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Chapter 387: Ruyan, You Got Thinner

Chapter 387: Ruyan, You Got Thinner

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The banquet was located Conqueror's Hotel. The hotel was located at the southern part of the city, covering hundreds of acres. It was the only seven-stars hotel in Jing Capital.

In Jing Capital, the highest star hotel was five-stars; there was never a seven-star hotel before. Years ago, the Conqueror, which is Third Master of the Li Family, defeated every master in Jing Capital inside this hotel. Thus he spent couple billions of Yuan and built this new hotel and named it Conqueror’s Hotel.

Third Master Li was Jing Capital’s number one. When he built the new hotel, he created an enormous ring to provide a place for all the young masters to compete with each other.

Even though Third Master Li disappeared, his Conqueror’s Hotel was still running. But it wasn’t under Li family, it was under Green Dragon Demon King.

Green Dragon Demon King was one of ten demon kings under Third Master Li’s command, extremely powerful. He was the protector of Conqueror’s Hotel. Thus why other families were scared to try to buy over the hotel. If it weren’t for Green Dragon Demon King, the hotel would be taken by other families.

When Qingfeng Li and the other arrived at the hotel, tons of super cars were already parked in front. There were Rolls Royce, Maserati, Lamborghini, May Bach, Ferrari ...

These were all limited; specially made. These cars cannot be purchased by wealth; one has to be extremely influential.

Qingfeng Li got out of the car and looked up. He saw a 30 floors hotel, extremely luxurious. Everything was made with golden marble. The door was constructed with pure gold as well. Everything were gold, like a palace.

around the hotel there were gardens, golf courses, hot springs, and a huge fighting ring. The ring was made with black marbles around one hundred meters square; extremely firm. There were chairs beside it so people can sit and watch.

In front of the door, a middle-aged man dressed in black was welcoming the masters and mistresses. Just standing there he emitted a strong presence.

The man’s name was Ning Yang, manager of Conqueror’s Hotel, responsible for managing the hotel. He was a master as well, level S master.

The hotel had the biggest fighting ring within the city, naturally the hotel’s manager need to know martial arts.

In terms of the real boss Green Dragon Demon King, he never appears. Something like this banquet was nothing to him.

"Young Master Wuqing, welcome." Ning Yang smiled and said to Wuqing Li.

Ning Yang obviously knew the young master of Li family and Meier Li. But he was confused at who was the person beside them.

Ning Yang never saw Qingfeng Li before, naturally he doesn’t know him. But because it was Wuqing Li’s guest, it must be someone important. Thus he didn’t ask.

Seeing Ning Yang welcoming him, Wuqing Li’s eyes were filled with joy. He looked at Qingfeng Li provocatively. He was trying to say, "you seeing this, even the manager of the hotel is saying hi to me, but he didn’t say hi to you."

Regarding Wuqing Li’s action, Qingfeng Li ignore him. This was because the Conqueror’s Hotel was built by his father, the real manager was even his father’s subordinates. He doesn’t know why Wuqing Li felt so special.

Seeing how Qingfeng Li ignored him, Wuqing Li humph coldly and brought them into the hotel.

The banquet was on the 30th floor, or the top of the hotel. At the top through the glass windows, one can see all of Jing Capital.

Qingfeng Li and the others arrived on the 30th floor, it was already filled with people. People like Ye family’s Lengxue Ye, Liu family’s Ruyan Liu, Pei family’s Song Pei, Mu family’s Erniang Mu; they were all chatting.

Jing Capital Young Master Banquet, apart from the members of the four families, other masters and mistresses attended as well.

For example, Pei family and Mu family were all ranked just behind the top four families, so their young masters came as well.

Qingfeng Li was quite surprised because not only did he saw Ruyan Liu, he also saw another familiar. This familiar was wearing a red dress: Red Butterfly Yip.

Red Butterfly Yip was Eastern Sea City Dragon Fang logistic team’s captain. Why did she came to Jing Capital, and even attended the banquet.

"Cousin, let me introduce you, the man with the poker face is the young master of Ye family Lengxue Ye, the person beside him is his cousin Red Butterfly Yip." Meier Li smiled and told Qingfeng Li the different people.

She knew this was the first time Qingfeng Li came to the banquet; he didn’t know most of the people here. Thus why she tried to tell him who they are so he doesn’t run into troubles.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head and understood. No wonder Red Butterfly Yip would attend this banquet; she was Lengxue Ye’s cousin.

"Cousin, that is Song Pei, Pei family’s second young master, extremely powerful."

"That is Erniang Mu, second young mistress of the Mu family, extremely skillful."

"That is Ruyan Liu, princess of Liu family..."

Meier Li was trying to introduce all the people in the room, but before she could finish talking about Ruyan Liu, she saw Qingfeng Li walked towards her.

"Cousin, what are you doing?" Seeing Qingfeng Li’s action, Meier Li was confused.

"I am going to Ruyan Liu." Qingfeng Li said without turning his head.

What, going to Ruyan Liu, is he crazy?

Meier Li’s face changed and wanted to stop him, but Qingfeng Li was extremely quick. In an instant he was in front of Ruyan Liu.

Rest in peace, this cousin was too bold, I already told him she was the princess of Liu family, why is he still trying to get her number.

Ruyan Liu wasn’t just the princess of Liu family; she was also Shaoyang Wang’s fiancée. What will happen if he offended Shaoyang Wang?

Qingfeng Li didn’t care what Meier Li was thinking; he was in front of Ruyan Liu already.

Ruyan Liu was extremely pale; she got thinner as well. She wasn’t as healthy looking as before, sitting there like a zombie.

Ruyan Liu didn’t want to attend this banquet, so when she arrived she just sat there ignoring everyone and drown in her own memories.

"Ruyan, you got thinner." Qingfeng Li whispered, a hint of pain and love flashed past his eyes.