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Chapter 375: Buying A Gift for Ruyan Liu

Chapter 375: Buying A Gift for Ruyan Liu

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Qingfeng arrived at the Sky Garden Antique Market soon. It was the largest antique market in the ES City which occupies a hundred thousand square meters and clustered with thousands of antique shops. Antiques, calligraphy, paintings, and porcelain beads were all along the street.

Qingfeng still clearly remembered he came here with Ruyan last time since she liked rock gambling. At that time, Ruyan pushed Qingfeng to come with her. Yet, Qingfeng won a Emperor Green Jade, sold it out for a billion, and also got to know Yunchang Xu.

However, Qingfeng came to the Antique Market only by himself, instead of with Ruyan, this time.

He felt quite lonely while walking along the antique market. Thinking about the moments he spent with Ruyan, Qingfeng felt so heart-broken.

People would only cherish the one and regret what they did until the one was no longer there.

Qingfeng recalled the scene when he arrived atg the airport and wished he could have gone to the airport earlier and see Ruyan before she left. He was thinking he might have changed her decision once he kissed and hugged her. Qingfeng regretted so much and felt so sad and lonely.

At this point, a song called "I felt so lonely without you" was playing in a antique shop.

Lights and neon in the city light up the darkness but not the loneliness in my heart. Midnight and days keep switching while I was wandering in the street alone...I miss you again, where are you now? I feel so lonely without you…

This sad ballad played from the shop made Qingfeng stayed on his step while feeling more alone.

Anyone who has never experienced this pain would never know. The feeling of falling in love and separation would only break the hearts of those who lost their significant other. It was a deep devastation and loneliness.

Qingfeng started to approach the antique shop which was playing the song. He wondered what the shop looked like as the song has touched his feeling.

This was a small antique store that had only twenty square meters, yet, it had almost everything you needed, such as jades, calligraphy, copper coins, porcelain, bracelets and pendants.

The owner was a girl. She was wearing a white dress and her skin was as fair as snow. She had an oval, slim face and cherry-like lips. Her eyes were as clear as lake which purified all the filth in the world.

she also had a good shape. Her dress was tightened because of her chest yet her waist and legs was slim and delicious.

Lingxiu Xu, that’s her name. She was no one else but the granddaughter of Yunchang Xu, the director of the Antique Department.

Lingxiu smiled with surprise while seeing Qingfeng walked into her store, "Brother Li, here you came?!"

Since Qingfeng was still immersing into the loneliness of the song, he felt shock for the sudden voice he heard once he looked up and found Lingxiu was talking to him.

"Lingxiu, what brought you here?" Qingfeng asked amazedly.

He felt so confused for Lingxiu being here since he thought she was supposed to be with her grandfather.

"Brother Li, I just opened this new antique store. My grandpa told me to learn more about the world of antiques," Lingxiu stuck her tongue out and said with a smile.

In the antique world, simply knowing the theories was far not enough, you are required to have solid practice, which was being in touch with more antiques. One’s knowledge of antique would increase drastically once they see more various antiques.

"Yes, your grandpa is right. Getting in touch with more antiques would gain you more knowledge about this field," Qingfeng nodded as he totally agreed what Yunchang said.

"Brother Li, what bring you to the Antique Market, though?" Lingxiu asked while blinking.

To be honest, it’s been a while for her to see Qingfeng again. The reason why she played the song was because she started to miss him, yet, she wouldn’t expect the song really brought in Qingfeng.

Was it what they called destiny? Lingxiu flushed her face while peeking at Qingfeng.

"Lingxiu, I am thinking of buying something."

"Sure, Brother Li, what are you thinking? Is it for yourself or a gift for somebody else?"

"It’s for somebody else."

"For a guy or a woman."

"It’s for a woman," Qingfeng smiled and said. He felt Lingxiu acting like a old woman by asking so many questions.

Yet, Qingfeng had no clue that a woman would only keep asking you if they have interest in you. otherwise, they wouldn’t be bothered at all.

Lingxiu suddenly became sad once she heard Qingfeng buying antique for a woman. Though, she knew she cannot do anything since she wasn’t her wife nor his girl friend. It was none of her business.

Wake up, Lingxiu. It’s not your business that Qingfeng is buying another woman a gift. What are you jealous about, huh? Lingxiu started to blame her negativity in her mind.

"Qingfeng, what antique are you thinking of? Bracelet, pendant, or wristlet?" Lingxiu asked as she had all of those in the store.

Qingfeng thought for a while, and said, "I’m getting a pendant then."

"For pendant, we have amber, incense wood, glass, crystal, jade, gold, and silver. Which one do you prefer?" Lingxiu explained to Qingfeng while pointing around her store.

Qingfeng looked carefully and found that there were, indeed, so many pendants in different materials, colors and styles. He felt so content that he made the right choice to step in Lingxiu’s store. You got everything related to antiques in Yunchang’s granddaughter’s store.

Qingfeng took a horizon glance, he found crystal and glass are too low in quality, gold and silver were outdated, and jade was too common. He was looking for one that could fit Ruyan’s characteristics.

After thinking for a while, Qingfeng decided to choose the incense wood pendant since it had a beneficial effect on beauty, health and anti-aging aspect.

Certainly, lots of incense wood pendant were knock-off in the market. Qingfeng looked carefully and found all the incense wood pendant in Lingxiu’s store were authentic. Undoubtedly, she put out all her authentic antiques from her house to the store.

While Qingfeng was selecting incense wood pendant precisely, a young man walked in and stated to yell, "Who’s the boss here, you sell me a knock-off product, give me the refund."

This young man had a loud voice that everyone suddenly gathered at the store once they heard there were false products. People in Huaxia liked to see dramas.


Lingxiu changed her expression once she heard this man. All the goods were authentic in the store, how comes there was a knock-off?