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Chapter 371: Someone“s Courting Jiaojiao

Chapter 371: Someone's Courting Jiaojiao

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The next day, the sun shone brilliantly. It was another beautiful day.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin both got up early. After having breakfast, they started to deliver wedding invitations to their families.

They had to deliver all the wedding invitations, as their wedding would be held the day after tomorrow. They would go visiting Xue Lin’s families and friends first, then Qingfeng Li’s family in the Jing Capital.

Qingfeng Li didn’t get along with the Li family in Jing Capital. However, he was the eldest son of the family, so he had to go visit and invite them as it was customary.

Certainly, he was only going to Jing Capital to inform them about the wedding. It was up to them whether they would attend the wedding or not. He would treat them nicely if they came, if not, he wouldn’t be mad at them.

Qingfeng Li was zoned out for a while thinking of the trip to Jing Capital tomorrow, as he knew that Ruyan Liu went back to the Jing Capital. He was wondering if he would meet her if he went there tomorrow.

Qingfeng Li knew that Ruyan Liu was the princess of the Liu family in Jing Capital. He wasn’t sure if it was proper to look for her, and if Xue Lin would be unhappy with that.

"What is in your mind?"Xue Lin opened her cherry lips and asked, after seeing Qingfeng Li zoned out.

They were just talking about giving wedding invitations, and decided to visit the Li family tomorrow after visiting all the families and friends in Eastern Sea City. It confused her when she saw Qingfeng Li stuck in a daze after she mentioned Jing Capital.

Qingfeng Li gave a bitter smile, he shook his head and didn't say anything. What else could he say, he couldn't say that he wanted to see Ruyan Liu tomorrow, which would upset Xue Lin with no doubt. He understood that Xue Lin didn't get along with Ruyan Liu at all.

Qingfeng Li’s and Xue Lin walked out home and went to supermarket to get some gifts, then drove to all of Xue Lin’s families and friends’ to deliver wedding invitations.

It didn’t take them too long to give away the wedding invitations, as they just simply went to their home and dropped the invitations rather than spent more time chatting and having meals. They got it done by noon and decided to make calls to inform other families who lived in other cities.

It was past noon after they sent all the wedding invitations. Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin just grabbed some food at a random restaurant.

They were supposed to have the afternoon to pick up the bridal veil but Xue Lin got a phone call from the corporation saying there was an emergency meeting, and she had to attend as the CEO.

Xue Lin had no choice but to say sorry to Qingfeng Li then drove to the meeting. Qingfeng Li wandered on the street feeling bored, then he thought of Jiaojiao Liu all of a sudden.

As Qingfeng Li remembered, when Ruyan Liu was still in Eastern Sea City, she had enjoined him to take care of Jiaojiao Liu and to visit her once a while.

Jiaojiao Liu was left alone in Eastern Sea City after Ruyan Liu went back to the Jing Capital.

Qingfeng Li decided to visit Jiaojiao Liu. She had to be in class at the moment. He remembered that Jiaojiao Liu mentioned she was in the economics and management program at the at Eastern Sea University. Therefore, he stopped a taxi and headed to Eastern Sea University.

Eastern Sea University was the top university in the city, even in the entire Hua Kingdom it was still considered as one of the top universities. Eastern Sea University offered high quality and professional teachers and owned advanced resources on a wide range of subjects.

Qingfeng Li arrived at Eastern Sea University in half an hour. The university was so vast that it took up over a dozen acres. The teaching building, technology building, office building and residences were all provided for its students.

A couple of people were walking around at the campus. Some were reading under the tree, while others wandering on the grass or playing basketball at the playground.

Admiration flashed through Qingfeng Li’s eyes when he saw all the students with joy on their youthful faces. He had been brought to the Wolf continent since he was eight. He never had a chance to go to university. All he learned were medical skills and methods for killing.

It had been said by someone that life without going to university was incomplete. Qingfeng Li felt something was missing in his life, probably something like youth, purity and happiness.

Nevertheless, Qingfeng Li made it up in what he had lost. He gained quite a lot while he missed his youthful, pure and happy childhood at the same time. Things like medical skills, fighting skills and the Wolf Fang Clan were all treasures he picked up on his journey.

Qingfeng Li walked to Jiaojiao Liu ‘s classroom along the campus path. Meanwhile, in Jiaojiao Liu’s classroom, some courtship was happening. A handsome man stood in front of Jiaojiao Liu with a bunch of roses in his hand. He smiled and said, "Jiaojiao, please take these roses and be my girlfriend."

The handsome man was only eighteen years old, but was dressed in fancy clothes and was holding an iPhone 7. Apparently, he was rich. He stared at Jiaojiao with his eyes scorching, and admiration was flowing over his eyes.

He was Peng Ye, the young master of theYe family in Eastern Sea City. The Ye family just joined the Big Four in Eastern City, which was incredibly powerful. In Eastern Sea University, Peng Ye was a celebrity, who could get whatever he wanted and was deeply admired by girls.

Although the number of girls who liked Peng Ye was countless, there was only one person that stole his heart, that was Jiaojiao Liu. Jiaojiao Liu was the most charming girl in the university, that was why he was hitting on her.

Jiaojiao Liu frowned, the shine in her beautiful eyes was replaced with disgust. A guy with short hair behind stood up before she said anything.

"Peng Ye, Jiaojiao has no interest in you. Hurry up and get out." the guy with short hair said with anger.

He was also into Jiaojiao Liu, thus he wouldn’t let anyone approach her. Qingfeng Li would drop his jaw if he was there, since the guy with short hair wasn’t anyone else but Hai Lin, Xue Lin’s younger brother.

No one could ever deny the dramatic part of life. Hai Lin was in the same class with Jiaojiao Lin, and he liked Jiaojiao Liu. Peng Ye became speechless suddenly, he didn’t expect for Hai Lin’s interruption as he was showing his admiration to Jiaojiao Liu.

"Hai Lin, are you out of your mind? You’d better fuck off when I'm talking to Jiaojiao." said Peng Ye with a chilling smile.

In the world of animal, battles were common when two males were after the same female. The winner got the female. It also made sense in this situation, as advanced primates, men showed their power off in front of women by fighting with other men.

Peng Ye was exactly the same. Seeing Hai Lin trying to take Jiaojiao Liu away triggered his nerve. The only thing in his mind at the moment was to beat up Hai Lin to prove how strong he was. Perhaps Jiaojiao Liu would agree to be his girlfriend after seeing his power.

"Peng Ye, stop acting bold. Jiaojiao Liu isn’t into you at all, so don’t go after her so shamelessly," said Hai Lin in a cold voice, who didn’t want to look like a coward in front of his dream girl.

"Hai Lin, it seems that you are looking for fight." Peng Ye sneered and said in a chilling tone.

"Wanna fight? Sure, I’m not scared." Hai Lin stood up, rolled up his sleeves and was ready to fight.

Qingfeng Li ran across the scene as he was just walking into the classroom. Hai Lin and Peng Ye were about to have a fight over Jiaojiao Liu.