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Chapter 388: The Green Hat on Shaoyang Wang

Chapter 388: The Green Hat on Shaoyang Wang

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(TL: In China, Green Hat on someone means that person’s girlfriend or wife cheated on him with another guy, basically getting cuckolded)

Ruyan, you got skinnier. Hearing this familiar voice, Ruyan Liu lifted her head. A familiar man appeared in front of him.

Seeing the man she constantly dreamt about appearing in front of him, her face was filled with shock. She felt like she was dreaming; why was Qingfeng Li here?

Ruyan Liu pinched herself with her hands. This wasn’t a dream or illusion, everything was real.

"Li, Li, Qingfeng Li...why did you come?" Ruyan Liu was studdering; not awake from the shock yet.

Only the young masters of the top families could attend, how did Qingfeng Li appear? Wasn’t he in Eastern Sea City?

Ruyan Liu thought that she would not see Qingfeng Li anymore, but she saw him again. This made her surprised and shocked at the same time.

Maybe this was fate.

"Ruyan, I missed you, so I came." Qingfeng Li said with a smile. He sat beside her and held onto her hands.

She wanted to take her hands away from Qingfeng Li, but he held onto it extremely tight.

"Qingfeng, release me, this is a banquet and a lot of people are watching." Ruyan Liu’s face reddened and she said shyly.

If it was before, she would feel extremely happy. But now she couldn’t because they were surrounded by young masters and mistresses and they all knew that she was Shaoyang Wang’s fiancée. Now that Qingfeng Li was holding her hands, she was "cheating" behind Shaoyang Wang.

But of course, Qingfeng Li didn’t know Ruyan Liu was Shaoyang Wang’s fiancée, nor does he know what Ruyan Liu was thinking. He only knew Ruyan Liu belonged to him.

Since Ruyan Liu was his woman, then naturally he wanted to hold onto her hands. Would he let someone else hold onto her?

Seeing how the two were holding hands, everyone was shocked.

"Am I seeing things clearly. Who is that person and why is he holding Ruyan Liu’s hands?"

"I never seen him, which family is he from?"

"That man is as good as dead. He is dared to touch Ruyan Liu, Shaoyang Wang is going to kill him."

Everyone were talking about them. They were shocked because they didn’t know Qingfeng Li. Where did this young man appeared from; dared to hold Ruyan Liu’s hands.

Wuqing Li and Meier Li were all shocked from hearing what others said.

This bastard, Ruyan Liu was Shaoyang Wang’s fiancée. How dare you flirt with her. At this instant, Wuqing Li’s eyes were filled with rage when he looked at Qingfeng Li.

He felt regretful. He shouldn’t have brought Qingfeng Li. His original intent was to embarrass him, but he didn’t think Qingfeng Li would bring so much trouble.

Meier Li felt regretful as well. If Shaoyang Wang was to get mad, both of them would be affected as well.

Wuqing Li walked to Qingfeng Li and scolded: Qingfeng Li, who gave you permission to hold Ruyan Liu’s hands, release it.

"Cousin, me holding onto Ruyan’s hand isn’t your business." Qingfeng Li glared at Wuqing Li.

What, Ruyan?

Wuqing Li got even more mad. Ruyan wasn’t a name you can call, only Shaoyang Wang could. This bastard, holding onto her hands in front of everyone, it was obviously cuckolding Shaoyang Wang.

"Qingfeng Li, don’t call me your cousin, I don't know someone as shameless as you. When Shaoyang Wang teach you a lesson, don’t come to me for help." Wuqing Li said loudly and left.

He knew that Shaoyang Wang was going to teach Qingfeng Li a lesson. He wanted to clear his relationship with Qingfeng Li first so he wouldn’t be affected.

Wuqing Li was extremely loud, the whole room heard what he said. From what he said the crowd knew that the man’s name was Qingfeng Li, cousin of Wuqing Li, and young master of Li family.

Wuqing Li went back to his seat and was pissed off.

"Cousin, Qingfeng Li is still part of the Li family. Is it really ok to clear your relationship with him?" Meier Li wasn’t happy about what Wuqing Li said.

Even though Meier Li had opinions regarding Qingfeng Li, he was still part of the Li family. Who would help him when Shaoyang Wang came?

"Meier, he brought all these troubles to himself. Unless you wanted to fight Shaoyang Wang?" Wuqing Li glared at Meier Li.

Competing with Shaoyang Wang, stop joking. Shaoyang Wang was the number one young master in Beijing, Meier Li wouldn’t dare to compete with him. She might be dead after one round.

Everyone knew how scary Shaoyang Wang was. There wasn’t many that could fight with him straight on. Only Lengxue Ye, Wuqing Li, and Song Pei had the skills to fight him.

Meier Li looked at Qingfeng Li with worry. She knew that when Shaoyang Wang came, Qingfeng Li would be in danger.

"Ruyan, this was the pendant I bought for you, do you like it?" Qingfeng Li took out the pendant and said.

This blue Perot pendant was purchased in Eastern Sea City as a gift for Ruyan Liu. Naturally he would give it to her after meeting her.

Seeing how beautiful the pendant was, Ruyan Liu fell in love with it after one look. Her eyes were filled with joy.

"Ruyan, here, let me put it on for you." Qingfeng Li smiled and personally helped Ruyan try on the pendant.

Ruyan Liu’s face became red and her heart was jumping everywhere. She was still shy from Qingfeng Li putting on the pendant for her in front of everyone.

After he gave Ruyan Liu the pendant, his eyes were filled with passion. Especially after seeing her red and perky lips.

Qingfeng Li kissed her with the surprised look in Ruyan Liu’s eyes.

Seeing how Qingfeng Li kissed Ruyan Liu, everyone was shocked. This man had balls; kissing Ruyan Liu in front of everyone.


Shaoyang Wang came in with his long knife in his hand. Just when he walked in, he saw a view that made him rage: a man was kissing his fiancée Ruyan Liu.

I got cuckolded! Shaoyang Wang’s face became green and his eyes lit up.