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Chapter 381: The Li Family of the Jing Capital

Chapter 381: The Li Family of the Jing Capital

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The Li Family was powerful and influential as they were one of the big four families of the Capital. However, they were weaker than the Wang Family or Ye Family so they could only be ranked third in the four big families.

Of course, when the Third Master of the Li Family was still alive, the Li Family was the strongest out of the four big families. With his own strength, the Third Master suppressed the other three families. His name was known across the entire nation.

Unfortunately, with the Third Master’s disappearance, the strength of the Li Family deteriorated exponentially. They dropped from the strongest family to the third strongest family of the four big families. Their position was still insecure as they could be replaced by the Liu Family and drop to the fourth place anytime.

But even if the family was on the decline, the Li Family was still powerful and influential. Other than the Wang, Ye and Liu Families, they were the strongest family.

Similar to the Liu Family, the Li Family mansion was built in the suburbs. The land in downtown was already taken by the Wang Family and Ye Family. The Li Family did not want to be too close to the Wang Family as there was conflict between the two families. The youngsters of the families would get into fights if they crossed paths too often.

The Liu Family mansion was built in the eastern suburbs. The Li Family mansion was built in the western suburbs. The two families were far apart and did not cross paths.

The Li Family mansion was not as large as the Liu Family mansion but it was still hundreds of acres big. There were a dozen mansions and a garden, pool, pavilion and manmade mountain. The only thing different was that the Li Family did not have a manmade lake.

Among the four big families, only the Liu Family had a manmade lake. It had cost hundreds of millions to make a manmade lake. Even though the other families could afford it, they did not think it was worth the money to make a manmade pool. Only the Liu Family, which had too much money to spend, made a manmade lake.

The entrance to the Li Family was a three-meter tall bronze door. There were two majestic stone lions on the side of the door.
There were two heavily built security guards at the door. They looked at the road ahead and scared away any passerby’s.

Suddenly, the two security guards focused their glances when they saw two people walking towards the Li Family. The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful like a goddess.
The couple was none other than Qingfeng and Xue Lin.

Even the two security guards wanted to look at the beauty more, but their job was to stop any outsiders from entering the Li mansion.

"Stop, this is the Li Family mansion. Outsiders are prohibited," The left security guard said loudly. His voice was loud and clear.

Qingfeng looked towards them and discovered that the security guards were muscular and heavily built. It was clear that they were strong fighters. With a closer look, Qingfeng discovered that they were at least an A Level fighter.

There were only a few Level A fighters in the entire Eastern Sea city but the Li Family used level A fighters to guard the door. This was a testament to the strength of the Li Family.

The two security guards were new and did not recognize Qingfeng. They did not know that he belonged to the Li Family. Truthfully, in the entire Li Family, not more than five people would recognize Qingfeng. Most people did not know him. Perhaps they recognized him when he was young but as he grew older, they had forgotten how he looked. Only the head of the household who was Qingfeng’s uncle and a few select others recognized him.

"I am looking for Zhenjiang Li. Please inform him," Qingfeng said with a light smile.

Zhenjiang Li was the head of the Li Family. He was also Qingfeng’s uncle. However, Qingfeng knew that the two security guards did not recognize him. They would not let him in if he said that he was looking for his uncle. He could only tell them Zhenjiang Li’s name.

"How dare you speak the name of the head of the household. Go away or I’ll beat you up," The short haired security guard said coldly.

Zhenjiang Li was the head of the household. Only influential and powerful people could speak his name. The young man ahead dared to speak his name, he must be looking for trouble.

"Let me repeat myself. I am looking for Zhenjiang Li, he is my uncle," Qingfeng said with a frown. A flicker of displeasure appeared in his eyes.

There must be something wrong with the IQ of the security guards. He already spoke the name of the head of the Li Family. This proved that that he was acquainted with the head of the household. They only had to inform the people inside the mansion. How dared they stop him.

What? Uncle? The head is your uncle?

The short-haired security guard was stunned. He then became furious. He has been a security guard for a few years already. He never knew that the head of the family has a nephew. This fellow must be a liar.

"Fellow, I think you are a liar. The head has nephews but I have met them before. I have never seen you before. Go away quickly or I will beat you up," The security guard said threateningly as he waved his fist.

It seems like they can only forcefully enter. Qingfeng furrowed his brows as he walked towards the mansion. He did not have his uncle’s phone number. If he wanted to enter, he could only force his way into the mansion.

"Fellow, how dare you try to forcefully enter the Li Family. Let me teach you a lesson," The security guard said with a cold smile. The stepped purposefully towards Qingfeng and was prepared to teach him a lesson.

The narrow-faced security guard next to the short-haired security guard stood aside and looked upon them. He was aware of the combat ability of the short-haired security guard. He thought that it would be easy for the security guard to teach this liar a lesson.


A piercing sound was heard as the short-haired security guard waved his left fist towards Qingfeng. If the fist landed on an ordinary person, it would be enough to break their ribs.

A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes. He did not expect the short-haired security guard to be so vicious. Thankfully, he was not an ordinary person or he would be in danger.

Since the security guard’s strike was so vicious, Qingfeng did not hold back. SO what if he was a security guard of the Li Family? Since he dared to teach him a lesson, he should pay the consequences.


Qingfeng kicked his right fit mercilessly on the chest of the security guard. The security guard’s body was sent flying into the sky. His body landed on the bronze door and made a loud resounding sound.
The short-haired security guard spat out a mouthful of blood. He emitted a painful moan as he fell weakly onto the ground. Two of his ribs were broken by Qingfeng and he was in deep pain.

With a single strike, the level A fighter was defeated.

What a strong power! The narrow-faced security guard was stunned. He stared at Qingfeng with disbelief in his eyes.
The narrow-faced security knew that the short-haired security guard was as strong as him. But the short-haired security guard was defeated with a single strike. Similarly, he himself was also not a match for Qingfeng.