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Chapter 365: The Furious Jiaojiao Liu

Chapter 365: The Furious Jiaojiao Liu

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"Hmph, heartless man. Did you see my sister?" Jiaojiao Liu said coldly. She looked at Qingfeng with displeasure.

Ever since Jiaojiao Liu became aware that her sister was pregnant with Qingfeng’s child, she became displeased with her brother-in-law since he had made her sister pregnant.

Her poor sister was leaving Eastern Sea City now since she had to marry Shaoyang Wang in the Capital. At that thought, Jiaojiao Liu became angrier and wanted to kick Qingfeng.

Truthfully, Jiaojiao Liu had considered whether she should kick him or beat him up to release her anger. But when she recalled Qingfeng’s strong combat skills, she decided not to kick him since she was not a match for hm.

"Jiaojiao, I just saw your sister. She is on the flight back to the Capital," Qingfeng said sadly. His felt guilty when he thought of Ruyan Liu.

He knew that he should have treated this woman who had given him her body better.

"If anything happens to my sister, I will never forgive you," Jiaojiao glared at Qingfeng before leaving.

Jiaojiao Liu knew that her sister did not like Shaoyang Wang. It was a marriage arranged by the family. She did not want to marry Shaoyang Wang.

She was very worried about her sister. She was scared that she would do something foolish in the Capital city. What if her sister committed suicide? Jiaojiao Liu wanted to accompany her sister at the Capital but Xifeng Zhang did not allow her to do so.

"Jiaojiao," Qingfeng shouted behind her. But Jiaojiao Liu did not respond. She simply left.

Qingfeng felt very upset. Ruyan Liu had just left and now, he was reprimanded by Jiaojiao Liu. How could he be in a good mood?
When he returned to the mansion, Xue Lin was cooking. She asked, "Where did you go so early in the morning?"

Faced with Xue Lin’s questions, Qingfeng buried his bitterness. He said with a smile, "Nothing, I went for a walk."

He could not tell her he went to send Ruyan Liu off. Xue Lin would be upset so he could only tell her he went for a walk. Qingfeng had a headache. Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were both women he loved. He did not want either of them to be hurt. In the end, he still broke Ruyan Liu’s heart.

Sometimes, he would ask himself if he was more accommodating to Xue Lin only because she was his wife.

"Dear, you look sick. Are you okay?" Xue Lin asked with concern.
She saw that Qingfeng’s face was pale and he seemed down. This was the first time she had seen him like this.

Qingfeng sighed in his heart when he saw Xue Lin’s concern. He had already hurt a woman’s heart. He must not hurt another woman’s heart.

"I’m okay. It was cold in the morning, I got a cold when I went for a walk," Qingfeng said with a smile.

"I will make you some brown sugar ginger tea. Rest for a bit," Xue Lin said with concern. Then, she went into the kitchen to make Qingfeng the brown sugar ginger tea.

Xue Lin has become very skilled at cooking. She first cur the ginger into pieces then placed it into boiling water. Finally, she added the brown sugar and finished making the brown sugar ginger tea.
Xue Lin used a ceramic bowl to hold the brown sugar ginger tea. She brought it to Qingfeng’s side and said warmly, "You caught a cold. Have some of this."

Xue Lin remembered clearly that Qingfeng had made her brown sugar ginger tea when she was ill. Her cold went away quickly after she drank the tea. Thus, she made Qingfeng the tea as he was sick.
Qingfeng did not really have a cold but he could not turn down Xue Lin. Thus, he drank the brown sugar ginger tea.

"Hubby, go rest for a while. I will change and then we can give out the wedding invitations," Xue Lin said with a smile as she walked towards the bedroom on the second floor.

They had planned to give the wedding invitations to her family today.

In a moment, Xue Lin walked down the stairs in a white dress. She looked like a blooming white lotus with her snow-white skin and white dress.

Qingfeng finished the brown sugar ginger tea and walked out of the mansion with Xue Lin. There were three more days before their weddings. They were sending out invitations to their parents and friends.

The first people they were inviting were Xue Lin’s family. To be honest, Qingfeng had only met Xue Lin’s parents once.

Some time ago, after the poison spider tried to assassinate Xue Lin, Qingfeng had met her parents when they came to visit her. He had never seen them again.

The Lin Family was a big family in Eastern Sea City. They were the biggest family outside of the four big families. But now, the Chen and Wang Families were extinguished by Qingfeng. The Lin and Ye Family had become part of the new four big families.

Qingfeng could not go visit his in-laws empty handed. He needed to bring a gift. He went to the Walmart nearby and bought the eight piece bethrothal gift. He then took a 10 million cheque and headed towards Xue Lin’s house.

XueLin’s parents lived in a mansion in the eastside. It was located in the suburbs and very quiet there. Rich people in modern society tend to choose to live in the suburbs. The air quality was much better than the city; it was better for their health.

Qingfeng arrived at his in-laws’ house. Since his hands were full, Xue Lin knocked on the door.

Knock knock knock!

Xue Lin knocked thrice on the door. A young man in his twenties opened the door. The young man looked unhappily at Xue Lin.

"Why are you here?" The young man asked.

Xue Lin frowned slightly when she heard his words. She said coldly, "This is my home, why can’t I be here."

Xue Lin’s tone was bad as well. Her words made the young man speechless and his expression turned sour.

"Who is he?" The young man asked as he looked at Qingfeng.
Even though Xue Lin did not like this young man, but she said, "He is your brother-in-law, Qingfeng."

"Brother-in-law? Is he the man who depended on you to live?" The young man said with a sneer as he looked at Qingfeng.

He did not like Xue Lin so he did not like Qingfeng too. He was happy to insult Qingfeng and Xue Lin.

"Hai Lin, he is your brother-in-law. Be more respectful," Xue Lin said unhappily to the young man.

"Tsk tsk, Xue Lin. I never said you are my sister. Why should he be my brother-in-law," Hai Lin said as he looked at Qingfeng with disdain.

His voice was filled with disdain. He did not respect Qingfeng and Xue Lin at all.

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