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Chapter 385: Ruyan Liu“s Going too?

Chapter 385: Ruyan Liu's Going too?

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What, Ruyan Liu was attending as well?

Hearing what Wuqing Li said, Qingfeng Li blanked out, but his eyes were filled with joy. He immediately forced himself to stay calm because Xue Lin was beside him. He wouldn’t dare to show his happiness, or else Ruyan Liu would get jealous.

He just bought an amber pendant for Ruyan Liu. Just when he was anxious about not finding her, he heard that she was going to attend the banquet, obviously made him happy.

Qingfeng Li tried to call Ruyan Liu a bunch of times, but the call never went through. Obviously, Ruyan Liu changed her number; not wanting Qingfeng Li to find her. To be honest, Qingfeng Li didn’t want to attend this banquet, but after hearing Ruyan Liu was going to be there, he had to go.

"Cousin, you are right, I haven’t seen my childhood friends for more than ten years now, I probably should." Qingfeng Li said calmly.

"You are attending?" Wuqing Li was shocked.

Just a moment before, Qingfeng Li rejected his invitation. But after he listed out who was going, he wanted to go again. Why was that?

Wuqing Li wasn’t the only one confused, Xue Lin was confused as well. She felt Qingfeng Li’s change in attitude was quite big.

Facing everyone’s confused looks, Qingfeng Li said, "Don’t look at me like that. I am part of the Li family, naturally, I have to attend. I wanted to meet my childhood classmates as well."

"Ok, I will go with you. But, whoever goes to the banquet has to attend the Young Masters’ Martial Art Competition to compare each other’s strengths. Are you sure you want to fight?" Wuqing Li said.

"Young Masters’ Martial Art Competition? Tell me, what is it?" Qingfeng Li was interested and asked.

"It’s simple, every young master who attends the banquet is going to get in the ring and select people to fight against. The winner is going to be named the number one young master. Last year’s winner was Shaoyang Wang."

"Shaoyang Wang, the one that I bullied when we were young?"

"Cousin, that was a long time before. Shaoyang Wang now is extremely powerful." Wuqing said.

Shaoyang Wang was extremely powerful. Last year at the banquet he defeated everyone. Qingfeng Li actually said he defeated him when they were young. Naturally, Wuqing Li looked down at him.

Qingfeng Li knew what Wuqing Li was thinking. But he was too lazy to explain. He could beat him when they were young, he could beat him again now.

Regarding the young master fight, it was a piece of cake for Qingfeng Li. Would the Wolf King care about a bunch of sheep? Obviously not.

"Cousin, when does the banquet start?"

"7 o’clock tonight, we will go together."

"Sounds good, can Xue Lin go as well?"

"No, only Jing Capital’s young masters can attend, or else it wouldn’t be named Jing Capital’s Young Master Banquet." Wuqing Li shook his head.

Only young masters of Jing Capital could attend. Xue Lin was from Eastern Sea City, so naturally she couldn’t attend.

Qingfeng Li’s face went ill. To be honest he wanted to bring Xue Lin with him. But this party only allowed people from Jing Capital. He could attend because he was part of the Li family, but Xue Lin was from Eastern Sea City.

Xue Lin saw Qingfeng Li’s train of thought and said, "You go, don’t worry about me. I will stay here and talk to grandpa Chen."

"Thank you, I will be back as soon as the banquet ends." Qingfeng Li thanked her.

Qingfeng Li wasn't that close to anyone in Li family, and grandpa Chen was the closest one. Xue Lin staying with grandpa Chen would be extremely safe because grandpa Chen was one of the ten most powerful men in Jing Capital.

There were still three hours until the banquet so Qingfeng Li wasn’t nervous. He rested a bit in the Li family.


Jing Capital, Wang family.

Shaoyang Wang was holding onto a long knife. With every slash it would form a whirlwind and cut the board in front in half.

In a short while, all one hundred wooden board in front were broken by Shaoyang Wang. He didn’t even feel tired.

"Shaoyang, regarding this year’s banquet, are you confident you can get number one?" a middle-aged man asked.

This man was extremely large-built with a strong presence emitting from his body.

This man was Wang family’s leader Cangqiong (TL: means Sky) Wang, a man as strong as the sky, and Shaoyang Wang’s father.

"Father don’t worry; in this year’s competition, I will still be number one." Shaoyang Wang said arrogantly, with his weapon in hand.

Jing Capital, Ye family.

As one of Jing Capital’s four top family Ye family, they are extremely powerful as well. Their villa was built in the suburbs in the mountains.

Yes, you are right, Ye family’s villa, was built in the middle of the mountain.

Currently, on top of a mountain, a youth was hitting the rocks with his fists.

If there were someone here, they would be extremely surprised. A man was hitting rocks with his bare fists; are they not scared to bleed, is he crazy?

But to one’s surprise, the fists of the youth were fine, but the rocks were broken.

This youth wasn’t anyone but Lengxue Ye, one of Jing Capital’s four top young masters.

"Lengxue (TL: means Cold Blood), last year’s banquet you lost to Shaoyang Wang. Do you have the confidence to beat him this year?" A skinny man said.

Even though the man was skinny, his eyes were filled with cold light. He wasn’t someone simple either.

The man was Ye family’s head Xiao Ye, Lengxue Ye’s father.

"Father don’t worry, I will beat Shaoyang Wang I will clear last year’s shame," Lengxue Ye said coldly after breaking another rock.

"Lengxue, being confident is good. But I heard Shaoyang Wang had perfected his Whirlwind Blade Technique, you have to be careful."

Hearing Shaoyang Wang perfected his technique, Lengxue Ye’s brows tensed up. But he still said, "Father don’t worry, even if he perfected his technique, I perfected mine as well, my Cold Blood Fist."

"Lengxue, did you just say you learned our family’s technique Fist of Cold Blood?" Xiao Ye’s eyes were filled with surprise.

"Yes father, I learned the Fist of Cold Blood." Lengxue Ye said expressionlessly. Even facing his father, he didn’t show any emotions.

Xiao Ye was filled with joy. If his son learned the Fist of Cold Blood, then he had a good chance to win this year’s banquet.