations as the two had many friends and family.

But, the order for the wedding invitations mattered. They needed to invite the groom and bride’s family first before inviting their friends and colleagues.

Qingfeng was not close to the Li Family of the capital so they decided to send invitations to Xue Lin’s family first.

Xue Lin did not agree initially and wanted to send invitations to the Li Family first. However, Qingfeng insisted on inviting Xue Lin’s family first. Xue Lin finally agreed and they decided to go to her parent’s house tomorrow to give them the wedding invitations.

It was already 12 am when Xue Lin and Qingfeng finished discussing the wedding invitations.

Qingfeng carried Xue Lin in his arms and brought her to her bed on the second floor. He then returned to sleep in his bedroom on the first floor.

It was 12 am and extremely quiet.

At this time, most people would already be in their sleep. However, a room was still lit in villa #14.

Ruyan Liu sat in front of her desk; she had a piece of paper and a pen in her hand.

She picked up the pen and started to write, "Dear Qingfeng, when you see this letter, I would be on my way to Jing Capital city. The time I spent in Eastern Sea City were the happiest days of my life. I will never forget these days…"

Tears trailed down Ruyan Liu’s face as she wrote the letter and fell onto the letter.

She continued to write the letter as she cried, "There is a type of love called love not meant to be. There is a type of nostalgia called broken love. I will miss you deeply in my heart. From, Ruyan who will forever love you."

Deep love was painful.

We are destined to part this life, but we will meet in our next life.

When she had finished writing the letter, Ruyan Liu was filled with tears. Tears trailed down her face.

Ruyan Liu’s mother had booked her a ticket for a flight at 7 am in the morning. She knew that it would be difficult for her to see Qingfeng again when she returned to the Capital.

Their roads were about to part. They would become the most familiar strangers and might never see again.

"Sister, it is so late. Why are you still awake?" Jiaojiao Liu asked when she saw that her sister was still awake.

Ruyan Liu placed the letter in the envelope and handed it to Jiaojiao Liu. She said, "Jiaojiao, please give this letter to Qingfeng tomorrow."

"Sister, why are you crying?" Jiaojiao Liu asked.

"Jiaojiao, I am okay. I am only sad because I am leaving tomorrow."

"Sister, why don't you give this letter personally to brother-in-law."

"Jiaojiao, since I have decided to return to the capital. It is better if I do not see him," Ruyan Liu said with a bitter smile as she handed over the letter to Jiaojiao Liu.

Jiaojiao Liu held onto the letter and felt sad in her heart. To be honest, she did not want her sister to leave. But, there was nothing she could do since her sister’s mother hand come to personally bring her home.

Jiaojiao Liu was very sad to see her sister so upset. She took a tissue and wiped away her sister’s tears and helped her to her bed.

Jiaojiao Liu knew that her sister was already pregnant. She must not be too tired or it could hurt the baby.

Jiaojiao Liu clenched her teeth when she thought of Qingfeng. She was furious. How could brother-in-law toy with her sister’s body and make her pregnant? Sister was also so sad to leave him.

She was very angry with Qingfeng. She decided to reprimand him when she sees him tomorrow.

Jiaojiao Liu carefully helped her sister to bed. Shen then tucked her covers and lied down next to her.

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