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Chapter 383: Li Family“s Attempt to Put Qingfeng In His Place

Chapter 383: Li Family's Attempt to Put Qingfeng In His Place

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"Remember this. He is the son of the Third Master and the successor of the Li Family. Do you remember?" Tiangang Chen said coldly to the two security guards.

What? The son of the Third Master?
The two security guards were stunned.
The Third Master has already been missing for 3 years before they became security guards at the Li Family but they still knew of his name. He was the number one fighter in the Capital and had conquered the 18 Provinces of the Northern Territory.

The young man before them was the son of Third Master. It was no wonder he was so strong. At that moment, the security guards exchanged fearful glances.

"Little Qingfeng, let’s go. I will bring you inside," Tiangang Chen said as he led Qingfeng and Xue Lin towards the mansion.

On the way, Tiangang Chen said with a smile, "Little Qingfeng, is this your wife Xue Lin? She is very pretty."

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Yes, she is my wife, Xue Lin."

"Nice to meet you, Grandfather Chen," Xue Lin greeted with a charming smile. From Qingfeng’s words, she knew that the Elder was sworn-brothers with Elder Li. Thus, she called him Grandfather Chen.

"Yes, Little Qingfeng had a difficult childhood. Please take care of him," Tiangang Chen said to Xue Lin.

Tiangang Chen had a good impression of Xue Lin. First of all, she was pretty. Secondly, she was very polite.

Xue Lin nodded and said, "Rest assured Grandfather Chen, I will take good care of him."

They chatted and headed towards the mansion. On the way to the mansion, they passed by some members of the Li Family. The members were stunned to see the housekeeper leading the way Qingfeng and Xue Lin.

The housekeeper’s position in the Li Family was only secondary to the Head of the Family. He would not even greet the multi-millionaires who visit the mansion. Who was this couple?
The domestic workers of did not recognize Qingfeng Li. Some of the members of the Li Family have met Qingfeng during Elder Li’s funeral but they did not know his identity. Only core members of the family were aware of his identity.

Just then, a girl who was strolling in the garden suddenly saw Qingfeng. Her expression immediately changed. The girl was quite beautiful. She had snow-white skin that was smooth like jade. She was tall and she wore a blue dress. She was watering the plants in the garden.

"Qingfeng Li? Why is he here?" The girl said with a frown.

She naturally recognized Qingfeng. Qingfeng was the son of the Third Master. They had met during Elder Li’s funeral.

"You are?" Qingfeng said as he furrowed his brows. He had an impression of the girl but could not remember her name.

A flicker of displeasure appeared in the girl’s eye when she heard that Qingfeng had forgotten her name. She said, "My name is Meier Li. I am you cousin."

Meier Li? Cousin?

Qingfeng quickly realized that the girl before him was his second uncle’s daughter. He had been away from the Li Family for so long that he had almost forgotten about her.

"I’m here because I have some matters to attend to," Qingfeng said with a faint smile.

Even though Qingfeng remembered Meier Li, he was not close with her. They did not have many interactions. Qingfeng and Meier Li greeted each other before they continued to make their way to the mansion where the Family Head resided.

"Cousin is back. This is big news. I need to let father know," Meier Li said as she ran towards the Family mansion.

Everyone in the Li Family had complex feelings towards Qingfeng Li. Before his death, Elder Li had named Qingfeng the Head of the Family. As the Head of the Family, he would have absolute power and a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

But to everyone’s surprise, Qingfeng gave up the position during Elder Li’s funeral. He then left for Eastern Sea City. Only Qingfeng and his uncles knew the reason behind it. His uncles were the ones who forced Qingfeng to leave the Li Family. The youngsters of the family were not aware of the happenings.

Tiangang Chen led Qingfeng and Xue Lin to the mansion of the Head of the Family. It was a mansion with five floors. The mansion was luxuriously decorated with white marble. The entrance was gold and the windows were made of crystal.

The living room was decorated in luxurious European style. The rugs were made of Siberia bear leather, the furnitures were imported from France and the walls were made of a material imported from Sweden.

Tiangang Chen led Qingfeng and Xue Lin to the kitchen. He asked them to wait in the living room while he looked for the Head of the Household.

Qingfeng was speechless when the Head of the Household did not appear after 30 minutes. Furthermore, neither Qingfeng’s second uncle nor the core members of the Li Family appeared. No one appeared to welcome Qingfeng.

30 minutes later, Tiangang Chen came back panting with rage. He said angrily, "I went to find the Head but he said that he was in a meeting. He will not be back for now."

How could Tiangang Chen not be angry. It was a rare occurrence for Qingfeng to be back at the Li Family no one was here to see him. Were they looking down at Qingfeng?

Qingfeng smiled faintly. He knew why Tiangang Chen was upset. He said with a smile, "Grandfather Chen. Don’t be upset. They are afraid that I am back to fight for the position of the Head of the Li Family. They are trying to put me in my place."

Qingfeng was crystal clear as to the thoughts of these people. They were afraid that he was here to fight for the position of the Head of the Li Family. Thus, no one wanted to see him and they wanted to put him down.

Qingfeng thought that it was ridiculous. The members of the Li Family were quite laughable. He was the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent. Why would he care about the position of the Head of the Household?

"Little Qingfeng, the Head of the household is trying to put you down. How ridiculous! He is your uncle. How could you treat you like this?" Tiangang Chen was filled with anger at the mention of Zhanjiang Li.

Technically, Tiangang Chen was Zhenjiang Li's senior but he refused to even see keep up appearances for Tiangang Chen. Zhenjiang Li said that he was busy with the company and did not have the time to see Qingfeng.

Even the Head of the Li Family did not want to see Qingfeng. It was even more so for the rest of the members of the Li Family.
In the end, Qingfeng and Xue Lin sat quietly in the living room. Other than Tiangang Chen who chatted with them, no one dropped by or acknowledged them.

The living room was desolate. Qingfeng was completely disappointed and hurt by the Li Family.

He wanted to leave but he could only stay for now when he saw Grandfather Chen’s pleading glance. He knew that Grandfather Chen wanted him to stay at the Li Family. After all, he was a descendent of the family.