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Chapter 386: Jing Capital Young Masters“ Banquet

Chapter 386: Jing Capital Young Masters' Banquet

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Jing Capital, Liu family.

Ruyan Liu was sitting in her room with her face pale. Seeing this would make anyone worried.

Before, she was a beauty with a delicate face and snow-like skin, but now it was more pale and grey.

Ever since she arrived in Jing Capital, she locked herself up in her room, never going out. She didn’t want to see the Liu family’s members, nor her dad because they were the ones who forced her to marry Shaoyang Wang; the person she didn’t like.

Remembering Qingfeng Li made her tear up again. Whenever Ruyan Liu thought of him, a drop of sand falls from the sky, and the Sahara Desert was formed. Whenever she thought of him, a drop of rain falls from the sky, and the Pacific Ocean was formed.

Only when a girl truly fell in love with a boy, she would feel the loving pain in her heart.

Prince of Roman Xinzhe Zhang’s was playing.

Whenever I heard the sad notes, it brought up the sad past. Whenever I see the moon’s light, remembering your face. Even though I shouldn’t think about it, I still do. Who made me sad, who made me care, it was you...

The song made Ruyan Liu even more sorrow. She started tearing up even more. She wanted to run away from this family, but she was Liu family’s princess, a bird in a cage, couldn’t escape.

She knew, the moment she left the family, a lot of people would die because of her.

"Ruyan, why are you crying again. Didn’t I tell you crying isn’t good for the body." Xifeng Zhang walked into the room and saw her daughter was crying. This made her heart ache.

It would be false to say she isn’t worried about her daughter, but she was the mistress of Liu family; she had to think for the interest of the family. In front of the family’s interest, she could only sacrifice her daughter.

Ruyan Liu wiped her tears and said, "what are you doing here?"

Ruyan Liu was disappointed in her mother. Even though mother cared about her, but she cared about the interest of the family more.

"Did you forget; the Jing Capital Young Master’s Banquet is tonight at seven. You had to attend because you are Liu family’s princess." Xifeng Zhang said.

She already told Ruyan Liu in the morning about this important matter, but she forgot. This made Xifeng Zhang mad. That bastard Qingfeng Li, it was because of him that her daughter was crying everyday.

Li family’s men are all bad. Sanye Li didn’t want her before, now his son made her daughter sad. This made Xifeng Zhang really pissed; pissed off at the men of Li family.

Young Master Banquet?

Ruyan Liu’s mind went blank. She naturally knew about the banquet; all masters of the top families in Jing Capital will be there. It was a banquet that was filled with all the young elite generation.

Even though the banquet will be lively, she wasn’t interested.

"Mother, I don't want to attend this banquet." Ruyan Liu shook her head, expressing her unwillingness to go.

"Ruyan, your fiancé, Shaoyang Wang, will be attending tonight as well, you should go meet him." Xifeng Zhang said.

Hearing that Shaoyang Wang will be attending the banquet, Ruyan Liu’s eyes were filled with disgust. She didn’t want to attend it to begin with, now after hearing Shaoyang Wang will be attending as well made her not want to attend even more.

"Mother, I don't like Shaoyang Wang. I will not be attending tonight’s banquet." Ruyan Liu smirked and rejected her mother.

Ruyan Liu knew full well what her mother was thinking. She wanted her to attend the banquet was to meet this fiancé of hers. She wanted them to communicate and improve their relationship. Sorry, Ruyan Liu will not go.

To be hoenst, Ruyan Liu hated Shaoyang Wang. Regarding offering her to be Shaoyang Wang’s fiancée, it was all planned by the family without her consent.

Xifeng Zhang’s brows tensed and her eyes were filled with dissatisfaction. Shaoyang Wang told Liu family that he had to see Ruyan Liu tonight at the banquet, how could she not go?

"Ruyan, if you don’t attend tonight’s banquet, I will tell the relationship between you and Qingfeng Li to your father. You should know the consequences."

"Mother, don’t force me."

"Ruyan, I am not forcing you. All I wanted is you attending the banquet tonight. If you don’t then I will tell your father. Your father for sure will get someone to assassinate Qingfeng Li."

"Fine, I will go attend this banquet." Ruyan Liu said with tears falling out of her eyes.

She didn’t want to go to this banquet, but if she doesn’t, her mom will tell her dad Qingfeng Li’s identity. Her father will for sure send people to kill Qingfeng Li.

For the safety of Qingfeng Li, Ruyan Liu could only accept and go to the banquet; to go and see Shaoyang Wang.

"Ruyan, you are making the right decision. Forget about Qingfeng Li, you are Shaoyang Wang’s fiancée, Jing Capital’s number one young master." Xifeng Zhang smiled and said.

In Xifeng Zhang’s eyes, even though Qingfeng Li is good, he wasn’t on the same level compared to Shaoyang Wang. This was because Shaoyang Wang was Jing Capital’s number one young master, number one in the young generation, and heir of Wang family.

Ruyan Liu’s heart was bleeding. She could only tolerate the aching in her heart and prepare to attending the banquet tonight.



Jing Capital, Li family.

Three hours passed with a blink of an eye. In the living room, Qingfeng Li, Wuqing Li, and Meier Li all finished preparing and walked outside.

Tonight, the Li family would have three people attending the banquet.

Outside the villa a Rolle Royce Phantom was parked outside. This car was extremely expensive and was even limited world wide.

The driver was a middle-aged man. He was Li family’s body guard, extremely large build. From one look people can tell he was strong.

Qingfeng Li looked at him and saw this middle-aged man was a AAA master. Normally AAA masters could be a leader wherever you put him, but he could only be a driver in Li family. This could show Li family’s strength.

The man drove and the three were sitting at the back. The drove towards the banquet.

On the way, Qingfeng Li saw a familiar figure when he looked out the window.


Qingfeng Li’s eyes were filled with joy. He just saw Ruyan Liu was sitting in a Maserati in front of him, but her face was pale and she looked sick.

Qingfeng Li opened his mouth and was about to say hi, but the Maserati was extremely quick and disappeared.

Qingfeng Li sighed; feeling a bit sad. But remembering that he could see Ruyan Liu at the banquet made him happy again.