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Chapter 372: Qingfeng Li“s Slap

Chapter 372: Qingfeng Li's Slap

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Qingfeng Li ran into the fight between Hai Lin and Peng Ye while walking into the classroom. Apparently, Jiaojiao Liu was the reason for their fight, which seemed funny to him. He had already heard about the beauty of Jiaojiao Liu, which attracted many men, including some bullies in society. However, he never expected to see any followers today, and witness two guys fight for her.

It wasn’t easy to deny the charm of beautiful women, there would be trouble wherever they went. However, Qingfeng Li had something to do with the fight today since Hai Lin was Xue Lin’s younger brother, which made Qingfeng Li his brother-in-law.

What gave Qingfeng Li a headache was that he wasn't only Hai Lin’s brother-in-law, but also Jiaojiao Liu’s. Although Qingfeng Li was Hai Lin’s brother-in-law, he didn’t plan to help Hai Lin, since Hai Lin mocked him in front of his father-in-law and Hai Lin didn’t treat Xue Lin well either.

Nobody noticed Qingfeng Li at the door, as they put all the attention on Peng Ye and Hai Lin, hoping there would be a fight between them.

Meanwhile, Peng Ye took off his jacket, showed his strong muscles then walked towards Hai Lin. Hai Lin was quite skinny, however, he started walking towards Peng Ye in order to prove himself in front of Jiaojiao Liu.


Peng Ye fulminated, the muscles all over his body hunched up. He lifted his right fist and threw a punch at Hai Lin’s body. Hai Lin was reluctant to show weakness, so he started punching at Peng Ye.

However, Peng Ye’s fist moved faster, it landed on Hai Lin and pushed him a few steps back.

It was obvious that Hai Lin was weaker than Peng Ye, he couldn’t even take one strike.

"Peng Ye is so strong, he beat Hai Lin with only one shot."

"That’s for sure, Peng Ye is a taekwondo master. How can he be beaten by some normal guy like Hai Lin."

"Hai Lin is just a piece of shit, how is he able to take Jiaojiao Liu away from young master Peng Ye. What a shame."

People around were discussing widely and throwing sardonic looks at Hai Lin, which made his face ghastly pale.

Hai Lin ran towards Peng Ye after a yell. He waved his fist and was ready to teach Peng Ye a lesson and also to show others his power.

Peng Ye sneered seeing Hai Lin running towards him, a chilling light came out of his eyes.

Peng Ye was a taekwondo master and had been learning Kung Fu with his family for a long time. Therefore, he was able to tell Hai Lin was just some normal guy who knew nothing about fighting.

Peng Ye slightly lifted his right foot, stuck the tip of his foot forward, he was ready to give Hai Lin a deadly strike.

As Hai Lin ran close to Peng Ye, waving his fist and was about to attack him, Peng Ye kicked with his right foot all of a sudden. The kick landed hard on Hai Lin’s abdomen, and knocked him off the ground.

With a loud banging noise, Hai Lin was kicked to the ground by Peng Ye. Hai Lin’s back hit against the ground and made a huge noise. People around burst into laughter, feeling embarassed for Hai Lin. It was humiliating that Hai Lin got knocked over before he even got a chance to touch Peng Ye.

Hai Lin’s face turned pale. As he was trying to get up, Peng Ye walked forward suddenly and stepped on Hai Lin’s face, leaving him no way to stand up.

"Hai Lin, you can’t even take one strike from me. How dare you try to steal Jiaojiao from me. You piece of trash." Peng Ye humiliated Hai Lin as he stepping on Hai Lin’s face.

It drove Hai Lin crazy mad, as he was laying on the ground while his face was under Peng Ye’s foot. What a shame. Men lived on face, their face was the most important thing.

It was said that man lived upon his face and tree lived upon its bark. One could be beaten anywhere but the face, one could be blamed on anything but on not his shortcomings.

How about now? Hai Lin’s face was stepped under Peng Ye’s foot. Today was the most humiliating day he ever had, he would rather kill himself at the moment. Hai Lin knew that Peng Ye had learned Martial Arts, and he was just some normal guy who was too weak to be Peng Ye’s opponent.

Hai Lin looked around at the classmates around, hoping they could give him some help. However, the classmates who used to flatter him all looked pale and were backing out of fear. No one dared to help Hai Lin.

Everyone knew that Peng Ye was the young master of Ye family, one of the Big Four families in Eastern Sea City. The Ye family just joined the Big Four after the elimination of the Chen and Wang family, and was incredibly powerful and wealthy.

People around were quite smart, they knew that this was the fight between two young masters. They couldn’t afford to offend Peng Ye. They also heard that he had connections with some bullies, there was one guy who offended Peng Ye got his legs broken.

"Hai Lin, don’t even expect any help from others. I’ll slap you till you are dead today. People from the Lin family are all idiots, how dare you people compete with us." Peng Ye then took off his shoe and slapped Hai Lin’s face with it.

Both the Ye family and the Lin family had just joined the Big Four, and thus the competition between them was quite serious. Especially the conflicts related to their benefits.


Peng Ye slapped Hai Lin’s face hard with his shoe, Hai Lin’s face became swollen immediately. Slapping someone’s face with shoes was a way of humiliation.

Having his face slapped by shoes, Hai Lin’s eyes were full of disgrace. However, he couldn’t get up as Peng Ye beat him too hard.

Hai Lin was desperate, not only because he was humiliated, but also received no help from others.

"That’s way too much." Qingfeng Li stood at the door, his eyebrows were twisted, discontent filled his eyes.

Qingfeng Li didn’t agree with what Peng Ye did. If he wanted to fight with Hai Lin over Jiaojiao Liu, he could just beat Hai Lin up instead of slapping Hai Lin’s face with his shoe. Moreover, it might be justifiable for Peng Ye to slap Hai Lin’s face with his shoe, but it annoyed Qingfeng Li when Peng Ye called people from Lin family idiots.

Xue Lin was from the Lin family, as she was Shi Lin’s daughter. Peng Ye called people from the Lin family idiots, then that meant he thought Xue Lin was an idiot too, which really pissed Qingfeng Li off.

"Stop it now." said Qingfeng Li, yelling at Peng Ye.

Qingfeng Li’s voice shocked all the people around, they looked towards the door. They wondered why would someone stop Peng Ye from slapping Hai Lin.

Peng Ye was well known as the young master of Ye family, wasn’t that person looking for trouble by telling him to stop?

Qingfeng Li walked in the classroom without paying attention to the shocked look on other people’s faces. He walked up to Peng Ye, said in a cold voice, "Let him go".

"Who the fuck are you dude? Don’t get involved in my business." said Peng Ye arrogantly.

Seeing Qingfeng Li, Hai Lin and Jiaojiao Liu both changed the look on their faces, shockingness flashed through their eyes.

Hai Lin was shocked that Qingfeng Li was here and asked Peng Ye to let him go. Jiaojiao Liu couldn’t believe that her brother-in-law was in her classroom, she wasn’t sure if he was here for her.

"Let me say that again, let him go." Qingfeng Li frowned, said in a chilling voice.

"What the hell, who are you? Why should I let him go." Peng Ye swore. He was the young master of Ye family! Who was this young man here who tried to stop him.


Hearing the humiliation from Peng Ye, Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and slapped Peng Ye on the face with no hesitation. Peng Ye’s face got red and swollen immediately, the corner of his mouth started bleeding, and one of his teeth was knocked out.