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Chapter 378: Ruyan Liu

Chapter 378: Ruyan Liu

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Jing Capital, at the Liu family’s villas.

The Liu family, as one of the Four Jing Capital Big Families, was extremely powerful. Although it was ranked last in the four families, it was still a giant monster, like a dormant tiger.

The Liu family's villas were not in the city center, because the last position near the Palace museum had been occupied by the Wang family. The Wang family was first of the four families so they occupied the best position in the Jing Capital.

The Liu family's Villas were located in the suburbs. Actually, they could also build their villas in the city center, but the Liu family's old ancestor said the suburbs were cleaner without pollution.

The Liu Family’s Villas occupied an area of hundreds of acres with more than 10 villa buildings inside. There were more than several hundreds of family members living here. In this land, the family also built a garden, artificial lake, swimming pool, rockeries, pavilions and so on, was extremely luxurious.

The family spent several billions to build these villas, way more than the 1 billion the Wang’s’ family had spent. The Wang’s family gained the top position of the Families by military force.

The Wang’s military force was the most powerful among the four families, and the Dragon King was from the Wang Family. The Liu family was ranked the last, but they were the richest. The assets of their family were already above 900 billion and soon would approach 1 trillion.

It was not always good to have lots of money. Destructions always pursued the great. The Liu Family’s wealth made it a target for the other families. They all took it as a piece of juicy meat, wanting to swallow it. For self-protection, the Liu family decided to unite with the Wang family by marriage, because their armed force was the most powerful. This could definitely be called a winning combination.

As for the marriage with the Wang’s, the Liu Family chose Ruyan, because she was the princess of their family. She was the daughter of the family master and also the most beautiful woman in their family.

Ruyan knew clearly what had been going on between the two families. She also knew she was only a chess piece for her family. For the family's benefit, these people would make her marry Shaoyang Wang for sure.

Ruyan also wanted to stand up for herself, but she knew if she did so, not only would she die, but her mother would die, and even her beloved person, Qingfeng Li would die, too. She did not want her mom and Qingfeng to die because of her.

Although Ruyan didn’t like her mother's arrogance and superiority, her mother gave birth and life to her. Ruyan was a filial daughter and naturally had to consider for her mother.

As for Qingfeng, he was the man she loved; she couldn’t let him be killed by the Wang Family because of her.

Ruyan sat in her own room. Looking at the luxurious room, she felt a sense of loneliness. Although the families spent a hundred million Yuan to decorate her room in order to welcome her back, she still only felt lonely.

Yes, you did not read it wrong; the spending to decorate Ruyan’s room was more than a hundred million. The luxury of the rich people could never be imagined by ordinary people. In Ruyan’s room, the walls and floors were imported from Italy, the chandelier was made for Danish royal use, the carpet was sewed from Siberian bear leather, and her quilt was made of swan down feathers.

Ruyan looked at the room as if she was looking at a pile of junk, she did not like it at all.

The audio set in the room was playing music; it was Ruyan’s favorite song "Valentine’s day without a lover".

The Valentine’s day without a lover, how much loneliness would you feel? For those beloved ones who did not understand, yearning still remained in the heart even if they had no lover for Valentine’s Day. Accidentally receiving a comforting experience, compared to a beloved one, she found the need to revisit her memories. Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s day, I only hear sad music...

This song was Ruyan’s favorite, it also reflected her feelings. She was sitting in the room all by herself and thinking of the time she spent together with Qingfeng. Her tears fell down her cheeks like shining pearls.

Bang! The door was pushed open, a woman dressed in precious mink skin walked in. Seeing Ruyan’s tears, the woman's heart flashed with a touch of pain, but immediately she hid it away.

This woman coming in was not someone else; she was Ruyan’s mother, Xifeng Zhang.

"Daughter, you are going to be married soon. You should be happy. Why are you crying?" She said with a smile, Xifeng sat down beside Ruyan, took out a tissue and wiped the tears from her face.


Ruyan felt a sharp pain in her heart when she heard the word. The person she loved was Qingfeng, but the person she was to marry was Shaoyang Wang. Would this be her fate?

"Daughter, you see, how beautiful you are. You are the princess of the Liu family. You won’t look good with a crying face." Seeing Ruyan’s tears came down again, Xifeng quickly comforted her.

Xifeng didn’t feel very well herself either. Since Ruyan came back to the Liu family, she wept every day. She always put herself in the room to listen to songs. Her favorite song was "Valentine’s day without a lover". She even didn’t want to see her father.

In fact, Xifeng also knew her daughter had a person in her heart, and that was Qingfeng in Eastern Sea City.

When Xifeng flew back to Jing Capital with Ruyan, Qingfeng ran to the airport and chased after the plane. When the plane took off, he shouted "Ruyan, I love you". At that time Ruyan heard him, Xifeng was sitting beside her, and she also heard him.

She had suspected for a long time that her daughter and Qingfeng had a special relationship, because Qingfeng had the key to her daughter’s Villa. But she did not expected these two people had developed into a lover relationship. This was a serious thing. Xifeng had been hidden this secret inside herself, did not tell anybody, even her husband.

Xifeng understood she couldn’t disclose the news that Ruyan and Qingfeng were in love, especially to the Liu Family’s and Wang’s families. Otherwise Ruyan would be in danger, Qingfeng would be more dangerous.

"Daughter, do you like Qingfeng?" Xifeng looked at Ruyan’s pale face and asked, she had to confirm her daughter’s thoughts.

Hearing her mother's inquiry, Ruyan’s charming face became paler and flashed with a touch of panic. She did not know how her mother knew she liked Qingfeng.

Ruyan’s red lip slightly tilted and denied, "Mother, I do not like Qingfeng. You shouldn't talk nonsense."

"It is a wise mother that knows her daughter better. You are my child, how can I not know your mind, and your facial expression has betrayed that you like Qingfeng. I also heard what Qingfeng said to you at the airport." Xifeng said with a faint smile.

Oh my God, mother knew Qingfeng’s relationship with me; would she find someone to kill Qingfeng? Ruyan’s bright eyes were full of worries.

The thing she was most scared was her relationship with Qingfeng found out by her mother. But paper couldn’t wrap fire, her mother finally found out about it.

"Ruyan, I’m telling you, you are going to marry Shaoyang soon. You must cut off the emotions, forget Qingfeng." Xifeng frowned slightly and said with a cold voice.