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Chapter 370: Mengyao Xu was a Bit Depressed

Chapter 370: Mengyao Xu was a Bit Depressed

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"Qingfeng Li! Its great to see you! The man in front is a criminal, help me catch him quick." Mengyao Xu’s eyes were filled with joy.
The man had just stolen a purse and started running. Mengyao Xu tried to chase after him, but he was too quick. It was at this moment that she saw Qingfeng Li.

Mengyao Xu knew that Qingfeng Li was extremely quick and skillful. If he could help with getting the criminal, he will for sure catch up to him.

"Little Yaoyao, don't worry. This guy broke my car window and scratched my wife’s hand, I will teach him a lesson for sure." Qingfeng Li said with rage.


Hearing Qingfeng Li said wife, Mengyao Xu turned her head and saw Xue Lin in the car. This made her heart ache. Mengyao Xu was sad because she liked Qingfeng Li, but he had a wife. Whatever, Mengyao Xu shook her head to shake away the sadness and started chasing the criminal.


Qingfeng Li’s body moved like a panther, instantly catching up to the criminal. He was a lot faster than Mengyao Xu. With a blink of an eye, he caught up to the man. The criminal felt a breeze go past and a body appeared in front of him.

"F*ck off, don’t block me." The man said with the purse in his hand.
The criminal was extremely fierce. There were people who tried to block him before, but once he showed his evil face, normally they would be scared and leave. But this time, even after he showed his evil face, all he saw was Qingfeng Li smirking.


Qingfeng Li kicked the man in the stomach and stepped onto his chest. He said, "You think you are cool eh? Brave enough to break my car’s window?"

The man’s face changed and was filled with shock. Qingfeng Li was too strong; with one kick he sent him down to the ground, leaving no time for reaction.

He tried to recall. He did break a bunch of car’s windows, but it was for the sake of running away.

"Remove your foot. Let me tell you I am part of the Purse Snatching Gang (TL: you fcking serious now? F*cking lamest name ever), don’t offend me." Even though the man was scared, he still tried to threaten.

The Purse Snatching Gang was a bunch of gangsters around the area, mainly focusing on snatching purses. They were extremely well known and powerful.


Facing the man’s threat, Qingfeng Li broke his left elbow with his right foot and said: Purse Snatching Gang is really scary huh. Let me see how you would snatch more purses if I break your arms. Ah, my elbow, the man screamed. He looked at Qingfeng Li with fear.

He was extremely scared. Before as long as he told the person his gang, the others would normally let him go. But the man in front of him broke his arm instead. When Mengyao Xu arrived, she heard the man’s scream. She discovered the man’s elbow was broken by Qingfeng Li; the bones were showing through the muscle.

"Qingfeng Li, you are still so violent." Mengyao Xu glared at Qingfeng Li.

To her, this man was a criminal, but not to the point of the need to break his elbow. Qingfeng Li’s action was too violent.

"Little Yaoyao, he should be happy. I am going to marry soon so I didn’t want to kill." Qingfeng Li looked at the man coldly.

Qingfeng Li’s tone was filled with murderous intent and scared the man. He looked at Qingfeng Li with fear.

"Wasn’t Xue Lin your wife, why are you marrying again. Don’t tell me you are marrying another girl?" Mengyao Xu tensed her brows and asked.

When Xue Lin was at the hospital before, Mengyao Xu knew that she was Qingfeng Li’s wife. But now Qingfeng Li said he was going to marry. This made Mengyao Xu confused. Everyone said men liked every woman they saw. Maybe Qingfeng Li was someone like that as well?

Seeing Mengyao’s expression, Qingfeng Li naturally knew what she was thinking. He explained, "It is a wedding between Xue Lin and I. We only got the certificate, but not the actual wedding. This time it is the actual wedding."

Oh. Mengyao nodded and understood. So it was the formal wedding between the two. Mengyao Xu was a bit sad. She was originally happy to see Qingfeng Li, but now hearing that he was going to get married made her sad again.

Mengyao Xu looked at Qingfeng Li with resentment and said, "What time is the wedding. Why didn’t you tell me, I thought I was your friend?"

Mengyao Xu’s tone was filled with complaints. The relationship between the two were really close. It was Qingfeng Li who saved her from being kidnapped. She wasn’t happy because Qingfeng Li didn’t tell her about the wedding; an important even in anyone’s life.

"There are still three more days. I just came back from my father- and mother-in-law’s home. I was about to tell you, but now since I saw you here I will tell you now. Go to Lin’s Hotel for the wedding." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

The criminal tried to run away after seeing Qingfeng Li and Mengyao Xu were chatting. He felt like it was his chance to run away. But the moment he stood up Qingfeng Li kicked him back down.

"Do you really think you could run away?" Qingfeng Li stepped onto the man’s ribcage and broke one rib.

The man looked at Qingfeng Li hopelessly. This young man was too strong. He was able to detect him even when he was talking to the policewoman.

"I will leave this guy to you. I have to go first." Qingfeng Li waved at Mengyao Xu.

Qingfeng Li went back into the car and brought it to the dealership to repair the front window. After everything was done, it was already 7:00p.m.

7 p.m., a lot of people are eating dinner at this time, so naturally they couldn’t go send out more invitations. After talking with Xue Lin, the two decided to go rest and send invitations out tomorrow. Dinner was cooked by Qingfeng Li because Xue Lin’s hand was injured. Naturally, the meal was fed by Qingfeng Li as well to Xue Lin.

To say the truth, Xue Lin could eat on her own, but she forced Qingfeng Li to feed her. The two felt tired after dinner from all the errands. They took a hot bath and went to sleep.