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Chapter 366: Visiting Xue Lin“s House

Chapter 366: Visiting Xue Lin's House

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Hai Lin, Xue Lin’s younger brother?

Qingfeng Li’s brows tensed up. From the conversation between the two he understood the young man in front of him was Xue Lin’s step brother, with the same father but different mother.

Qingfeng Li heard Xue Lin said her father really wanted a son, but her mother became infertile after giving birth to Xue Lin. So the father had an affair with another woman and gave birth to a son, named Hai Lin. That son was probably the young man in front of him right now.

Qingfeng Li knew that the relationship between Xue Lin and Hai Lin wasn’t close. This was because even though they had the same father, their mothers were different.

In terms of what Hai Lin called him, Qingfeng Li was mad. What the f*ck, who does he think he is. Not only did he looked down on Xue Lin, he even looked down on him.

"Kid, are you stupid? Do you have mental problems?" Qingfeng Li said to Hai Lin with a slight smile.

Since Hai Lin denied Xue Lin and criticized the brother-in-law as well, Qingfeng Li didn’t have to go easy on him. He was going to teach him a lesson and let him know Qingfeng Li wasn’t someone who backed down.

What, I am stupid?

Hai Lin was extremely mad from hearing Qingfeng Li saying he was stupid. He was young, extremely healthy, not even close to being mentally weak or slow. Doesn’t that mean that Qingfeng Li was cursing him?

"Bastard, you are stupid and mental." Hai Lin glared at Qingfeng Li.

"You tend to wet your bed a lot when you sleep at night." Qingfeng Li glared back and said mysteriously.

Wetting the bed meant the mental system was underdeveloped, or not integrated well. The patient’s face was normally grey, with dark spots on the nose and between the brows.

Qingfeng Li used Chinese medicine’s observation technique and saw that Hai Lin wets his bed, just like Haiyang Chen.

His Chinese medicine skills were incredible. But in order to see if others were sick or not, he had to use his observation technique.
For example, when Qingfeng Li was together with Ruyan Liu, he didn’t use observation technique. Thus he wasn’t able to detect Ruyan Liu’s pregnancy. If he were to use it, he would of find out.

Hai Lin’s face changed and looked at Qingfeng Li with shock. He just wetted his bed yesterday night and was scolded by his girlfriend. She said he was too old to be wetting his bed.

His habit of bed wetting was only known by him and his girlfriend, no one else. How did Qingfeng Li know?

Maybe he was a godly doctor, able to see through his sickness. Hai Lin was scared, and a bit of fear filled his eyes as he looked at Qingfeng Li.

Everyone had that one side they didn’t want others to know. If Hai Lin’s sickness was known by others, then it meant everyone saw through him. Naturally, he would be scared.

Hai Lin didn’t want others to know that he still wet his bed, so he was scared to look down at Qingfeng Li for the moment. Instead, he was scared.

"Ya, little Xue you came back. Come in." Hearing the voices at the door, Shi Lin came out. He saw Xue Lin first and was extremely happy.

The reason Shi Lin didn’t like Xue Lin before was because she was a girl, and he wanted a son. But now that he had a son, and Xue Li even married the son of the Li family, naturally he became happy.

Shi Lin knew even though Qingfeng Li wasn’t as welcomed in the Li family, he was still the son of Li family. In Eastern Sea City. A lot of people would still respect him.

When Shi Lin told the giant figures in the business world that his son-in-law was the son of the Li family, they began trying to form partnerships and be in business with him. Now, the Lin family was one of the top four families in Eastern Sea City, and it was partially credited to Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng came as well! Come in, both of you." Shi Lin was filled with smile.

Seeing Shi Lin come out, Hai Lin could only back off to the side. He looked at Qingfeng Li unwillingly; his eyes filled with a mixture of emotions.

Even though Hai Lin still had mix-feelings towards Qingfeng Li, one thing was sure, he became more honest. Ever since Qingfeng Li revealed that he still wet his bed, Hai Lin became frank; scared that Qingfeng Li would tell other people about his sickness.

Shi Lin invited Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin into the living room. Xiaoyun Mu started getting busy: pouring tea and grabbing treats for the two.

Xiaoyun Mu was Qingfeng Li’s mother-in-law, and birth-mother of Xue Lin. She was a virtuous woman. Her only flaw was that she couldn’t give birth anymore after having Xue Lin.

Even though Shi Lin wanted and liked his son more, he was nice to Xiaoyun Mu as well as he didn’t divorce with her. Of course, Shi Lin had thoughts of getting divorce. But ever since Xue Lin married Qingfeng Li, he wouldn’t have dared to divorce.

As the saying goes, discarded children of a big family were not welcomed in the family but were still part of the big family. Shi Lin wouldn’t have dared to offend them.

"Qingfeng, you are being too kind. Why did you bring so many things?" Seeing the things Qingfeng Li brought made Shi Lin extremely happy.

All these things Qingfeng Li bought were not cheap. Every single item was the best out there, and extremely expensive. Even though Shi Lin wasn’t poor, this was his son-in-law’s presents, so naturally he would be happy.

He felt when he told others tomorrow at work that the son of the Li family, his son-in-law, brought him a lot of gifts, everyone would envy him. The more presents the better, Huaxia’s society was all about reciprocity. As long as you bring presents, the other party will be happy.

"Father, mother, Xue Lin and I are planning to host a wedding. This is our gifts for you." Qingfeng Li pointed to the items he bought and brought out a cheque of ten million.

Seeing the cheque on the table, Shi Lin’s eyes brightened up. He was definitely worthy of being the son of the Li family, so wealthy. Just a deposit for the wedding was worth ten million.

Ten million, this was Shi Lin’s company one-year revenue. Of course, he was happy. The more he looked at Qingfeng Li the happier he was becoming.

For Shi Lin, ten million was one year’s revenue, but for Qingfeng Liu, ten million was nothing. One of his perfect Emperor jade sold for one hundred million.

Lunch was cooked by the mother-in-law and Xue Lin also went to help in the kitchen. Her cooking skilsl were extremely good now. Qingfeng Li and Shi Lin were drinking tea in the living room. Because lunch was still going to take some time, the two took out a table and started playing Go.

"Hehe, my father is an expert in Go, can you win?" Hai Lin glared at Qingfeng Li. (TL: Holy f*ck, is Qingfeng gonna be good at Go too?)