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Chapter 368: Compliment From the Father-In-Law

Chapter 368: Compliment From the Father-In-Law

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What? The chickens and dogs in my army died too? After hearing what Hai Lin said, Qingfeng Li was lost of words. He looked down at the kid; Xue Lin already said something embarrassing of his dad, Hai Lin added salt to the injury.

What Hai Lin said about his dad was even more embarrassing than what Xue Lin said. He wasn’t helping his dad; he was embarrassing him even more.

Qingfeng Li looked at Hai Lin with disdain; he felt that he was just a spoilt kid. His grades in school were probably really bad and he didn’t even know how to speak gracefully.

Sure enough, Shi Lin slapped Hai Lin after hearing what he said. He scolded, "You bastard. I told you to study hard in school, but you won’t. You don’t even know how to properly use a phrase?"

After getting slapped by his father, Hai Lin felt wronged and said, "Father, the saying was taught by the teacher, I wasn’t wrong. Qingfeng Li did beat you like a piece of cake."

Hearing how Hai Lin still didn’t admit he was wrong, Shi Lin was filled with rage. He slapped him again and said, "How did I get a son as stupid as you? If you were at least half as smart as Xue Lin, I would be super glad."

Right now Shi Lin was extremely disappointed at his son. Even though he wanted a son, this son was stupid. He only knew to drink and fight in school and never went to class; he failed all his tests, and even got a 0 on one test.

Remembering Hai Lin got a 0 on his test enraged Shi Lin even more. Look at Xue Lin, her marks were always 100.

Shi Lin was suspicious. Both his kids were from him, then how come Xue Lin was so smart and Hai Lin was so dumb. Sometimes Shi Lin would even dream that Xue Lin was a boy, but she wasn’t.
After getting slapped by father, Shi Lin sat to the side. No one tried to talk to him. Hai Lin was sad. I am so smart, why is everyone saying I am stupid?

He remembered in school, everyone says he was smart, even the teachers would praise him sometimes. What Hai Lin didn’t know was that his classmates praised him because he was the wealthiest and they all wanted to spend his money. But in their hearts, they all thought Hai Lin was stupid.

"It’s alright, let us eat lunch." Xiaoyun Mu placed the dishes onto the table.

It was already 12 and they had finished cooking. Naturally, they were going to eat.

"Qingfeng, come on, let’s eat." Shi Lin invited Qingfeng Li enthusiastically. Regarding his son, he ignored him because he was too stupid. There were two important characters today, one was Qingfeng Li, and the other was Xue Lin.

Even though Shi Lin and Xiaoyun Mu were Qingfeng Li’s father- and mother-in-law, they didn’t act all mighty. After all, Qingfeng Li was from the Li family.

"Qingfeng, why are you so skillful in Go, did you study this game before?" Shi Lin asked.

His favorite hobby was Go. Even though Qingfeng Li beat him and made him felt embarrassed, he had to ask after seeing how Qingfeng Li was so skillful.

"Father-in-law, I studied under my teacher for three months on Go." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

What, only learned about Go for three months?

Shi Lin was shocked. His self-esteem was being broken down.
Qingfeng, even though I am your father-in-law, you didn’t have to be so mean to me. Shi Lin felt hurt; he studied Go for more than ten years but was beaten by someone who learned it for a couple of months.

Shi Lin was extremely sad. He looked at Qingfeng Li with resentment. Seeing Shi Lin’s resentful stare, Qingfeng Li felt awkward. What was this glare from father-in-law, you are not a girl, why are you so resentful? It was almost like I gave up on you.
Only one person knew what Shi Lin was thinking, it was Xiaomu Yun. As Shi Lin’s wife, she naturally knew how much Shi Lin loved Go; it was in his blood.

"Qingfeng, your so skillful in Go. You can teach father-in-law." Xiaomu Yun smiled and said to Qingfeng Li.

She knew that Shi Lin wanted to ask Qingfeng Li about Go. But being his father-in-law, and just lost to him, Shi Lin felt embarrassed to ask. So Xiaomu Yun helped him say it instead.
Hearing what Xiaomu Yun said, Shi Lin looked at her with love. He wanted to learn more about Go, but was too embarrassed to ask. His wife helped him say what he wanted.

Shi Lin felt triumph. Even though his son was dumb, his wife and daughter were both smart. He was glad he didn’t divorce Xiaomu Yun, or he had to face his stupid son everyday. That would probably enrage him to death.

"Father-in-law. The strategy of playing Go, or the overall awareness, you have to consider the whole board. Before you land your first piece, you have to think about the following ten, or even twenty, pieces’ locations." Qingfeng Li started talking about his insights and experience.

Of course, all of Qingfeng Li’s Go was taught by his teacher, Devil Ren Feng. Qingfeng Li knew his teacher's genius; he knew everything. He was also the leader of the ten devils under.

As Qingfeng Li talked about Go, he started remembering his teacher. Teacher brought him to the Wolf Continent when he was eight. He taught him a bunch of skills and left.

Before teacher left, he told Qingfeng Li he was going to look for his father, Bawang the Great Conqueror. But Qingfeng Li knew that his father was lost. The Li family sent out a lot of people before to try to find him, but all failed. Could his teacher really find him?

Ever since his teacher went to find Overlord, he never communicated with Qingfeng Li. It was like he was lost as well. Qingfeng Li missed his teacher a lot, but he wasn’t able to call him.
He once tried to use Wolf Fang Clan’s power to find teacher around the globe, but they failed.

"Qingfeng, hearing what you said was better than studying from the textbook for ten years. What you said is extremely profound." Shi Lin slapped his leg and said with a face of excitement.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, he felt like his brain was enriched. Some of the things he couldn’t understand before was understood at this moment.

"Father-in-law, this is just a little bit of my understanding. Go’s knowledge is broad and profound. As long as you study it more and deeper, you will be an expert in it." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

Shi Lin nodded his head; he agreed. Shi Lin looked at Qingfeng Li with praise, his son-in-law was not a simple man. But when Shi Lin looked at Hai Lin, he felt depressed. How come his daughter and son-in-law were both so smart, but his son was so dumb?