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Chapter 376: Authentic or Fake?

Chapter 376: Authentic or Fake?

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"All the items here are 100% authentic, we don’t sell fake products here," Lingxiu said bitterly while frowning.

She was quite sure all the items in the store were authentic since she selected each of them precisely and they were even checked by her grandpa, Yunchang Xu. How could they go wrong?

Credit and reputation were two most crucial things in the antique store. No customer would visit an antique store once it sold false items since nobody liked it. This young man was definitely making stories by saying he was sold a false item here.

"Huh, I just bought a pendant here and it’s fake," the young man sneered while uncovering his palm and showed the amber pendant.

He was very loud for every single word he spoke, so that he could made everyone hear it and let them know this place actually sold knock-offs.

Indeed, people who gathered around started to discuss after hearing the young man.

"I couldn’t believe they sell knock-offs in this store."

"Right? I thought the pretty girl sold authentic goods. Who the heck knows she actually sells fake stuff with her little pretty face. What a liar."

"I was thinking of buying something there, now, I better go buy it somewhere else if they sell fake items."

People started to point at Lingxiu and ridiculed her.

These folks were types of people that believed whatever others said. They didn’t think and only listen to other people. At the moment, they believed the girl sold false items as soon as they young man said so.

Lingxiu was pissed off after seeing the crowd stated to criticize her. Her face turned red and her tears kept running in her eyes.

Lingxiu recognized this young man since he just bought a amber pendant from her store. She gave him a real pendant, how could he make this up?

"The pendant I sold to you was authentic, don’t try to wrong me," Lingxiu said furiously with her red face.

She realized how immoral this man was that he actually accused her of selling false items. She was so mad at the moment.

"Don’t even try to explain yourself, you sold me a knock-off, give me my money back," the young man said as he approached to her aggressively.

He glared at Lingxiu madly so that he could threatened her with giving the refund, which automatically made her admitted she have sold knock-offs and made her store lose credit.

Nobody would come to a store selling knock-offs. This young man was such a bitter person.

Lingxiu was so scared and took a step back when she saw the angry young man. She has never seen such a bitter, angry liar before.

Qingfeng could tell it must be Lingxiu’s first time to deal with this kind of customer after seeing her being terrified, he decided to give her a hand. After all, she was still Yunchang’s granddaughter and her friend.

"Dude, this amber pendant looks authentic to me, what makes you think it is fake, huh?" Qingfeng said calmly while walking up to the young man.

Lingxiu felt hopeful when Qingfeng stood ahead since nobody but him dared to face this angry man. What a nice person.

"Dude, who are you? I am asking for my refund from the boss here since I got a fake item, what is your business here?" the young man was so arrogant while glaring at Qingfeng aggressively.

Qingfeng frowned and said to him, "Young man, don’t turn things worse when I gave you a chance. All the merchandise here is authentic. If you insisted wronging the girl, I wouldn’t just sit here and do nothing."

"Brat, this should be what I said. This amber pendant was obviously a knock-off, what made you confirm it was authentic?" the young man yelled out loud while sneering.

In fact, the young man knew the amber pendant he bought was authentic. The reason why he wronged Lingxiu was because he tried to destroy the credit and reputation of her store and gain some money.

Lingxiu just opened her new store, but since all the items she sold were authentic, a lot of visitors bought things there, which automatically decrease the amount of clients to other antique stores.

People came along with benefit, benefit came along with conflicts, conflicts came along with arguments, arguments came along with fights.

The same theory applied to everywhere. Students tended to compete the marks in school, employees tended to compete for promotions in work, men tended to compete for women against other men. This world was full of competition.

The increasing visiting of Lingxiu’s store has affected the profit of the store next to hers, "Fat dude’s Antique Store". Therefore, the chubby owner of that store found a guy, which was this one, to buy an item here and accused Lingxiu of selling false items.

"Young man, I repeat one more time, don’t make things worse," Qingfeng started to threaten the young man with hatred.

Qingfeng felt so frustrated since he was supposed to get a gift for Ruyan when he went to Yanjing tomorrow. Now, his plan was disturbed by this stupid dude.

He felt pissed that this man tried to destroy Lingxiu’s reputation and even wrongfully convicted her of selling false items. He would have bought the pendant for Ruyan if this man weren’t here.

F*ck. The time to buy gift for Ruyan has been wasted, what an asshole. Anger and aggression started to mingle around Qingfeng.

The young man immediately shivered once he felt the anger of Qingfeng. He stepped back a yelled, "What? Are you thinking about hitting me? I’m coming for my refund here and you tried to beat me? Is it because what I said was right, huh?"

In fact, the young man was threatened by Qingfeng’s aggression, but he was smart enough to point out that he was right on what he claimed once Qingfeng beat him.

Qingfeng suddenly paused. He didn’t expect this dude wasn’t as stupid as he thought. To be honest, he was wanting to kick this man’s ass so hard, though he stopped the thought once he heard what he said.

Why? Simply enough. Once he beat this man, it automatically meant they admitted their products were fake and it would devastate the reputation of Lingxiu’s antique store.

Qingfeng was trying to help Lingxiu, not harm her.

if this young man claimed the amber pendant was fake, Qingfeng decided to prove his stupidity with knowledge, which is proving the authenticity of the amber pendant.

Now, the goal was clear. As long as Qingfeng could prove the amber pendant was authentic, he could prove this young man was lying. Then, his lie would be discovered and the reputation of Lingxiu’s store would be saved.