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Chapter 384: Qingfeng“s Not Interested

Chapter 384: Qingfeng's Not Interested

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Even though Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin had been sitting in the living room for two hours, Li family’s head still didn’t appear. It was too disrespectful; he didn’t think Qingfeng Li was important.

Think about it, you went back to your clan, but the head of the family didn’t even come out to see you. How would you feel? One would feel disrespected.

Qingfeng Li wanted to leave with Xue Lin multiple times, but after seeing Mr. Chen’s begging-eyes, he stayed. He didn’t care about what Li family thought of him. What he cared about was grandpa Chen; he didn’t want this 70 years-old elder sad.

After couple of hours, even Tiangang Chen wasn’t feeling good. He said in rage, "This bitch Zhengjiang Li, is he still coming or not, it had been couple hours now. Who does he think he is; is this how a senior should be?"

Tiangang Chen was extremely mad and called the leader of Li’s family a b*tch. In the whole Li family, only Tiangang Chen could say something like this.

If it was others that called Zhengjiang Li names, they would be throwed into the lake as fertilizers. Because Tiangang Chen is Li family’s grandfather’s sworn brother, he can say whatever he wanted.

At this moment, Zhengjiang Li was at the door with his son Wuqing Li, second brother Daoming Li, and niece MeierLi.

Hearing how Tiangang Chen was calling him names, Zhengjiang Li’s face changed and eyes were filled with rage. But it was pushed down after a second; he could be mad, but he wouldn’t dare to say anything back at Tiangang Chen.

In reality, a couple of hours ago, Zhengjiang Li and brother Daoming Li were discussing this matter somewhere else. They were scared that Qingfeng Li was back to take back the position as the head of family. Thus why they arrived late in order to disrespect him.


Zhengjiang Li walked in with a bunch of others with an ill-face. No one would feel good hearing others calling names about him.

After hearing footsteps, Qingfeng Li looked up. He saw his uncle Zhengjiang Li, Daoming Li, cousin Wuqing Li and Meier Li. Naturally he knew all about them.

Zhengjiang Li was a middle-aged man around 180cm, bulk built, squared face, thick brows, straight posture.

Daoming Li was similar to Zhengjiang Li, but skinnier.

Li family was a Kung Fu family; everyone started body building since young.

In terms of Wuqing Li, Qingfeng Li’s cousin, his height was also around 180cm. His only flaw was his poker face; and thus his name Wuqing Li (TL: it means no emotions).

Among them, only Meier Li was good looking and delicate because she was the only girl.

"Zhengjiang Li, who do you think you are. Little Qingfeng came back and you made him wait for this long?" Seeing Zhengjiang Li walked in, Tiangang Chen smirked and called his name.

"Uncle Chen, didn’t I tell you. The company was busy thus why I was late." Even though Zhengjiang Li was mad, but he still explained with a smile.

The elder in front was his father’s swore brother. Even if Zhengjiang Li was mad, he cannot offend him.

"What ever you are thinking, we know." Tiangang Chen smirked. He didn’t give Zhengjiang Li any respect.

Zhengjiang Li felt awkward so he changed the topic: Little Qingfeng, uncle was busy thus why I am late. Please don’t think too much about it.

Qingfeng Li was dissatisfied after hearing what Zhengjiang Li said, but he still said, "Uncle don’t worry too much. I am here today to invite you guys to my wedding. The day after tomorrow Xue Lin and I will be hosting our wedding in Eastern Sea City."

What, wedding invitation, not back to take back his seat?

Zhengjiang Li was shocked, followed by a long sigh of relief.


Honestly, he was worried because he thought Qingfeng Li was back to take back his leader seat.

After all, like the housekeeper Tiangang Chen and some others, they all supported the Third Master Li’s son Qingfeng Li to be the leader. But he didn’t think Qingfeng Li was back to send wedding invitations.

Since Qingfeng Li wasn’t back to take his seat, Zhengjiang Li felt relaxed. He said with a smile: Little Qingfeng, I will personally attend your wedding.

Hearing Zhengjiang Li’s answer, Qingfeng Li only nodded.

He came to send invitations was only part of the process; after all he was part of Li family as well. Regarding if Zhengjiang Li will really go, he didn’t care otherwise.

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s arrogant eyes, Wuqing Li was pissed.

He didn’t like this cousin of his. His father, leader of Li family would be attending your wedding, you didn’t even say thanks.

"Cousin, know your manner. You should thank my father for attending your wedding." Wuqing Li said coldly.

He instantly modeled Qingfeng Li as someone without manner; not respecting his elders.

Qingfeng Li’s brows tensed up and glared at Wuqing Li and said, "Cousin, I think you got something wrong. If I didn’t have any manners, I wouldn’t be here to send you guys invitation. But you guys made me waited for hours, I think you guys are the ones without manner."

Qingfeng Li with one phrase made Wuqing Li shut up. Comparing their speaking skills, Wuqing Li obviously wasn’t on Qingfeng Li’s level.

"Cousin, long time no see, your talking skills seems to improve. But what about your fighting skills?" Wuqing Li said smirked.

Li family is a martial art family, the most important aspect was their strengths. Wuqing Li wanted to test out his cousin’s strength.

After all, Third Master Li was Jing Capital’s top tier fighter, his father lost to him. If he can beat Third Master Li’s son, it would mean he avenged for his father..

Seeing Qingfeng Li started arguing with Wuqing Li, Tiangang Chen said, "stop arguing, you guys are all third generation of the Li family. If you guys wanted to fight, then go fight at the Jing Capital Young Masters Banquet."

Jing Capital’s Young Masters Banquet?

Wuqing Li’s eyes lit up and said, "cousin, you left Beijing for couple of years. Tonight a lot of people are attending the banquet, including your classmates from before. Want to attend?"

"Not interested." Qingfeng Li shook his head. He was never interested in these young masters gathering party.

Wuqing Li was pissed, but still said:, "are you sure? Tonight a lot of people are attending. Including Wang family’s number one young master Shaoyang Wang, Ye family’s Lengxue Ye, and Liu family’s Ruyan Liu."