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Chapter 390: Today, You Must Die

Chapter 390: Today, You Must Die

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"You will die today," Shaoyang said arrogantly while pointed his blade at Qingfeng.

Ruyan was frightened after hearing Shaoyang since she knew how strong Shaoyang was. He obtained the first position in the Young Master Gathering in Jing Capital last year and became the top fighter in the younger generation.

It could be said that Shaoyang was an unreachable god in the eye of all the young folks in Jing Capital. He could kill whoever he wanted and nobody could resist their death. People who went against Shaoyang were now all dead under his blade.

Ruyan ran ahead and stood in front of Qingfeng, said coldly, "Shaoyang Wang, you will have to kill me first before killing Qingfeng."

Shaoyang's face turned dark like a gloomy cloud once he saw his fiancée trying to sacrifice her life to protect another man.

He swore he will kill Qingfeng today. Otherwise, he would become a joke among everybody in town. After, he would marry Ruyan and torture her since she dared to cheat on him.

"Bitch, I’ll deal with you after I finish his life. Fuck off," Shaoyang yelled out furiously.

Ruyan was just a whore in his mind, cheating on him with Qingfeng by kissing in public. Shaoyang felt so mortified because of this woman.

Qingfeng became mad and frowned. He wouldn’t care if Shaoyang scolded him since they were enemies, but calling Ruyan a bitch made him very mad.

"Shaoyang Wang, you are looking for death, huh?" Qingfeng looked at him viscously and started to emit threatening signals from his body.

These signals were rather intense, causing chills up everyone's spines.

Both of them took out their weapons and were about to fight.

"Stop! We don’t allow any fights in the hotel. Go to the arena outside if you want to fight." A loud voice suddenly appeared.

Ning Yang, the hotel manager jumped and appeared right in front of them like a cyclone.

Ning Yang was a S level ace and also had powerful combat strengths. Everyone could feel the threat and looked at him amazedly once he showed up.

But certainly, the only two exceptions would be, Qingfeng, as a SSS top level fighter who wasn’t threatened by Ning Yang at all and Shaoyang.

This dude was not a simple one. Qingfeng frowned and could feel that he wasn’t afraid of the force emitting from the S level master. Besides, Qingfeng couldn’t even tell Shaoyang’s level.

Qingfeng knew that Shaoyang, as the Young Mater of the Wang Family, must have been trained in some hidden martial arts that was undetectable unless he fought.

Shaoyang glanced at Ning Yang and said emotionlessly, "Ning Yang, I am going to have a battle to the death with Qingfeng. You’ll be the judge."

Ning Yang felt uncomfortable that Shaoyang directly called out his name arrogantly like that, Yet, he could do nothing but hold his complaints because of Shaoyang’s identity.

However, Ning Yang freaked out and froze his face once he heard the 'battle to the death'.

It’s been so long, around more than ten years since the last 'battle to the death' in the Conqueror’s Hotel. At that time, Third Master Li challenged the head of the Wang Family and slayed him by chopping his head off right away. Since then, Third Master Li was proven to be the Top Master in Jing Capital.

The second son of the Wang Family became the current head of the family since the first son had been killed by Third Master Li. Nowadays, the feud of the Wang Family and Li Family restarted again.

The battle to the death was a fight where two competitors battled on the arena and only one of them could survive at the end.

One person will have to die as once the fight is confirmed.

"Young Master Wang has finally gone so mad that he brought up the Battle to the death!"

"Huh, Shaoyang must kill this Qingfeng man that he touched his woman."

"Hey, do you guys think Qingfeng would take the Battle to the death challenge?"

"I’ll bet he wouldn’t have the guts. Look at him, he will definitely be killed by Shaoyang once he accepts the challenge."

People in the crowd started to discuss and mock Qingfeng like he was going to die sooner or later.

"Shaoyang Wang, I'll marry you and be your wife as long as you take back your challenge and let Qingfeng go today," Ruyan yelled out suddenly with a frightened voice.

As the princess of the Liu Family, she definitely knew the cruelty of this Battle to the death. Death would be the only option once one accepts the challenge.

Ruyan would rather marry Shaoyang than let Qingfeng die. She could sacrifice her life for Qingfeng and wouldn’t even care for marrying another guy.

Qingfeng was shocked after he heard what Ruyan said. He grabbed her hand and said, "Ruyan, how could you marry this asshole? I won’t allow this to happen."

Shaoyang turned angry when he saw Qingfeng grabbed Ruyan’s hand, "Qingfeng Li, you’re an asshole! Why are you holding my fiancée’s hand?"


Qingfeng got mad and yelled out, "Shaoyang Wang, shut the fuck up, since when did Ruyan become your fiancée."

Honestly, Qingfeng never knew Ruyan was Shoayang’s fiancée nor was told by anyone since the beginning.

"Qingfeng Li, seems like you know nothing. Let me tell you, Liu Family has announced the engagement between me and Ruyan, she is now my fiancée," Shaoyang said while sneering.

Qingfeng froze his face after hearing Shaoyang. He turned back and asked, "Ruyan, is that true? Are you really his fiancée now?"

Ruyan nodded her head when she saw Qingfeng being shock. She knew it was arranged by her father and she had no choice.

Qingfeng froze his face once Ruyan nodded, yet, he changed another attitude after thinking for a while. He has got Ruyan’s body and even got it when she was still a virgin. This girl is his, and nobody could take her away from him.

"Let me tell you, Shaoyang Wang. Ruyan is my woman and you don’t deserve to be her fiancée," Qingfeng said dominantly while suddenly holding Ruyan by her waist.

He didn’t care whose Ruyan’s fiancée, he only knew that Ruyan was his woman and she would always be. Nobody could take her away from him.

Everyone went amazed once they heard what Qingfeng said. Some girls in the crowd started to admire Qingfeng and looked at him with starry eyes. This man demonstrated what a real man was.

A man who dared to hold Ruyan over her waist and claimed her as his woman in front of the top young master in Jing Capital. This was what a real man was.

At this moment, lots of girls had fell in love into Qingfeng. Qingfeng also has started to gain some popularity as a young master in Jing Capital.