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Chapter 364: Heartbroken, Ruyan Left

Chapter 364: Heartbroken, Ruyan Left

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Qingfeng was heartbroken that Ruyan Liu has left. He sat weakly on the ground and felt that he was losing something important to him.

He looked at the plane in the sky with empty eyes. He was heartbroken when he saw Ruyan Liu’s plane depart.

Qingfeng’s instincts were extremely accurate. He felt that Ruyan Liu would not return after her departure.

At this moment, the song started playing in the airport.

'Don't ask me how many people I’ve loved in my life. You don’t understand how hurt I am. It is too merciless to open my wounds. Don’t be too in love, hold back your love for a bit. Don’t like to be lonely but scared of being with another person. This is a type of pain…'

Qingfeng felt that his heart was aching badly. Someone who had never experienced it would not know what it felt like to have a woman he loved leave him. It felt like his heart was in a million pieces.

The plane flew to a thousand meters and gradually left. In a moment, it disappeared from Qingfeng’s sight.

Even though the plane had disappeared, Qingfeng continued watching the skies with empty eyes. He felt that his heart was deep in pain.

He did not know when he would see Ruyan Liu again. It could be a month, two months, six months, a year or never again.

Qingfeng suddenly felt that he was happiest when he was with Ruyan Liu. When he was with this woman, he did not have to worry if she was happy or unhappy. She would always be considerate about him.

But what him? Qingfeng suddenly felt that he had done too little for Ruyan Liu. He did not even promise her anything.

Ruyan Liu had given him her body, but what did Qingfeng give her? She did not need money. She was richer than him. She did not need a house – her house was the best mansion in Eastern Sea City. She did not need a car either, she drove a limited edition Maserati which was one of a kind.

Qingfeng suddenly felt that he couldn’t give Ruyan Liu anything but he had obtained her body.

As for marrying Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng had thought about it before but what would happen to Xue Lin? He could not abandon Xue Lin. If he abandoned Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu would probably look down upon him.

Women loved man who had undivided love, they did not love men who abandoned their wives.

Qingfeng sat on the runway of the plane and his mind wandered as he stared at the sky. He recalled his memories with Ruyan Liu.

The two had met when he borrowed a black-boned chicken from her. They met again during the Charity Banquet, the incident at the cinema, the xxoo activities in the kitchen..

Qingfengs heart ached even more when he recalled his bits and pieces with Ruyan Liu.

He wished that he could become a bird so that he could chase after the planea and leave with Ruyan Liu. Unfortunately, he was not a bird and could not fly into the skies.

"Bastard, why would you chase after the plane. You could have caused a safety accident." Suddenly, a furious voice sounded next to Qingfeng’s ear.

A tall built security walked towards him with men behind him. They had batons in their hands and walked towards him furiously.

They were the security guards of the airport and were responsible for the safety of the airport. But this fellow had nearly caused a safety accident when he chased after the plane. If anything happened, they would be held responsible. They were here to teach this fellow a lesson.

Qingfeng was recalling his memories with Ruyan Liu when he was disrupted by the team of security guards. This made him furious.

Qingfeng was filled with anger by Ruyan Liu’s departure. He was looking for an outlet when the crowd of security gurads approached him.

Qingfeng stood up. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes as he walked towards the team of security guards.

"Fellow, what’s up with your gaze. Are you trying to find trouble?" The leader of the security team was shocked when he saw Qingfeng’s cold gaze.

But he was the security guard of the airport. He had five men behind him. How could he be afraid of this young man? How dare this young man looked at him like this. He was going to teach him a lesson.

The leader waved his left fist towards Qingfeng. Qingfeng quickly kicked his leg towards the security leader.

Pang! The leader of the security team was sent flying with a single kick. He flew by four meters before landing onto the ground with a painful moan.

"F*ck, how dare you hit me. Go get him!" The leader yelled towards the men behind him.

The men behind him also wore security uniforms. They were the subordinates of the security team leader. They obeyed his commands and rushed towards Qingfeng with batons in their hands.

Qingfeng’s heart was filled with anger because of Ruyan Lius’ departure. He became more furious when he saw the batons in the men’s hands.

He moved and rushed towards the security guards. He broke the batons with a single fist.

"Holy f*ck, my baton is broken?!" A security guard screamed with disbelief in his eyes.

The batons were made of strong alloy metals and extremely hard. When there was anyone finding trouble at the airport, they would swat the person with the baton. Anyone hit with the baton would suffer a fracture.

But know, the strong batons in their hands were broken by Qingfeng with a single fist. This was beyond their imagination. What a strong force!

katcha, katcha!

Soon, the batons in the security team’s hands were all broken by Qingfeng. Qingfeng swung his fists at the security guards and defeated all of them in a moment. Some of the security guards had broken ribs while other had broken arms.

This was the result of Qingfeng restraining his force. If he did not control his strength, he would have killed these men.

"A bunch of weaklings who can’t even withstand 10% of my power," Qingfeng said coldly before leaving the airport.

What? 10% of power?

The security guards were stunned. There was fear in their eyes.

They thought that Qingfeng had used all his energy to defeat them. They did not expect that he had only used 10% of his power to defeat them. They looked at Qingfeng with fear in their eyes.

Qingfeng felt slightly better after beating up the security guards. But he was still upset that Ruyan Liu had left.

Qingfeng stopped a taxi and headed towards Noble Palace. When he arrived at the neighborhood, he met Jiaojiao Liu.

Jiaojiao Liu was waiting for him at the entrance. She initially wanted to wait for Qingfeng in front of Villa #13, but Xue Lin had just woken up so she could only wait for Qingfeng at the entrance of the neighborhood. She was prepared to reprimand him.