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Chapter 389: The Furious Shaoyang

Chapter 389: The Furious Shaoyang

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Shaoyang was furious at the moment. Who was he? He was the top young master in the Jing Capital, the top ace in the younger generation, a great figure admired by millions of people out there.

Everyone would have to be polite to him in the Jing Capital. People would get girls for him as long as he asked for. There were only situations that Shaoyang laid his hands on women, nobody would dare to lay hands on his woman.

However, this top young master was cuckolded right in front of his face. His fiancée, Ruyan, was kissing another man right in front of him.

What the fuck!? Shaoyang hadn’t even kissed Ruyan once but now her lips were kissed by another dude. He felt like he could explode like a volcana any second now.

Everyone started to look at Shaoyang weirdly when he walked in and tried so hard to hold their laughter once they thought about his threatening identity and power.

Shaoyang stared at the crowd since he could tell from their faces that everyone was laughing at him for being cucked.

The greatest humiliation for a man was being cheated on, and this time he was even being cheated on in front of everybody. Nobody could stand this mortification.


Shaoyang walked up to Qingfeng madly while stepping hard in his leather boots. "Asshole, Leave Ruyan alone," he said coldly.

Qingfeng felt discontented about being disturbed by a nasty voice while he was enjoying a kiss with Ruyan.

He looked up and saw a young man he never met, but looked familiar. He seemed like someone he had seen at a younger age but he forgot.

Qingfeng waved his hand and said, "Go away, I’m kissing Ruyan."

Hearing Qingfeng’s words, Shaoyang almost blew off his cap. This bastard, not only did he kiss his fiancée, he also wanted to get him to leave?

The furious Shaoyang took out his blade from him directly and pointed to Qingfeng, "Do you want to die?"

Ruyan started to freak out and yelled immediately after she saw Shaoyang’s blade, "Shaoyang Wang, what are you doing? Put the blade down!"

"Shut up, I must kill this dude today," Shaoyang said madly to Ruyan.

He didn’t expect Ruyan would reach out for Qingfeng. I am your fiancée and you told me to put down the blade? What position do I have right now?

People in the crowd were all ready for this drama after they saw Shaoyang point his blade at Qingfeng.

"Huh, Qingfeng is done. He had guts to hook up with that woman, though."

"Right? What a dumbass. He dared to touch Ruyan."

"Haha, we get a show to watch now. Hey, do you think his head will get chopped off by Shaoyang?"

"Of course! Shaoyang is the top fighter out of the young generation."

The crowd exploded into a discussion that Shaoyang would definitely kill Qingfeng since no one else would dare to touch the fiancée of the top young master.

Wuqing Li and Meier Li were surprised from a distance. They didn’t expect Qingfeng would kiss Ruyan and they were even caught by Shaoyang. This game is over. No man would let the one who kissed his fiancée go easily.

Wuqing was standing there without doing anything. She said she had broken family ties with Qingfeng. Besides, she didn’t want to get into trouble with Shaoyang for him.

Yet, since Meier didn’t want Qingfeng to be killed by Shaoyang like this, she ran up to Shaoyang and said, "Young Master Wang, he is my cousin Qingfeng Li. He didn’t do this on purpose, please let him go."

"Back off," Shaoyang said coldly to Meier.

Meier shivered once she heard what Shaoyang said to her. She was at least the second daughter of the Li Family, how could she bear such humiliation?

"Young Master Wang, please talk to me with respect. I am the second daughter of the Li family. Qingfeng is my cousin," Meier replied coldly with a slight anger.

"I will repeat one more time, back off. Otherwise, I will finish your life, too," Shaoyang said viciously.

Shaoyang learned from this conversation with Meier that this dude was named Qingfeng and was the young master of the Li Family.

What the fuck! Do you think it’s possible for me not to kill this jerk after seeing him kiss my fiancée in public? I have to end his life today.

Meier took a step back after seeing Shaoyang’s viciousness. She was still a young lady, even though she knew some kungfu, it was nothing compared to that of Young Master Wang.

"Oh, so you’re the Young Master Wang. Huh, what a shame that you actually threatened a girl," Qingfeng stood up and said calmly while hiding Meier behind him.

Qingfeng certainly would want to protect her since she was just yelled at by Shaoyang for trying to support him. At this moment, Qingfeng appreciated what his cousin did. At least she cared about him more than that Wuqing Li.

"Little brat, do you know who I am?" Shaoyang sneered and said mercilessly..

"Of course, aren’t you that Brat Wang? You were beaten by me when we were younger, remember?" Qingfeng said indifferently.

Qingfeng also learned from Meier's words earlier that this young man with the blade was Shaoyang Wang, which was the one was got the shit beaten out of him by Qingfeng when they were younger.

Shaoyang’s face changed after he heard Qingfeng. He was only beaten by one person when he was younger, which was the son of the third grandpa in the Li Family.

Shaoyang looked carefully at Qingfeng and finally thought something weird. This dude looked somehow like the third grandpa of the Li Family, he also looked like the one whom he was beaten by when he was younger.

"Are you the son of the Third Master of Li Family, Qingfeng Li?" Shaoyang asked astonishingly while staring at him.

"You’re right, Brat Wang. What is your business here when I was kissing Ruyan? Are you tired of your life and want to get beaten again?" Qingfeng fiercely sneered.

Qingfeng was a bit annoyed by Shaoyang’s anger while he was enjoying the kiss with Ruyan. Did it have something to do with you? What a jerk.

Certainly, Qingfeng didn’t know Ruyan was Shaoyang’s fiancée yet. Otherwise, he would understand why Shaoyang was so mad at him that he was playing with his woman in public.

Shaoyang suddenly freaked out a bit when he heard Qingfeng. He was beaten hard by Qingfeng when he was younger, which was a remarkable shameful memory in his life.

Shaoyang was always trying to take a revenge on Qingfeng, now he finally showed up, Shaoyang could end his life for all the grudges he gathered so far.

Shaoyang waved his blade in the air and pointed at Qingfeng’s neck, said mercilessly, "Today, you must die!"