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Chapter 379: Cutting the Threads of Love, Forgetting Qingfeng

Chapter 379: Cutting the Threads of Love, Forgetting Qingfeng

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"Mother, I don’t like Shaoyang Wang," Ruyan Liu said with a flicker of disgust.

She strongly detested Shaoyang Wang. She held a natural dislike for him.

"Ruyan, let me repeat myself. If you don't forget Qingfeng, I will reveal your relationship with Qingfeng to your father. You know your father’s temper," Xifeng Zhang said with a faint smile.

"Mother, don't tell father about my relationship with Qingfeng."

"I won’t tell him, but can you forget about Qingfeng Li?"

"Mother, as long as you don't tell father, I promise you that I will forget Qingfeng," Ruyan Liu said sadly.

She knew that her father was an old-fashioned man who placed the interests of the family above everything. If her father knew about her relationship with Qingfeng, he would send someone to assassinate Qingfeng.

Even though Ruyan Liu knew that Qingfeng was very strong, the power of a large family was much bigger than what Qingfeng could imagine. For Qingfeng’s good, Ruyan Liu could only forget about him.

"Good. Ruyan, Qingfeng is only an abandoned son of the Li Family. Even the Li Family does not want him anymore, what powers does he have? Shaoyang Wang is the eldest young master of the Wang Family and the successor of the family. You will be the young Lady of the Wang Family if you marry him."

People who were born into large families did not have control over their fates. Back then, Xifeng Zhang liked the third master of the Li Family the most but he did not like her. In the end, she married Ruyan Liu’s father for her family’s benefit.

"Ruyan, rest well. I am leaving now," Xifeng Zhang saw that her daughter did not want to speak to her. Thus, she left the room.

Ruyan was once again the only person in the room. She sat alone on the chair and tears dropped uncontrollably down her face. Could she really forget Qingfeng?

She could only bury her love for the man forever in her heart.


Eastern Sea City – Qingfeng placed the blue amber away carefully, then he headed home. When he got home, it was already 7 pm. Xue Lin had already got home from work and was waiting for him in the living room.

"You’re back," Xue Lin said happily with a charming smile.

It was getting closer to their wedding date. Xue Lin was becoming more nervous and scared. She used to be icily cold because she hated men. But now, she no longer hated men. She had already accepted Qingfeng.

Her heart began to pound wildly when she thought of the wedding in three days. When that day arrived, she would celebrate her wedding night with this man and they would xxoo.

"Honey, I didn't know you are so shy. I thought you were the Icy Goddess?" Qingfeng could not help but tease Xue Lin.

To be honest, in the past, his impression of Xue Lin was that she was a prideful and icy woman. But after everything they had been through together, their relationship had deepened.

Even though their relationship had deepened, Xue Lin was still cold and prideful but towards outsiders. She was much more gentle and affectionate towards Qingfeng now.

Have you ever seen a prideful woman making a meal for a man? Xue Lin had cooked for Qingfeng already. Xue Lin’s face reddened at Qingfeng’s words. She looked bashfully at him and said, "Don’t tease me."

"Alright, I won’t tease you," Qingfeng said with a laugh. After all, women were sensitive. It would be bad if he upset her.

Qingfeng suddenly saw a suit next to Xue Lin. It was a suit for a man.

When she saw Qingfeng’s puzzled look, Xue Lin said with a smile, "Here, I bought this suit for you."

"For me? Why did you buy me a suit?"

"Did you forget? We are going to the Li Family of the Capital to send wedding invitations. You need to dress well so I bought you a suit."

"It’s alright. I can wear something casual to the Li Family. They don't like me anyways. I don't like them either."

"We can’t do that, husband. If we dress poorly, they will look down at us," Xue Lin said with a frown.

In her heart, Qingfeng was her husband. How could anyone look down at him? Qingfeng only shook his head when he heard Xue Lin’s words. He did not speak. He naturally knew that the Li Family looked down upon him already. It would not change if he wore a suit.

But Xue Lin had specially bought a suit for him so Qingfeng naturally had to wear it. He would wear it for her, not for the people of the Li Family.

As for the flights, Xue Lin had booked tickets for the flight at 7 am tomorrow. The two went to bed soon since they had to wake up early to head to the Capital.

Capital, Wang Family.

At the moment, inside a luxurious mansion, a handsome young man waved a sword around. The wood in front of him was split into two with a single strike. As he waved the sword, a strong current formed around his sword.

The handsome young man was none other than Shaoyang Wang, the eldest young master of the Wang Family.

knock knock knock…

A platter of footsteps interrupted Shaoyang Wang’s practice. A middle-aged man in black walked in anxiously with panic on his face.

"Tian Wang, I’ve told you before. Do not interrupt me when I am practicing my blade. Did you forget?" Shaoyang Wang said coldly.

The sword in his hands moved forward and was an inch from Tian Wang’s neck. If Shaoyang Wang applied some pressure, he would chop Tian Wang’s head off.

Tian Wang’s face became fearful. He quickly said, "Young master, something big happened."

"Speak. What happened? If it is not serious, I will behead you,"
Shaoyang Wang said coldly. The sword was still on the neck of the middle-aged man, he had no intentions to hold it down.

Tian Wang said fearfully, "Young master, Aotian Wang is dead."
What? Aotian Wang is dead? My cousin is dead?

Shaoyang Wang’s expression changed drastically. He began to emit a strong killer intent.

The sword in his hands trembled slightly when he heard the news of his cousin’s death. The sharp sword instantly pierced the face of the middle-aged man but he dared not move.

"Who killed my cousin. I will rip him apart," Shaoyang Wang said with killer intent.