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Chapter 367: Beating Father-In-Law in Go

Chapter 367: Beating Father-In-Law in Go

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Hearing what Hai Lin said, Qingfeng Li just smiled. He knew that Hai Lin was trying to hold in his anger from before, but now he couldn’t hold it any longer.

Qingfeng Li was right, Hai Lin couldn’t anymore. Seeing how his father and Qingfeng were going to play Go, he had to mock Qingfeng Li. He knew that his father played Go a lot, and was extremely skillful. Not a lot of people could beat him.

"Qingfeng, ignore him. I am only mediocre. Come on, let us play one round." Shi Lin took out the pieces.

He loved Go; it was his biggest hobby. Every time someone came to visit, he had to play them. His son-in-law finally came, so naturally he had to play a round with him.

In all honesty, Shi Lin mainly wanted to let his son-in-law know he was still respectable through his Go skills. Even though his status couldn’t compete with the Li family, in other fields such as Go, he was still skillful.

Go was a strategic board game. People in ancient times loved this game and it became popular in the Eastern Dragon Continent.

Shi Lin placed the first piece down on the table. Go used squared boards and two colors of pieces, black and white, to play. There were 19 lines horizontally and vertically, creating 361 intersections. Shi Lin used white and Qingfeng Li used black.

Shi Lin placed his first piece in the middle. His strategy was to be extremely safe; going one step at a time. In comparison Qingfeng Li was extremely risky. He placed his first piece at the bottom right corner. Qingfeng Li was going for high-risk-high-reward strategy.

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s piece, Shi Lin’s eyes were filled with confusion. The location of Qingfeng Li’s piece was remote; it was almost like he didn’t want to fight him straight on.
Shi Lin’s second piece also landed in the middle, but this time to the left. He wanted to surround Qingfeng Li’s territory and force him into the corner.

But Qingfeng Li’s next piece baffled Shi Lin. Once again, he placed his black piece at the corner of the table, but this time at the left corner. His previous piece was at the right corner.
Shi Lin was confused by Qingfeng Li’s black pieces because he wasn’t playing like a normal person. A piece on the left corner a piece on the right corner, what was he thinking. The two pieces were too far from each other; how could he surround the other side.

Shi Lin thought Qingfeng Li probably didn’t know how to play Go and was placing the pieces randomly. Thus, he continued to place his white piece. Every he placed his white piece Qingfeng Li immediately followed with a black piece.

Unconsciously, the two placed a lot of pieces down already. The board was almost filled.

"Ah, since when did my white pieces get surrounded?" Shi Lin’s face changed.

He discovered all his white pieces were already surrounded by Qingfeng Li.

Lost, I lost. Shi Lin’s eyes were filled with shock. He didn’t think that on Go he would lose to his son-in-law. In addition, he couldn’t even fight back.

Father lost?

Hai Lin’s mouth was wide open. Other people didn’t know how strong his father’s Go was, but he knew. Even some of the professionals lost to his father. Now, his father had lost to Qingfeng Li; it was a complete defeat as well.

"Father-in-law, you said your Go skill was mediocre. I guess you weren’t lying." Qingfeng Li smiled.

When Shi Lin told him his Go skills were just ok, Qingfeng Li thought he was being modest. But he found out, his father-in-law’s skill was really mediocre; he wasn’t lying.

To be honest, when Qingfeng Li was placing his pieces, he was thinking for the father-in-law. He already gave him too many opportunities. Many times Qingfeng Li could of won, but he let him go.

In the end, Qingfeng Li gave him too many chances, he could only defeat him.

"Qingfeng. My skills are actually pretty good. You said my skills were mediocre is too hurtful." Shi Lin thought in his head.
Of course, these were all Shi Lin’s thought. He wouldn’t say it out loud because it would be even more embarrassing. The father-in-law lost to his son-in-law; it would drop his reputation a lot.

"The meal is ready. Shi Lin, what happened to your face." Mother-in-law asked after finished cooking.

Shi Lin tensed his brows and said, "Of course my face doesn’t look well. I was playing Go with Qingfeng, but I lost."

What? lost?

Xiaoyun Mu’s eyes were filled with confusion. She knew that her husband’s Go skills were extremely high, how come he lost. Qingfeng Li was only around 20 years old; how come his Go skills were so strong?

Shi Lin played Go a lot and Xiaoyun Mu saw him play Go a lot. Thus, she was able to tell who lost who won.

Xiaoyun Mu looked at the board; she wanted to see how many pieces her husband lost by. After just one look she was shocked: Shi Lin’s black pieces were completely surrounded by Qingfeng Li’s white pieces. He lost completely.
Xiaoyun Mu looked at Shi Lin with sympathy. Getting beaten at his favorite habit definitely saddened him.

Xue Lin came out at this time as well. She had some knowledge of Go as well. After one look she was able to tell Qingfeng Li beaten her father.

"Dear you are so good. It's like you defeated dad's army!" Xue Lin walked to Qingfeng Li’s side and said.

Xue Lin wasn’t close with her father because Shi Lin had preferred a boy more. When she was young, Shi Lin cared about Hai Lin more. Thus when she saw Qingfeng Li beat her father with Go, she was super happy.

What, beat me completely?

Hearing what Xue Lin said, Qingfeng Li gave her an awkward look. He is your father at the very least, you shouldn’t embarrass him too much.

Even though Xue Lin’s voice was low, Shi Lin still heard it. Shi Lin’s face reddened up and felt embarrassed. Shi Lin was feeling extremely embarrassed: her daughter was on his son-in-law’s side. She was embarrassing him.

Hearing what Xue Lin said, Hai Lin wasn’t happy. He wanted to scold Xue Lin; how could you describe father like that?

"Xue Lin, you can’t say that to father. Qingfeng Li didn’t just defeat dad's army. He killed every single member of dad's army, including the chickens and dogs." Hai Xin looked at Xue Lin and said.

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