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Chapter 380: Qingfeng Li Arrived at Jing Capital

Chapter 380: Qingfeng Li Arrived at Jing Capital

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"Young master, from our investigations, Aotian Wang was killed by Qingfeng Li," The middle-aged man said quickly. His voice was filled with fear. He was scared that Shaoyang Wang’s sword would cut off his head.

He only had one life. It would be too unfortunate if he were to die at the hands of young master.

"Who is Qingfeng Li? This is a familiar name," Shaoyang Wang asked with a frown.

He felt that he had heard of the name before but he could not recall where.

"Young master, from what we know, Qingfeng Li is the son of the Third Master of the Li Family. But he was abandoned by the Li Family and had moved to Eastern Sea City," The middle-aged man quickly replied.

The son of the Third master of the Li Family, Qingfeng Li?

Shaoyang Wang finally remembered where he had heard of the name. His face was instantly filled with hatred. Shaoyang Wang hated Qingfeng Li with all his heart. More than ten years ago, he was in the same elementary class as Qingfeng Li. Qingfeng Li gave him a heavy beating which almost took his life because he threw a rat into Qingfeng’s backpack. That was the most humiliating moment of his life.

Shaoyang Wang had always wanted to seek revenge from Qingfeng Li but Qingfeng had headed overseas when he was eight. Shaoyang wang did not expect him to hide in Eastern Sea City or for him to kill his cousin.

Aotian Wang was Shaoyang Wang’s cousin. The two of them were close. Furthermore, Aotian Wang was a sharp weapon he could use to unite the underground forces of Eastern Sea City. Now that Aotian Wang was killed by Qingfeng Li, he would no longer be able to unite the underground forces of Eastern Sea City.

Shaoyang Wang was furious. Hatred exploded inside his heart. He wanted to tear Qingfeng into a million pieces.

"Qingfeng Li, I swear that I will kill you," Shaoyang Wang said viciously with killer intent.

"I want you to find out everything about Qingfeng Li. I will head to Eastern Sea City in two days to kill him personally," Shaoyang Wang said coldly to the middle-aged man.

Shaoyang Wang wanted to kill Qingfeng Li right away but there was a gathering tomorrow night. The young masters and mistresses of the big four families such as Ruyan Liu, Wuqing Li and Poju Ye would all attend the gathering.

As the head of the four young masters, Shaoyang Wang naturally had to attend the gathering. He was going to meet his fiancée, Ruyan, at the gathering tomorrow. Shaoyang Wang became heated when he thought of Ruiyan Liu’s seductive face and body. He really wanted to throw her onto the bed and xxoo her.

The middle-aged man quickly went to investigate Qingfeng Li’s information at Shaoyang Wang’s orders. At the moment, Shaoyang Wang did not know that Qingfeng was heading to the Capital tomorrow. The two fated enemies were destined to meet and clash in the Capital.

Eastern Sea City, it was 6 am. The sky was still dark but Qingfeng and Xue Lin were already up as they had to head to the Li Family in the Capital today. Their flight was at 7 am so they had to wake-up early for it.

Since they were going to the Li Family today, Xue Lin specially dressed up for the occasion. She had put on light make-up which her seem like a lotus in the mountains. Her eyes were charming and her lips were seductive.

Even though Xue Lin did make-up everyday but her make-up was usually simple. She was more formal today because she was meeting Qingfeng’s family.

As the daughter-in-law of the Li Family, she needed to display her best side to let them know that even though Qingfeng was abandoned by the Li Family, he could still marry a beautiful wife.
Xue Lin also dressed nicely today. She wore a beautiful white dress which accentuated her curves and figure.

Qingfeng also dressed for the occasion. At Xue Lin’s request, he wore the suit she bought yesterday.
Xue Lin had spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy Qingfeng the suit. She invested heavily so that he could look handsome.

After getting ready, Xue Lin and Qingfeng ate a simple breakfast before heading towards the airport.

When they arrived at Eastern Sea Airport, the security guards all looked fearfully at Qingfeng. Their faces were pale and they ran away when they saw him. They acted as if they had seen a ferocious tiger.

"Why are the security guards so scared of you?" Xue Lin asked confusedly.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "I must be too handsome. They feel inferior when they see me so they ran away."


Xue Lin chuckled at Qingfeng’s narcissistic words. She always knew that Qingfeng was very narcissistic but he was never so narcissistic.
Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng speechlessly and did not want to continue the conversation. She was scared that Qingfeng would say something even more narcissistic.

Qingfeng sighed a sigh of relief when he saw that Xue Lin did not persist her questioning. He knew that the security guards ran away because they were afraid of him.

A few days ago, he had run on the runway to chase after Ruiyan Liu’s plane. The security guards wanted to teach him a lesson but were beaten up by him instead. Thus, they ran away at the sight of him.

Of course, Qingfeng would never let Xue Lin know that he had chased after Ruiyan Liu at the airport.

Qingfeng and Xue Lin boarded the plane and headed towards the Capital. Eastern Sea City was not far away from the Capital. They arrived at the Capital three hours later.

"Jing Capital, I am back." On the plane, Qingfeng’s eyes were filled with conflicting emotions as he took in the familiar scene.

The great wall, Yuhe Garden, North Sea Garden, the Imperial Palace, Wang Fujing Street (TL: a very famous street)…Qingfeng took in the sight of these familiar places and was drawn into his memories.
He remembered faintly that his parents had brought him to the Imperial Palace and Wang Fujing Street. But now, these places were still here but his parents had disappeared…

His parent’s disappearance was a thorn in Qingfeng’s heart. He had tried countless times to find his parents but he was never successful. His parents and master had both disappeared. This made him sad.

The plane arrived at Capital International Airport.
Qingfeng and Xue Lin walked off the plane. They then boarded a taxi and headed towards the Li Family.