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Chapter 362: Ruyan Liu Returned to Jing Capital

Chapter 362: Ruyan Liu Returned to Jing Capital

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The next day, it was only 6 am and the sun had not risen yet but Ruyan Liu’s mother Xifeng Zhang was already awake.

Xifeng Zhang had booked the flight for 7 am in the morning so she needed to wake up an hour early. After she woke up, she went to Ruyan Liu’s room to wake her up as well.

She needed to bring Ruyan Liu back to the Capital and marry her off to Shaoyang Wang.

Ruyan Liu had slept very late last night in order to write Qingfeng a letter. There were dark circles under her eyes when she got up from her bed. Her mother urged her to leave so she could only pack her things and leave with her mother.

Ruyan Liu teared up again when she left the villa. She had too many memories in this villa.

She remembered clearly that Qingfeng and her first met when he came to borrow a black-boned chicken. Back then, Ruyan Liu had given Qingfeng a chicken.

They met for the second time when Qingfeng went to her company to obtain invitations for the Charity Banquet. Their third meeting was at the Charity Banquet…

Ruyan Liu’s mind was filled with her memories with Qingfeng. They had slept together during their seventh meeting. She had given her body to his man then, the man she loved the most.

Ruyan Liu did not know that Qingfeng was already married. Thus, she never thought of herself as a mistress. She was only a woman who was chasing love.

There was no right or wrong when it comes to love. Furthermore, Ruyan Liu always thought that Qingfeng was single. Thus, she was not in the wrong.

But, she also had her pride. She did not ask Qingfeng to divorce Xue Lin when she became aware of their marriage. She knew that she should not separate them. Furthermore, she also had a fiancé that her family had planned for her.

The purpose for Ruyan Liu’s return to the Capital was for her to marry Shaoyang Wang. She did not like Shaoyang Wang, but she could not resist her famliy’s plans.

As the eldest daughter of the family, even though she might seem to be living the happy life, she had no choice but to sacrifice herself for the benefit of the family.

Ruyan Liu had thought about resisting the marriage and running away with Qingfeng. But she knew that her family would kill Qingfeng if they knew about her relationship with him.

For Qingfeng, Ruyan Liu was willing to sacrifice herself. She was willing to marry Shaoyang Wang who she did not love.

A thin elderly man drove Xifeng Zhang and Ruyan Liu towards Eastern Sea International Airport.

The thin elderly man was Xifeng Zhang’s bodyguard. He was also the housekeeper of the Liu Family of the Capital. Even though he looked thin, his combat ability was very strong.

"Sister, take care." There were tears in Jiaojiao Liu’s eyes as she watched Ruyan Liu’s departing figure.

She knew that only her sister cared about her in the entire family. Now that her sister had left, she was once again the little girl that no one cared about.

Jiaojiao Liu weeped for a while before heading towards Qingfeng’s mansion with her sister’s letter in hand. She needed to give Qingfeng the letter her sister had wrote last night.

Jiaojiao Liu arrived at villa #13 and knocked heavily on the door.

It was only 6 am in the morning. Qingfeng was deep in sleep when he was awoken by the knocking on the door.

Qingfeng opened his bleary eyes and walked towards the door. He saw Jiaojiao Liu at the door with face full of anger.

"Jiaojiao, why are you knocking on the door so early in the morning?" Qingfeng said with a yawn.

He rejoiced in his heart that it was only 6 am so Xue Lin was still asleep. Xue Lin would be suspicious if she saw Jiaojiao Liu at the door.

"Hmph, brother-in-law, you are a heartless man. You are Shimei Chen," Jiaojiao Liu said while glaring at Qingfeng.

Heartless man? Shimei Chen?

Qingfeng was stunned and speechless. Everyone who had studied history knew that Shimei Chen was a scholar who had abandoned his wife, Xianglian Qin, for the princess. Later on, he was killed.

Shimei Chen was a heartless man with a bad heart. How could Jiaojiao Liu call him Shimei Chen?

"Jiaojiao, are you upset with me? Why are you knocking on my door so early in the morning and insulting me?" Qingfeng said unhappily.

If anyone else dared to talk to Qingfeng this way, he would have slapped them across the face. But he dared not slap his sister-in-law.

"Hmph, you are a heartless man who always hurt my sister’s heart. Here, here is my sister's letter to you," Jiaojiao Liu said as she took out the letter and handed it over to Qingfeng.

What? Ruyan’s letter to me?

A flash of puzzlement appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes. He opened the letter and saw the words, "Dear Qingfeng, when you see this letter, I will be on my way to the Capital…

We are destined to part this life, but we will meet in our next life. From, Ruyan who will forever love you."

"Ruyan Liu has returned to the Capital city?" Qingfeng’s expression changed. He thought that Ruyan Liu was only joking when she said that she was returning to the capital today.

The letter seemed like it was her last words. Qingfeng could even see the tear marks on the letters. He knew that Ruyan Liu must have cried when she was writing the letter.

For some reason, Qingfeng’s heart twisted in pain after he read the letter. He felt that he was about to lose something important.

"Jiaojiao, what time is Ruyan’s flight?" Qingfeng asked anxiously.

"My sister’s flight is at 7 am," Jiaojiao Liu said as she looked at Qingfeng unhappily.

Jiaojiao Liu almost told Qingfeng that her sister was pregnant. But she contained herself when she recalled her sister’s words. She did not tell Qingfeng that her sister was pregnant.

She knew that if brother-in-law knew that her sister was pregnant, he would find trouble with the Liu Family. Then, the Liu and Wang Family would kill Qingfeng.

Even though Jiaojiao Liu was very displeased with Qingfeng, and thought that he was a heartless man who had abandoned her sister, she did not want Qingfeng to die. She was very careful when the matters concerned Qingfeng’s life.

7 am, Ruyan Liu was going to leave Eastern Sea City at 7 am. Qingfeng looked at his watch. It was already 6:40am. There was only 20 minutes before the flight’s departure.

No, I need to see Ruyan Liu for the last time. Qingfeng placed the letter away and ran out of the villa.

"Brother-in-law, where are you going?" Jiaojiao Liu yelled as she saw Qingfeng running out of the mansion.

"I am going to see Ruyan at the airport," Qingfeng said as he ran out of the neighborhood.

He initially wanted to drive Xue Lin’s BMW to the airport. However, the key for the car was with Xue Lin. He could not ask for the key from Xue Lin so he could only take a taxi to the airport.