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Chapter 382: The Housekeeper, Tiangang Chen

Chapter 382: The Housekeeper, Tiangang Chen

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Qingfeng led Xue Lin towards the mansion. The narrow-faced security guard felt a pang of panic and his expression changed wildly.

He knew that the young man had broken two ribs of the short-haired security guard. The other security guard was still lying on the ground. If he were to stop him, he would only be beaten-up. He did not think he was a match for the young man ahead.

But the narrow-faced security guard knew that even if he was no match for the young man, he had to fight him. He was a security guard for the Li Family. His duty was to protect the Li Family and stop any strangers from entering the Li Family.

The narrow-faced security guard suppressed the fear in his heart and waved a metal baton towards Qingfeng. Since he would not be able to defeat Qingfeng with his bare hands, he chose to use a weapon. The young man should not a match for the weapon.
Qingfeng furrowed his brows when he saw the security guard striking him with a metal baton. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

His held on to the baton like a flash of lightning and crushed it with a single fist. Katcha! The metal baton was broken by Qingfeng.
"What? The metal baton broke?" The narrow-faced security guard became fearful. This fellow was too strong. He managed to break a metal baton. Was he still human?


Qingfeng kicked the narrow-faced security guard away and broke two of his ribs. The security guard landed heavily on the ground next to the short-haired security guard. The two of them were both pale and had blood in their mouth.

"How strong," the two security guards looked fearfully at Qingfeng.
They felt that the young man was too strong. He was stronger than any security guard of the Li Family. His strength was like a wild beast.

The commotion at the entrance was very loud and attracted the attention of the people inside the mansion.

"What happened?" Suddenly, an elderly voice was heard behind them.

Then, an average-built elderly man in a black robe appeared. The elderly man was in his seventies and his hair was white. However, he looked to be in good health. His words were powerful and his eyes were sharp and repressive.

A flicker of happiness appeared on the security guards’ faces when they saw the elderly man. The elderly man was the housekeeper of the Li Family, Tiangang Chen. One could tell from his name that he was a strong figure.

Truthfully, Tiangang Chen was not an ordinary figure. He was one of the ten strongest fighters in the Capital. Back then, he was sworn brothers with Old Master Li (TL: the previous generation of family head). He became the housekeeper to protect the Li Family.

Tiangang Chen was not only strong, he was also influential in the Li Family. His position in the Li Family was only below the head of the household, Zhengang Li.

The two security guards knew that the housekeeper would be able to teach the young man a lesson as he was one of the ten strong fighters of the Capital.

"Housekeeper, the young man wants to forcefully intrude the Li Family. He injured us. You need to avenge us," The two security guards complained loudly. They looked pitiful.

Tiangang Chen’s expression changed at their words. This was the land of the Li Family, who had the guts to forcefully intrude the Li Family? Did they want to die?

Tiangang Chen lifted his head and was prepared to teach this person a lesson. However, his body started to tremble when he saw the young man’s appearance. His eyes were filled with surprise and he even started to tear up.

That’s right, he started to tear up. One of the top ten fighters of the Capital that is at least 70 years old had tears in his eyes. No one would believe it if they saw the sight.

"Little Qingfeng, you’re back?" Tiangang Chens said shakily as he looked at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng also became emotional when he saw the elderly man. He quickly ran to the elder’s side and said, "Grandfather Chen, I am back."

Qingfeng’s voice was soft and respectful. His tone was not this respectful even when he talked to the President of Wolf Continent. His voice was also affectionate as Grandfather Chen had watched him grow up.

Within the Li Family, only a handful of people treated Qingfeng well. The elder ahead was one of them. Tiangang Chen was sworn brothers with Qingfeng’s Grandfather.

Of course, Tiangang Chen also had another identity. He was the father of Wind-Edge Demon King, who was Qingfeng’s teacher.
Wind-Edge Demon King was Qingfeng’s master. He was the head subordinate of Qingfeng’s father. Back then, he accompanied Third Master Li as he conquered the lands. Later on, when Qingfeng’s parents disappeared, Qingfeng was often bullied in the Li Family.

Wind-Edge Demon King did not want Qingfeng to be bullied in the Li Family so he brought him to Wolf Continent. He taught Qingfeng martial arts and medical skills. Then, he went to search for the Third Master of the Li Family. Now, he had also disappeared.

Qingfeng had no family left in the Li Family. His grandfather had passed away, his parents had disappeared and his master had disappeared. The only person who he was close to the Li Family was Grandfather Chen. As for his first uncle Zhengjiang Li, second uncle and the others, they had abandoned him a long time ago.

"Little Qingfeng, it is good that you are back. I thought you would never return to the Li Family," Tiangang Chen said as tears trickled down his face.

It was apparent from the elder’s tears that his heart was filled with bitterness.

Back then, when Elder Li passed away, he was prepared to pass on the family to Qingfeng. But the sons of the Li Family did not agree. After all, how could the position be passed to a grandson when the sons were still alive? They united together and kicked Qingfeng out of the family.

Qingfeng was a filial person. He did not want to kill anyone at his grandfather’s funeral. That would be disrespectful to his grandfather. He gave up the position of the head of the Li Family by his own will. Furthermore, he was not interested in that position.
Then, Qingfeng went to Eastern Sea City. From then on, he has never returned to the Li Family in the Capital or stepped a foot into the Family. Tiangang Chen knew that Qingfeng was completely disappointed by the Li Family so he decided to not return to the family.

Tiangang Chen was delighted to see that Qingfeng had returned. He continued to stay in the Li Family to await Qingfeng’s return so that he could finish the will of Elder Li.

"Grandfather Chen, I am here to give wedding invitations to the Li Family. Xue Lin and I are hosting our wedding two days later. Please be there," Qingfeng said with a smile.

"Little Qingfeng, you are getting married?" A flash of happiness appeared in Tiangang Chen’s eyes.

He was extremely emotional that he would be able to see his favorite grandson’s wedding. This was his biggest wish. Tiangang Chen viewed Qingfeng as his own grandson. Naturally, he was happy to hear the news of the wedding.

The two security guards were stunned when they heard the conversation between the housekeeper and Qingfeng. Their bodies trembled slightly. What was going on? Why was the young man referring to the housekeeper as his grandfather? Was something wrong with the world?